Eberron: Soaring Skies of Khorvaire

Boromar Ambush Loot

You have braved the worst that the enemy can throw at you, and have a lot of swag for your troubles!

You people keep getting money. Either I’m a great DM, or a terrible one: Included below are all that you have looted from the dead and your own captives, as well as what little bits you manage to scavenge from the hulk of the enemy’s airship.

A more thorough write-up of events is pending, when I can find the motivation to do it. …which means probably not until after the bar.

+2 heavy repeating crossbow [x3] [x1 Reine, x1 Burzam]
+1 cold-forged steel lance [x6] [x1 Reine, 5x Kingu]
+1 geosteel tangat [x3] [1x Kingu]
+1 heavy repeating crossbow [x10] [x3 Burzam]
+1 trident
Mwk Small geosteel tangat [x10]
Mwk Small geosteel waraxe [x6]
Mwk Small heavy repeating crossbow [x6]
Mwk Large wilting ash composite greatbow w/+4 Str pull [x8] [x1 Burzam]
Aquasteel javelin [x24]

+2 nimble aerosteel breastplate [x3] [x3 Burzam]
+1 nimble geosteel full-plate [x6] [x5 Burzam]
+1 aerosteel breastplate [x16] [6x Kingu]
+1 heavy geosteel shield [x6] [x1 Reine]
Mwk aerosteel chainmail barding [x5]
Mwk geosteel chainmail

Wondrous Items
Cloak of protection +2 [x3] [x1 Reine]
Cloak of resistance +1 [x16] [x6 Reine]
Decanter of endless water [Albatross]
Eternal wand of great thunderclap [Burzam]
Eternal wand of magic missile(CL9) [x2] [x1 Burzam]
Eternal wand of regal Talentan procession (Summons clawfeet/carvers instead of horses)
Eternal wand of scorching ray(CL7) [x2] [x1 Burzam, x1 Gwynne]
Eternal wand of slow [x3] [1x Burzam]
Gauntlets of ogre power +2 [x3] [x1 Reine, x1 Roach]

Potion of blindsight [x6] [x2 Burzam]
Potion of cure serious wounds
Potion of displacement [x3] [x1 Burzam]
Potion of fly [x3] [x1 Burzam]
Potion of girallon’s blessing [x3]
Potion of invisibility [x2] [x2 Burzam]
Potion of see invisibility [x3] [x3 Burzam]
Potion of spider climb [x3] [x1 Burzam]

Scroll of banishment [Burzam]
Scroll of cometfall [x3] [x3 Burzam]
Scroll of dinosaur stampede[x3] [x3 Burzam]
Scroll of dispel magic(CL10) [x3] [x1 Burzam]
Scroll of mass cure light wounds [x4]
Scroll of obscuring mist [x2]
Scroll of stinking cloud [x2]
Scroll of wall of force [x3] [x3 Burzam]
Scroll of wingbind [Burzam]

Wand of cure light wounds(50 charges) [x4]
Wand of cloak of bravery(3 charges) [x3] [x1 Burzam]
Wand of dismissal(3 charges) [x2] [x1 Burzam]
Wand of Evard’s black tentacles(3 charges) [x3] [x1 Burzam]
Wand of fireball(3 charges) [x3] [x1 Burzam]
Wand of haste(3 charges) [x5] [x2 Burzam]
Wand of mass align weapon(3 charges) [x3] [x2 Burzam]
Wand of mass resist energy(3 chargers) [x2] [x1 Burzam]

+3 dragonbane bolt[x7]
Battered and broken masterwork ballista[x3]
Magebred clawfoot[x5] [x2 Burzam]
Mwk cold-forged steel bolt[x640] [x40 Reine]
Mwk arrow[x160] [x40 Burzam]


Juumanistra Halvagor

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