Eberron: Soaring Skies of Khorvaire

Olladra's Welcome Sidequesting

Going to the beach just isn't enough! We must have a minigame arcade, too!

As a disclaimer, the name “Trader Johh’s” turns up a lot in these: It’s the restaurant attached to the Radiant Tide whose name had previous went unsaid.

Olladra’s Welcome: 99 Bottles of Ninja-Beer on the Wall…
A local fraternity has sponsored a drinking contest at Trader Johh’s: Do you have the testicular fortitude to become the Beer-King of Olladra’s Welcome? (Rhetorically speaking for the ladies, of course.)
Length: Hour to Session
Type: Skill
Reward: Being crowned the Beer-King or -Queen of Olladra’s Weclome! And free food from Trader Johh’s

Olladra’s Welcome: Battle of the Bards
Trader Johh’s is advertising a night filled with song and singing contest called the “battle of the bards”. Who knew bards could fight?
Length: Session
Type: Skill
Reward: Free food from Trader Johh’s and maybe getting to beat Fientia at her own game.

Olladra’s Welcome: How Do You Say “T-Shirt” in Common, Anyway?
You pass by a Wall of Fame inside Trader Johh’s, dedicated to past winners of something called a “wet tunic competition”, with a vacant spot declaring it’d go to the winner of this year’s contest, to be determined during Olladra’s Welcome.
Length: Session
Type: Skill
Reward: A 5,000gp gift certificate to Alanorra & Associates’ Multiplanar Fashion Emporium for the winner; 3,000gp and 1,000gp gift certificates for the first and second runners-up. Also, a spot on Trader Johh’s Wall of Fame!

Olladra’s Welcome: Mother Dearest
Esravesh d’Lyrandar is simply dying to take her little girl’s friends to lunch. There is absolutely nothing ominous about this. Nothing at all.
Length: Hour to Session
Type: Social
Reward: A day out with one of the most important women in Khorvairian commerce.

Olladra’s Welcome: Testing the Physics Engine
A flier advertises an upcoming beach volleyball tournament, featuring animation of a pair of attractive co-eds playing volleyball, then blowing each other up with magic.
Length: Session
Type: Skill
Reward: A fabulous prize if you win! …or so it says.

Olladra’s Welcome: The Race for the Summer Sun
The lobby of the Radiant Tide is abuzz with gossip about the upcoming qualifying heats for the big grand prix held during Olladra’s Welcome, the Race for the Summer Sun.
Length: Session+
Type: Adventure
Reward: An Eberronian grand prix? Surely something impressive if you can win.

Olladra’s Welcome: Wicked Wipeout
Organized teams of arcanists have waded into the ocean beyond the Radiant Tide and began conjuring waves. What could they possibly be for?
Length: Hour to Session
Type: Skill
Reward: At the very least that you have vanquished the horrible threat posed by arcanely summoned waves.


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