Eberron: Soaring Skies of Khorvaire

Aftermath of the Ark, Part IV: Experience Points Do A Body Good

We're all in this for the bling and XP. And with bling down, this was only a matter of time.

The Celestium
—Surviving the Wild Astral Ride: 100xp
—Choosing to Head for Celestium Proper: 50xp
—Disarming Double-Scythe Trap: 150xp
—Meeting Cyran Refugees: 100xp
—Getting a Big Hug from Eralene: 75xp
—Breaking News of the Mourning to Them: 50xp
—Activating Nonnagron, Plot Device of the Ages: 50xp
—Chatting with Nonnagron: 50xp
—Learning the Cause of the Mourning: 100xp
—Choosing the Spesswalknig Adventure Path: 25xp

The Void of Spess
—Being Good Sports for Another Skill Challenge: 100xp
—Defeating the Voidwraith: 300xp

The Promenade
—Defeating the Woeforged Welcoming Party: 450xp
—Searching the Camp: 25xp
—Discovering Journal of Cyran Expedition: 100xp
—Discovering Journal of LoBster Expedition: 100xp
—Activating Holographic Plot Device: 50xp
—Discovering About Bolothamogg, Defiler of Minds and Twister of Flesh: 100xp
—Choosing to Investigate the Apiary: 25xp

The Apiary
—Defeating Abeil Guard Detail: 875xp
—Liberating Tceffessam Prisoners: 100xp, +2 Good Points
—Burzam Getting Strangled by Blasto: 50xp
—Creatively Stealing an Abeil Soarship: 100xp
—Going to the Palace of Harmonious Order: 50xp
—Casting Haste on the Soarship to Make It Go Faster: 50xp
—Creatively Dispatching Pursuit Craft: 200xp
—Defeating the Spire Drone: 300xp
—Enduring Wrex Being Awesome: 50xp
—Dramatically Crashing Into Throne Room: 100xp
—Defeating Queen Crazypants: 1,800xp
—Defeating Abeil Guardians: 900xp
—Looting the Bling Throne of Awesomeness: 50xp

The Aftermath
—Choosing Not to Activate the Purge: 25xp, +25 Good Points, +25 Chaos Points
—Rescuing the Cyran Remnant: 25xp, +10 Good Points, +1 Karma Point
—Rescuing the Asari Remnant: 25xp, +10 Good Points, +10 Law Points
—Burzam’s Crafting: -20 Good Points
Total: 6,600xp, 27 Good Points, 15 Chaos Points, 1 Karma Point


Juumanistra Juumanistra

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