Eberron: Soaring Skies of Khorvaire

Mirrorverse XP Tally

Better late than never, again.

Because the Mirrorverse was 20-some-odd sessions with rather sporadic fighting, XP is only being awarded for the combat encounters instead of all of the little RPing quirks. This is mitigated by your huge amounts of swag and the fact that you still ding.

Talenta’ar Encampment
—Defeating Destian d’Kundarak: 200xp
—Defeating Kundarak Stalwarts: 500xp

Xalara Xora Memorial Park
—Defeating Deathstrider: 750xp
—Defeating Celassian Centurions: 600xp
—Defeating Celassian Juggernauts: 750xp
—Defeating Celassian Missileers: 175xp

Palace of the Adamantine Founding
—Defeating Big Zam d’Cannith: 1,000xp
—Defeating Dr. Dhakaan Flint: 1,000xp
—Defeating Renee Heimdall: 1,000xp
—Defeating Riaan ir’Wynarn: 1,000xp
—Defeating Stasi ir’Wynarn: 500xp

Eternal Bastion of Dulum
—Defeating Eilista, Scion of Progress: 1,125xp
—Defeating Eurynome VI, Dread Queen of Giantkind: 875xp
Total XP: 9,325xp


Juumanistra Juumanistra

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