Eberron: Soaring Skies of Khorvaire

Omnitool Acquisition

Because it wasn't transperant enough what franchise I was cribbing from.

“Authorized security measures activated.”

With those words, the giant hologram’s grainy image dissolves: At the same time, your forearms glow brightly, as ethereal orange gauntlet-bracers conjure themselves into existence! Somewhat taken aback by the “gift” granted to you by the arcane hologram, you tepidly poke your new not-quite-there armor which, to your astonishment, reacts to your poke and conjures out of the ether a floating window filled with writing that you can readily identify as Giant, even if it appears incomprehensible: A few seconds later, the translation magic kicks in, and you can make it out just fine, with the screen asking for your query. Mara, clearly frustrated, mutters about who she has to inquire with to get a consistent translation regime from the various interfaces of the Ark: Much to your surprise, an answer instantaneously appears within the window, informing you to direct all translation and interfacing problems to some known as Keeper Ediaranth in the Apiary, wherever that is.

Sufficiently impressed by the fact that you’re wearing a holographic bracer-gauntlet that can understand and respond to your requests despite not actually being there, you gingerly inquire just what the heck the thing even is. It identifies itself as an “omnitool”, a device intended to facilitate easier access to the Ark’s various subsystems, in-particular the Level I security measures which you have been given access to.

Level I Security Measures:
1) Arcane spellcasting unlocked. All party members may cast any spell of 3rd-level or lower off of the wizard/sorcerer or bard spell-list as if they were a wizard, sorcerer, or bard with a Caster Level equal to their Hit Dice. You may use your Intelligence or Charisma, whichever is better, to set any and all save DCs. The party shares an encounter-based pool of spell-levels with which to cast spells at a 1:1 basis. (I.E. a 1st-level spell consumes one spell-level, a 2nd-level spell consumes two, and so on.) The pool begins each encounter with 15 spell-levels within it. Arcane Spell Failure percentages from armor apply to spells cast in this manner, but spending an additional spell-level to cast a spell negates a 10% ASF chance. Multiple spell-levels can be expended in this way to overcome greater ASF chances.

2) Offensive and defensive precognition unlocked. All party members gain a +1 luck bonus to hit, damage, saves and Armor Class.

3) Resiliency enhancement unlocked. All party DR 2/adamantine and fast healing 1.

Who knows else these omnitools might be able to do? We shall see in the next session of Eberron, Soaring Skies of Khorvaire…


Juumanistra Juumanistra

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