Eberron: Soaring Skies of Khorvaire

Combined Olladra's Welcome and Mirrorverse Loot Tally


Plot Devices
The Key [Claimed by Kingu]

+3 keen mithril elven courtblade
+3 Huge adamantine maul [x2]
+3 Large elegant gunblade [x2]
+2 composite shortbow
+2 flame-touched iron naginata [Claimed by Reine]
+2 Large aquasteel glaive [x4]
+1 Large byeshk greataxe
+1 dwarven waraxe [x6]
+1 graceful gunblade [x5; x1 claimed by Guns]
Balor whip
Love’s Demise [Claimed by Kingu]
Mror Letter-Opener [Claimed by Roach]
Rod of the infernal python (as rod of the python, but snake-form has fiendish template)
Runestaff of evocation [Claimed by Tevi]
Mwk Canvasripper [x4]
Mwk dagger [x12]
Mwk elemental water greatsword [x6]
Mwk Lammanian mangalwood composite longbow w/+3 Str pull [x6]
Mwk Scattershot [x6]
Mwk Slugslinger [x8]
Mwk Steelcaster [x12; x1 claimed by Reine]

+3 adamantine breastplate of useful items [Claimed by Burzam]
+3 glamored mithril breastplate
+2 glamored mithril chain shirt
+1 mithril breastplate
+1 dwarven plate [x6]
+1 heavy steel shield [x6]
Blademaiden armor
Celestial armor [Claimed by Guns]
Robe of the abjurant champion (as robe of the archmagi, except that +1/4CL is added to mage armor and shield instead of +5 armor) [Claimed by Tevi]
Celassian Tactical Hardsuit, Assault (salvageable) [x1] [Claimed by Burzam]
Celassian Tactical Hardsuit, Assault (scrap; CL12 magic item for deconstruction) [x1]
Celassian Tactical Hardsuit, Personal (scrap; CL8 magic item for deconstruction) [x5]

Stat-Enhancing Wondrous Items
Amulet of health +2 [Claimed by Tevi]
Belt of health +4 [Claimed by Blackfist]
Cloak of charisma +6 [x2; Claimed by Gwynne and Reine]
Cloak of charisma +4 [Claimed by Tevi]
Boots of dexterity +6 [Claimed by Guns]
Gauntlets of ogre power +2 [Claimed by Blackfist]
Gloves of dexterity +4 [x2; Claimed by Mara and Burzam]
Gloves of dexterity +2 [slotless; Claimed by Reine]
Headband of intellect +4
Headband of intellect +2
Periapt of wisdom +4

Defense-Enhancing Wondrous Items
Amulet of natural armor +2 [Claimed Gwynne]
Broach of shielding [slotless, 59/101; claimed by Tevi]
Cloak of awesome +2 [Claimed by Kingu]
Cloak of protection +2
Ioun stone of resistance +3 [Claimed by Burzam]
Skirt of protection +3 [Claimed by Tevi]
Vest of comfort +3 [Claimed by Guns]
Vestment of resistance +4 [Claimed by Reine]

Utility Wondrous Items
Bag of holding IV [Claimed by Tevi]
Belt of healing
Boots of skating and striding (permanent skate effect instead of +5 to Jump checks) [Claimed by Gwynne]
Boots of speed [x2; x1 claimed by Roach]
Bottle of air
Burzam’s Bester Boots [Claimed by Burzam]
Burzam’s Ultimate Magazine of Magical Stores [Claimed by Burzam]
Dr. Hyaenotherius Flint’s whizbang backpack jetamabob (functions as 5×5′ carpet of flying) [Claimed by Roach]
Dusty rose prism ioun stone
Empowered spellshard of ray of enfeeblement
Fedora of Blasting [Claimed by Roach]
Gauntlets of rust [Claimed by Roach]
Gloves of flame [Claimed by Tevi]
Gloves of UMD^2
Handy haversack [Claimed by Roach]
Helmet of Obdurate Inscrutability [Claimed by Kingu]
Medallion of thoughts [PFSRD; Claimed by Tevi]
Necklace of adaptation [Claimed by Guns]
Portable hole [Claimed by Burzam]
Strongarm bracers
Tan bag of tricks

Ring of featherfall [Claimed by Guns]
Ring of forcewall [Claimed by Burzam]
Ring of four winds
Ring of protection +2 [Claimed by Roach]
Ring of the ram (3 charges per day, instead of 50 total) [Claimed by Roach]
Ring of the sophisticate [PFSRD; Claimed by Tevi]
Scholar’s ring [PFSRD; Claimed by Tevi]

Magical Consumables
Potion of arcane sight
Potion of cure serious wounds [x2] [Claimed by Burzam]
Potion of fly [Claimed by Burzam]
Potion of false gravity
Potion of magic circle against chaos
Potion of magic circle against evil
Potion of magic circle against good
Potion of magic circle against law
Wand of dispel magic [9/10 charges] [Claimed by Burzam]
Wand of great thunderclap [9/10 charges]
Wand of greater blindsight [10/10 charges] [Claimed by Burzam]
Wand of mass resist energy [10/10 charges]
Wand of polymorph [10/10 charges]
Wand of sound lance [8/10 charges] [Claimed by Burzam]

Alchemical Items
Alchemical frost potatomasher [x16]

MAKO Mk. I armored carriage [x4]
WANZER Mk. I armored warstomper [x4]
LQ-2KG Pelican aerial transport [x1]
SQ-4ZX Firefly rotorcraft gunship (slightly used) [x1]

Coinage and Bling
127 platinum pieces of Celassian and Dulumite minting
12,412 gold pieces of Celassian and Dulumite minting
18,854 silver pieces of Celassian and Dulumite minting
Awesome Throne of Blingness


Juumanistra Juumanistra

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