Eberron: Soaring Skies of Khorvaire

Aftermath of the Ark, Part III: The Long-Term Investment Credit

Any game in which the PCs aren't given the chance to be ennobled is just failing at life.

Upon your return to Eberron and subsequent debriefing by the King’s Citadel, you are made aware that His Majesty, King Boranel, wishes to extend his personal thanks for the services you have rendered to the Brelish crown both in rooting out the Austasia impersonator in the court of Luken ir’Clarn and for venturing to the Ark. (Mara almost does a spit-take at what happened at Luken’s place having reached the ears of the Brelish crown.) As was promised by the King’s Citadel, non-monetary compensation is offered to you. individually, in ascension to a title of nobility, property, or other appropriate sinecure. A charter of incorporation is also granted to your adventuring company, granting it certain privileges enshrined in the Code of Galifar and reaffirmed by the Thronehold Accords and, thus, are which international in their scope. (The principal of which is the power to request adjudication of criminal proceedings against the adventuring company’s members by House Deneith or other, comparable international organization with judicial powers.) In order for it to take effect, you will have to come up with a name for your merry band.

On individual rewards, below is a buffet of options immediately offered by the King’s Citadel: Every option is capable of providing the PCs with approximately the same annual income, which is sufficient to support a comfortable, if not lavish, existence for the duration of the holding of the property or sinecure. (With a default assumption, with titles and offices, that such will run until the PC chooses to leave the post or dies, whichever comes first.) This income is not a quantified player resource: It is more fluffy reward for a job well-done on behalf of the Brelish crown in returning with what you did from spess. Additionally, additional perks are available depending upon whether a title or property are acquired: PCs opting to assume a title or office qualify to be elected to the Brelish House of Lords, while those opting to claim property are qualified for election to the House of Freeholders. Selecting either qualifies PCs to vote in Brelish elections.

The list below is by no means exhaustive and the Brelish crown is willing to make a good faith, if low-key, effort to make other arrangements as desired by the party. Such arrangements must, however, roughly conform in their scope and be within the Brelish crown’s ability to grant.

Titles & Offices:
Chancellor of Ivymoor Academy
Have you ever wanted to run a school? Well, this is your chance! Nestled on a well-manicured campus in the Mithril Towers, this exclusive all-girls finishing school is one of the preferred educational establishments of Sharn’s rich and powerful and its head office is vacant. The role of its Chancellor is what the officeholder makes of it: Traditionally, it has been treated as a sinecure meted out to one of the students’ parents, with day-to-day operations being the domain of a Headmistress selected by the faculty. The Academy’s articles of incorporation from the Crown, however, give the Chancellor – as the King’s duly-appointed representative – broad powers to structure the school’s administration as he or she sees fit.

Chief Sanitation Officer for the City of Galethspyre
Ever wonder who keeps the excrement that leaves your body from stinking up the city? Who tends to the sewers and takes out the trash? Well, that falls to the brave men and women of the city’s Sanitation Department, and hopefully you, as their leader. The job is really a breeze: The chief sanitation officer seems to change every other day, so the bureaucracy is quite good at keeping the lights on without much attention from its nominal boss. It’s a win-win for both the chief sanitation officer and the rest of the Department, as it makes this sinecure virtually demandless on officeholders while giving maximal autonomy to the Department’s worker bees.

Chief Sanitation Officer for the City of Sharn
It’s like being the Chief Sanitation Officer in Galethspyre, except you’re expected to actively patrol the sewers and contend with things like giant sewer crocodiles, aberrant plant monsters, and the occasional eldritch abomination some wizard thought was a good idea to flush down the toilet. A normal day at the office, really, for the sinecure-holding adventurer who wants something more out of life.

Governor-General of Graywall
It’s good to be king! Sort of. Until 986, the governor-general of Graywall was the most powerful Brelish political position outside of Wroat, being the de facto sovereign of all lands west of the Graywall Mountains. (What are, today, the Shadow Marches and Droamm.) With the overthrowing of the Crown’s colonial regime in Droamm and the recognition of the independence of the Shadow Marches, the title has been without a holder for more than a decade. The Crown is prepared to recognize the sovereignty of any polity created by a bearer of this title on lands that were once Brelish beyond the Graywall Mountains, as well as offer protectorate status to it.

His Majesty’s Magistrate of Laws at Large
Have you ever yearned to mete out justice to those that transgress against the laws of the land? Or what you think the laws of the land are? Perhaps you would be interested in an appointment as one of His Majesty’s justices of the peace, empowered to roam the land and attend to any and all breaches of the law you can find? It’s the ultimate sinecure for those who’re interested in making their own schedules in life: Or, for that matter, if you’ve always wanted to see those filthy lawbreakers properly punished.

Honorary Knight-Captain of the Ursine Guards
Have you ever wanted your very own warbear? Do you yearn to be called “sir” without enduring the privations of barracks life? Well then, this is the appointment with the Greens and Irons is for you! A billet in the Honor Guard of the Royal Bear Guards is provided with this title, as is a knighting into the Order of the Ursus bequeathed to grant you noble station consummate to your privileged place of leadership. And, of course, the obligatory magebred brown bear: Can’t very well have a bear cavalier without a proper mount, can you?

Inspector General of the Terminus District
Terminus is the great entry-point of Sharn: While House Orien’s lightning rail station is beyond the reach of the Brelish crown’s customs enforcement powers, the adjoining warehouse district is not. His Majesty requires someone who maintains cordial relations with House Orien to oversee his customs enforcers in the warehouse district in the Terminus District. “Oversee” is, of course, a relative term: Most of the time, inspectors general are absent. Or on the take. Or both.

Viscount of Baranthia
The Viscounty of Baranthia was, once upon a time, one of the most prosperous and prestigious noble incorporations in all of Breland: Sitting atop the major east-west trade road and well-endowed with mineral resources streaming out of the Howling Peaks, it was well-positioned to maintain its preeminence for the foreseeable future. The fortunes of the Viscounts of Baranthia began to wane in the late 950s, when the long discussed lightning rail line between Revan and Dragonroost finally broke ground; in the 960s, their position eroded into oblivion as ex-Deneith goblinoid mercenaries moved into the mountains and began organizing the tribes, whose raids first shut down access to the lucrative mines of the Howling Peaks and then which descended out of the foothills into the wider Viscounty. The final shoe fell in 972, when the last Viscount of Baranthia fell during the Disaster at the Marguul Pass. The raiders took the initiative and banded together to lay siege to the bloodied, exhausted, and grieving forces at Baran’s Keep: The resulting bloodbath resulted in the abandonment of much of the Viscounty to the monsters and raiders which may descend from the mountains.

His Majesty will honor any and all gains made by those who take-up the vacant title in restoring the defunct polity, though such is not required to receive the benefit of ennobling it offers.

Lair of the Urban Sophisticate
A cozy one bedroom, one bathroom loft located in the heights of the Oak Towers District in Sharn’s Upper Northedge ward. The perfect nook for those seeking a chic but low-key existence, with a great view of the district’s Aereni-influenced architectural flavor. Not recommended for those who are uncomfortable with elves or their religious practices: Previous owner was and all of his remains have not yet been recovered.

Abode of the Nouveau Rich
This small two bedroom, two bathroom townhouse in the Crystal Bridge district in Sharn’s Upper Northedge ward is ideal for the newly arrived on Sharn’s social scene. Residing in one of the most prestigious districts in the city, you can’t help but become the talk of the gossip circuit: You’d best hope that you only remain the talk of the gossip circuit, however, for the well-established families of Crystal Bridge and their extensive private security forces do not take kindly to the peace and quiet of the district being violated. The previous owner, and his connections to the Boromar Clan, discovered that the hard way.

A Bargain-Hunter’s Delight
This well-manicured eight bedroom, five bathroom mansion seems strangely out of place in the Highwater District of the Upper Dura ward: It took not-insubstantial amounts of resources to build, and maintain, the intricate stonework and handsome landscaping, and that sort of money usually is not found in the drab Upper Dura. The previous owner, however, could not afford even a quarter of this in a more prestigious district, which allowed him to build bigger than he otherwise would’ve given the cheapness of the Highwater District. Alas, his penny-pinching led him to pick a fight with a siege crab over a loose platinum piece. You can guess how the rest of the story ends.

Real Estate Development for Dummies
The recent ravaging of the Lower Dura ward in Sharn has led to a massive increase in bankruptcies and other forms of receivership, with the Crown coming into possession of sizable chunks of prime real estate. The Crown is prepared to offer you the title to a city block in the district of Callestan that was utterly destroyed by the fires and fighting that rocked the ward. What you do with it is up to you, so long as its property taxes are paid on time.

The Fate of Fort Yarith
In 901 A.K., Queen Wroann ordered that Yarith Island, a 127-acre plot of land in the Dagger River north of Sharn, be fortified as part of Breland’s first round of defensive entrenchment began as the War of Galifarian Succession became evermore intractable. The small strongpoint was completed in 904, with modernizations subsequently in 932 and 957. In 981, with another round of modernization badly being needed, the Brelish crown opted to abandon the position in light of no serious threat emanating from upriver. For the past seventeen years the fortress has been allowed to decay, though most of its structures remain intact if not in top condition.

Something of a fixer-upper, but a perfect abode for the martially minded. Or the paranoid sort who want 30’ tall walls, but do not want to look paranoid.

Galathmoor Manor
Over the years, the term “estate” has been diluted horribly: It has come to mean things like a broom closet in an exclusive area of Sharn or a decrepit fort in the middle of nowhere. No, what real men want is a genuine estate: A palatial manor, with hundreds of acres of adjoining farmland tended by serfs bound to the land and their landlord’s whims! Alas, as serfdom was abolished centuries ago, you’ll have to suffer merely having the manor and hundreds of acres of cultivated adjoining farmland.
Located on the placid southern shores of Lake Silver, this estate was once the hereditary property of the Duke of Shavalant: Alas, the latest Duke ran off to Sharn and got himself into a fair bit of debt and, with property taxes due, was forced to either forfeit his hereditary title or the estate. Luckily for you, he chose to keep his title.

The Land Grant to End All Land Grants
Obviously, some adventurers want to build a kingdom with their own two hands. Alas, the geopolitics of Khorvaire make that rather hard. The Kingdom of Breland is willing to meet you halfway, though, with as many titles of nobility as you care to create for yourself, as well as a hands-off administrative posture, if you can succeed in carving a functioning polity out of the wildness of the King’s Forest.

His Majesty is willing to offer you 20,000 acres in eastern Breland, in the heart of the King’s Forest, near the Zilargo frontier. To do with what you will and build what shall be built.


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