Eberron: Soaring Skies of Khorvaire

Aftermath of the Ark, Part I, Act II: Selling the Loot Pile

120,000gp for the sellable bits, folks.

Upon returning home, you make contact with your old friend Balgrim: He’s looking rather well, given he was dead not too long ago. Apparently even death won’t keep him out of the game, though, as his eyes light up when you say you’re in the market to vend a few things: He immediately wants the Bling Throne of Awesomeness, which means that news of your haul precedes you. You never thought you could see such an avaricious dwarf look heartbroken, but Balgrim does when you inform him that the Bling Throne of Awesomeness is not for sale.

It takes several weeks to process the magnitude of your loot haul, with Balgrim looking more than a little disappointed a few times as you take away choice items other than the Bling Throne of Awesomeness. After taking it all in and consulting with his network of contacts, he informs you that the best he can do for the lot of goods you’re intent to sell is 120,000gp. You do a double-take and make sure he didn’t miss a zero: That’s more money than you’ve ever seen before. And he’s sad that that’s “all” he can offer you.

Are these the plights that the rich face? If so, you can totally dig it. So, party, do you take his offer?

Retained Items Under Proposed Offer
X-205 Shootemabob [Claimed by Dr. Flint]
Relbmet’s Wrath [Claimed by Burzam]
Royal Regalia of the Cenyor’xen [Claimed by Gwynne]
War Harness of the Champion [Claimed by King]
Runestaff of power [Claimed by Gwynne]
+1 ebonsteel maul [Claimed by Burzam]
+1 geosteel halberd [Claimed by King]
+1 mithril bastard sword [Claimed by Reine]
+1 leather armor [x2;1x claimed by King, 1x claimed by Dr. Flint]
Abeil guardian arcane core [Claimed by Burzam]
Horn of good/evil [Claimed by Burzam]
Ring of arcane might [MIC p. 121; claimed by Gwynne]
Ring of the four winds [Claimed by Dr. Flint]
Ring of protection +1 [x2; 1x claimed by Burzam, 1x claimed by Dr. Flint]
Ring of sustenance [Claimed by Reine]
Soarsled [Claimed by King]
Mwk compact gunblade [x7; Claimed by Burzam]
Mwk cold iron dagger w/least crystal of fire assault [claimed by King]
Mwk shardcaster [x3; 1x claimed by King, 2x claimed by Burzam]
Mwk gundagger [x8; 2x claimed by Mara, 6x claimed by Burzam]
Mwk snipehammer [x2; Claimed by Burzam]
Mwk tactical gunblade [x4; Claimed by Burzam]
Ornate survival knife hewn from T-rex fang and dinosaur-hide sheath [Claimed by Dr. Flint]
Stylish sunglasses with black-and-yellow frames whose lens darkness adapts to ambient light [Claimed by Dr. Flint]
Dangling mithril earrings [Claimed by Mara]
Acidic fire potatomasher [x4; Claimed by Mara]
Fire potatomasher [x6; Claimed by Mara]
Frost potatomasher [x2; Claimed by Mara]
Spark potatomasher [x3; Claimed by Mara]
Tanglefoot potatomasher [x3; Claimed by Mara]
Platinum sunburst crown adorned with well-cut Siberys shards [5,000gp; claimed by Mara]
Fur-lined bomber jacket with unit patches of the 32nd “Fightin’ Shardhorns” Air Mobility Squadron [x2; 1x claimed by Burzam, 1x claimed by Dr. Flint]
Damaged compact gunblade components [x3; claimed by Burzam]
Damaged tactical gunblade components [x1; claimed by Burzam]
Damaged shardcaster components [x2; claimed by Burzam]
Damaged snipehammer components [x1; claimed by Burzam]
Solid platinum, 15’ tall Bling Throne of Awesomeness under shrink item effect [Claimed by Kingu]
Huge-sized full-plate with Siberys shard gilting fitted for a spire drone [Claimed by King]
Journal of Kyra Imardi, detailing life aboard the Ark and splattered with bloody
Journal of Lord of Blades’ expedition, laden with log entries, arcane discourses, and insane ramblings
A Brief Primer on Cenyor’xen Arcana, an eight volume set of tomes each a thousand pages long and written in Abeil
A transparent cage, which emanates a strong Transmutation aura, containing a perfectly ordinary hamster
Corpse of Huge silver dragon, stored under gentle repose in the Terminus District of Sharn
Ydnamron, a spess-airship of very ancient design
Kwah’nobe, a folding boat powered by a bound elemental

Vended Items Under Proposed Offer
+2 Huge ranseur [x2]
Mwk cold iron spear w/least crystal of cold assault [x6]
Mwk heavy repeating crossbow w/least crystal of acid assault [x4]
Mwk pyrosteel heavy mace [x3]
Adamantine chainmail
Chitin breastplate
Chitin-and-leather armor [x5]
Mwk aerosteel breastplate [x2]
Mwk cryosteel chain shirt [x2]
Mwk geosteel full-plate
Mwk Siberys shard-gilt buckler
Abeil guardian arcane core
Aureon’s spellshard
Celestial urmine cloak
Cloak of comfort +1
Feather fall token [x4]
Ring of fire divergence
Soarsled [x2]
Potion of darkvision
Potion of remove fear
Scroll of cure serious wounds
Scroll of regenerate
Mithril signet ring bearing the coat-of-arms of the Apiary of the Harmonious Order
Fire opal ring with a mithril band
Hardened chitin helmet with inert holographic interface [x2]
Borken and inoperative arcane matrix
Broken suit of ornate, platinum-filigreed mithril full-plate, sized for a Large quadraped
Full-length mirror with a viewing surface composed of elemental water
Huge-sized tapestry of abeils and uplifted races guarding shackled demons, with the texture and appearance of a mosaic fresco
Wall scroll featuring a permanent silent image of seemingly random colors that reveal a watercolored portrait of a creature like Blasto when looked at from the right angle
Black-and-red chess-style game board that, when opened, produces round holographic game pieces that can be interacted with
Bottle of Aerklanholde whiskey, 873 A.K. vintage
Twenty-Seven Salutes: Social Mores and You, a book on social etiquette in the Arcanium, written in Daelkyr
Homes Away from Home: Dealing with Uplifting Sickness, a book about coping with becoming a tceffessam and written in Abeil; dog-eared is a page urging readers not to panic and encouraging them to try “towel therapy"


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