Eberron: Soaring Skies of Khorvaire

Halfling Mafia and Crazy Spy Caper XP

In which you magically feel more experienced after almost a year of not.

Congrats. You’re finally L9. And if I ever get this far behind in terms of XP again, shoot me. In the face. With a hammer.

The Draconic Prophecy Turns…
The Gray Dragon Inn
—Meeting the Besterforged: 25xp
—Demonstrating Tea’s Versatility: 50xp
—Deducing Gin’s True Nature: 25xp

The Embassy of the Chamber
—Venturing to the Place Where There Be Dragons: 50xp
—Mistaking the Fernian Mission for the Chamber’s: 25xp
—Learning of Mara’s Elevation in Rank: 75xp
—Meeting Vanne, Chibi-Dragon Extraordinaire: 50xp
—Starting Vanne’s Hoard: 25xp, +2 Good Points
—Using An Artifact Maul As a Door Knocker: 50xp
—Seeing Gyla, Nel, and Roach Reamed by Angry Dragons: 100xp
—Learning How Aarott’s Presidium Crashed: 100xp
—Discovering Aesthyrkraix’s Tragic Family History: 25xp
—Getting Volunteered for a Roadtrip to Argonnessen: 125xp, +25 Reputation Points

The Skydocks of Korran-Thievan
—Meeting a Pink-Loving Refugee From Another Genre: 75xp
—Reine and Fientia, Sitting In a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G: 75xp
—Hiring Reine’s Not-Girlfriend to Fly Your Airship: 100xp, +10 Reputation Points

Mara’s Crystal Bridge Abode
—Discussing Life, the Multiverse, and Everything with Vanne: 100xp
—Getting Grapple-Hugged by a Giant Bird: 25xp
—Regaling Mara With Your Misadventures: 50xp
—Discovering Why Abby Was Locked Up: 50xp
—Meeting Tevi, Fallen Couatl: 125xp

The Road to Cybil’s Sanctuary
—Initiating Operation Go Grab Roach: 25xp, +2 Good Points
—Getting Raptors Dropped On You: 25xp
—Interrupting the Halfing Wise Guy’s Trash Talk: 75xp
—Defeating the Halfling Paradrop: 1,000xp, +10 Reputation Points

Cybil’s Sanctuary
—Buffing Prior to Proceeding to the Sanctuary: 25xp
—Discovering That the Mob’s Using Extraplanar Muscle: 50xp
—Rescuing Cybil, Gyla, Neltharion, and Roach: 50xp, +5 Good Points, +10 Reputation Points
—Causing a Ceustoloth to Explode Via Sword Magic: 50xp, +5 Reputation Points
—Defeating the Dread Legion of Terror: 775xp, +10 Reputation Points

The Return to the Albatross
—Curing the Dragons of Their Con-Damage: 50xp, +2 Good Points
—Meeting Naerrax, Defiler of the Eternal Day: 100xp
—Discovering Naerrax is Also Wile E. Yugoloth: 50xp
—Getting Backstabbed by a SURPRISE! Dragon: 50xp
—Ruining Naerrax’s Day With A Spess Laser: 100xp
—I Rise, You Fall: 50xp, -1 Karma Point
—Boarding a Dragon Via a Grappling Hook: 50xp, +5 Reputation Points
—Crashing a Dragon Via Stomp: 100xp, +5 Reputation Points
—Defeating Viv: 750xp, +10 Reputation Points
—Surviving Naerrax: 375xp, +10 Reputation Points

Meddling Kids At Play
The Albatross, Part One
—You’ve Mispronounced It, It’s “Lurve”: 25xp
—Heading to Wroat: 50xp
—Bantering with Varnak: 50xp
—Hearing of Luken’s Charming: 100xp
—Accepting Varnak’s Job: 150xp

Summerdell District
—Investigating One of Elatzi’s Bunkmates: 100xp
—Pub-Crawling for Intel: 100xp
—Annoying Vigil the Tuxedoforged: 50xp
—Talking Shop With Lorsanna: 150xp
—Gwynne Taking One for the Team: 125xp
—Convincing Lorsanna to Become a Dread Legion of Terror Groupie: 125xp, +5 Chaos Points
—Discussing Your Exploits With Khaal: 75xp, +5 Reputation Points

The Albatross, Part Two
—Updating Mara on What Was Learned from Khaal: 75xp
—Seeing Neltharion’s Karmic Punishment for Making Vanne Cry: 50xp
—Taking Vanne With You to See Ligriv: 75xp

Brokenblade Island
—Waving at the Warforged Titan, Again: 25xp
—Learning Where All the Airships Went During “A Royal Pain in the…”; 50xp
—Burzam’s Semantic Shenanigans: 100xp, +2 Reputation Points

Casa ir’Clarn
—Refrain From Intrudin’ When the Room Be Boomin’: 50xp
—Barging into Ligriv’s Mansion-Barn: 100xp
—Doing the Barging, And Everything Else, With Panache: 50xp
—Panache Which Also Tastes Good With Syrup: 50xp
—Catching Up With Ligriv and Aurim: 100xp
—Learning of Aurim’s Plans To Open Up the Molten Front: 50xp
—Learning That Ligriv Has An Accusing Parlor: 25xp
—Visiting Ligriv’s Accusing Parlor: 50xp
—Partaking in the Accusing Parlor’s Bubble Pipes and Dramatic Lighting: 75xp
—Entertaining Ligriv’s Theory About Ninja-Goblins: 150xp
—Learning That Ligriv Also Has An Angrydome: 25xp
—What’s Insurance? It’s Like Gambling, Except You Hope to Lose: 25xp
—Coming Up With a Plan To Infiltrate the Theater: 100xp
—Visiting Ligriv’s Angrydome: 75xp
—Vanne’s Playing Kaiju: 75xp

The Albatross, Part Three
—Getting Tuxed Up to Visit the North Bank Theater: 50xp
—Contacting Dr. Flint: 50xp
—Being Briefed on Mara’s Adventures: 75xp
—Making A State Function Of Your Trip to the Theater: 100xp, +10 Reputation Points

Rigard’s Inquisitions
—All We’ll Find At Rigard’s Is Rigard Mortis: 25xp
—Hiring An Infiltration Specialist: 100xp
—Humorously Overpaying For An Infiltration Specialist: 50xp

The North Bank Theater
—Conducting Last-Minute Intel-Gathering: 50xp
—Bringing Crossdressing Dragons Along: 50xp
—Having the Red Carpet Rolled Out For You: 50xp, +25 Reputation Points
—Causing a Distraction Via Ninja-Beer Consumption: 75xp
—Learning of Blood to Alcohol’s Existence: 25xp
—Recruiting Aethyta: 25xp, Aethyta becomes the Albatross’s bartender
—Bumbling Into the Bugbear Pickets: 25xp
—Defeating the Bugbear Pickets: 50xp
—Dispelling the Hell Out Of A Trap: 25xp
—Getting Hit On By a Ninja-Goblin Minder: 50xp
—Watching an Opera Full Of POMPOUS BOMBAST: 150xp
—Figuring Out You Were Watching Xenodurr: The Musical: 100xp
—Raiding the Genjashaar’s Account Department: 100xp
—Melting Koritachuo’s Face With Slay Living: 50xp
—Covering Your Escape With A Wall of Force: 50xp
—Walking Out of the Theater A Third Through Act I: 50xp, -25 Reputation Points
—Discovering Elatzi Is Really Rooikat: 250xp

The Albatross, Part Four
—Making Sure No One Had Prepared Exploding Runes Today: 50xp
—Receiving A Bill For the Property Damage of Your Adventuring: 50xp
—Being Given A Daishou By People Whose Leader You Just Killed: 25xp

Casa ir’Clarn, Again
—Catching Another Episode of Royal Politics: 75xp
—Letting Boranax Be Rank-Slapped By His Superior: 25xp
—Reliving Balgrim’s Nostalgic Gullet-Diving: 25xp
—Telling Varnak Ligriv Was Right: 100xp
—Assembling Everyone In the Accusing Parlor: 25xp
—Stealing Rooikat’s Face Via Face-Punch: 150xp
—Foiling Rooikat’s Escape Attempt: 100xp
Total: 9,800xp, 5 Chaos Points, 11 Good Points, 117 Reputation Points, -1 Karma Point



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