Eberron: Soaring Skies of Khorvaire

Olladra's Welcome XP

Better late-ish than never!

—Choosing to Infiltrate Aundair by Dragonhawk: 50xp
—Sending the Albatross to Stormhome for Upgrading: 25xp, +All Listed Albatross Upgrades, -All Your RP
—Planning to Have the Albatross Explode from River Aundair Like the Kool-Aid Man: 25xp

The Brelish Wilds
—Roasting Marshmallows by Breath Weapon: 25xp
—Meeting Noshana As She Fled for Her Life: 50xp
—Defeating the Bulette: 200xp, +1 Bulette Corpse
—Hammer Time Victory Dance: 50xp
—Letting Noshana Accompany You: 250xp, +2 Good Points

Aundairian Picket Keep B-31
—Burzam’s Nerdgasming Over the Customs Gunbird: 50xp
—Burzam’s Nerdgasming Over Everything Else at the Picket Keep: 50xp
—Running into Gavrin, Efram’s Handler in Sharn: 25xp
—Not Recognizing a Callback and Plot Hook When You See It: 25xp
—Enduring the DM’s Cheap Shot at “The Shepherd”: 25xp
—Viewing the List of Aundair’s Most Wanted: 50xp
—You Do Anasthesia?: 25xp
—Kingu’s Shoe Removal Before Entering the Abjuration Cylinder: 25xp
—Passing Through Customs Uneventfully: 100xp, +2 Law Points

The Aundairian Skies
—Arguing About the Merits of Orchestral Squeek Toys vs. Kazoos: 50xp
—Discovering Your Hitchhiker: 50xp
—Failing To Resist the Aura of Cuteness: 50xp
—Cleverly Working Within the Binds of Being Quasi-Charmed: 50xp
—Learning You Didn’t Pass Through Customs So Uneventfully: 100xp
—Partnering with the Talking Cat to Buy His Silence: 250xp, *+2^ Chaos Points, *+5^ Good Points

The Cult of the Red Comet
—Discovering the Radiant Cult Was Full of Quesses: 50xp
—Witnessing Aznable’s Attempt to Solve His Problems with Cometfall: 50xp
—Witnessnig Aznable’s Atempt Fail Miserably: 50xp
—Defeating Aznable the Exile: 1,000xp, *+5^ Law Points, *+5^ Good Points
—Defeating Cultist-in-Chief Nishn: 125xp
—Subduing the Radiant Cultists: 25xp
—Saving All of the Radiant Cultists: 100xp, *+2^ Good Points
—Hammer Time Victory Dance: 50xp
—Bantering Prior to Awakening Nishn: 100xp
—Learning Nishn Is Just a Perpetually, Psychotically Angry Tool: 50xp

The Radiant Tide, Part I
—Discovering Valpaea and Cellie Were Hotel Heiresses: 100xp
—Seeing Kip and Vanne Attempt to Catch Breakfast: 50xp
—Seeing Kip and Vanne Get Outsmarted By Their Would-Be Breakfast: 75xp
—Ending the Quest for Breakfast Via Resilient Sphere: 100xp
—Learning Fientia and Esravesh Were in Arcanix: 50xp
—Letting Kip Teach Vanne How to Play Three-Card Monte: 25xp
—Watching Kip Be Bested At Three-Card Monte: 25xp
—Letting An Obviously Crazy Woman Like Illutria Into Your Hotel Suite: 50xp
—Everything Related to Illutria’s Butchering Reine’s Name: 100xp
—Everything Related to a Hungover Mara: 100xp
—Learning About Illutria’s Symbolism-Laden Dreams: 50xp
—Illutria’s Bursting In On a Half-Naked Reine in the Bathtub: 100xp
—Letting Vanne Drink Coffee: 75xp
—Allowing Illutria to Join the Party: 250xp

Trader Johh’s
—Taking Esravesh Up On Her Offer for Brunch: 50xp
—Meeting Johhisius Rhattagar, Totally Not-Jamaican Restaurant Owner: 50xp
—Breaking the DM’s Heart By Not Inquiring About the Really Good Crabs: 25xp
—Inadvertently Implying Esravesh Was Not Fientia’s Mother: 25xp
—Seeing How Aquariums in Eberron Work: 25xp
—Chatting With Esravesh About Her Children: 150xp
—Gwynne’s Mastery of Doctor Suess: 50xp
—Learning About the Betrothal Politics of House Lyrandar: 200xp

The Radiant Tide, Part II
—Kingu’s Family Special Side-Session: 250xp
—Explaining to Mara About Benyx d’Lyrandar: 100xp
—Explaining to Vanne What “Kneecapping” Is: 25xp
—Revealing That Kingu Is Really Riaan d’Lyrandar: 250xp
—Gwynne’s Girl Time Extravaganza Side-Session: 250xp

The Beaches of Arcanix
—Defeating the Aquaforged Tidelords: 600xp
—Defeating the Riptide Marauders: 250xp
—Defeating the Riptide Sureshots: 275xp
—Defeating the Riptide Titans: 900xp
—Saving All of the Beachgoer Mobs: 500xp, +10 Good Points
—Saving All of the Beachgoer Damsels: 100xp, +5 Good Points
—Saving 6 of the Beachgoer Beefcakes: 75xp, +2 Good Points
—Saving 1 of the Arcanix Blademarks: 25xp
—Foiling the Summoning of the General Via Blitzball: 1,000xp
—Convincing the Tidelord That Suicide Was the Only Option: 25xp
—Discovering the Origins of the Elemental Invasion: 250xp
Total: 9,800xp, +31 Good Points, +5 Law Points


Juumanistra Juumanistra

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