Eberron: Soaring Skies of Khorvaire

Sharn Sidequest Docket

Even if you're stuck laying over in Sharn, you've still got a lot to do!

Side Quest Length Key

  • Hour: This sidequest length should easily be finished within a single session: It may, however, take more than a single hour.
  • Session: This sidequest length should be finished within one session.

Side Quest Type Key

  • Adventure: This type of sidequest is a self-contained story arc that involves equal measures of multiple types of problem-solving.
  • Combat: This type of sidequest features the rolling of initiative and the stabbing of things in the face as the predominant method of resolving its problems.
  • Skill: This type of sidequest features the rolling of skill checks, or other non-combat rolls, as the predominant method of resolving its problems.
  • Social: This type of sidequest features roleplaying as the predominant method of resolving its problems.

Completed Sidequests
Big Game Hunter: Fluffiwuffikens
Big Game Hunter: Sewer Noodlers
The Presidium’s Blue Lady

Active Sidequests
An Invitation You Cannot Refuse
Arandmi, the leader of the Surrebec adventuring party, seeks a meeting with you. Judging by what her partymates said, you suspect she’s not the sort to take rejection well.
Length: Hour
Type: Social
Reward: The better question is whether you want to find out what might happen if you make her mad.

Big Game Hunter: Extreme Angling
Commercial fisherman in the Hilt have become skittish about something that’s recent entered their fishing grounds. Sounds like adventure calling to me!
Length: Session
Type: Adventure
Reward: Reputation; other rewards as appropriate if real threat is posed.

Big Game Hunter: Sewer Noodlers II
The merrows were a breeze; think you’re up for something a bit bigger, like skrags?
Length: Session
Type: Combat
Reward: 2,500gp per person, plus 1,000gp per skrag head presented to the Port Authority; right of salvage to anything in the skrags’ possession.

Big Game Hunter: A Visible Threat
The Palace of the Indomitable Pyroclasm seeks your assistance in tracking down and killing a “bezekira”. Whatever one of those is.
Length: Session
Type: Skill
Reward: Attachment to the maharani’s retinue as personal retainers; includes, amongst other things, honorary citizenship from the City of Brass and the ability to enter the city freely.

Cultural Assimilation 101
The tceffessam have been doing hard labor down in the Lower Dura: It’s time to check in on them.
Length: Hour to Session
Type: Social
Reward: You expect monetary compensation for checking in on your friends? For shame!

Into the Wild Blue Yonder
It takes more than just a pilot to make an airship fly: Provisions need to be procured and personnel recruited. Both tasks await you.
Length: Hour
Type: Social
Reward: S.S. Albatross officially made ready for flight.

Puttin’ on the R—…Skybridge
You have an out-standing dinner date with Valara d’Orien at the Celestial Vista. The food there is to die for. And it’s sufficiently exclusive you can probably only get in posthumously.
Length: Hour to Session
Type: Social
Reward: A night out on the town at Sharn’s most famous restaurant, complete with stories of all the trouble Dr. Flint has caused over the years.

Shipwrecks Happen in the Oddest Places
You recovered a startling number of Galifarian-vintage royal items from the merrows’ sewer-warren. Rather coincidental, don’t you think? Might be worth investigating.
Length: Hour to Session
Type: Adventure
Reward: Some answers about why you discovered so much stuff relating to late Galifarian Breland in the merrows’ possession.

We Want to Live in a Yellow Submarine(-Airship)
Kingu had a brilliant idea: Make your shiny new airship submersible! You really ought to look into that.
Length: Hour
Type: Social
Reward: Cost and time requirements to make the Albatross fly underwater. And the chance to begin construction thereof.

Oh, What Do You Do With a Dead Dra~gon, Ear~ly in the Mor~ning?
Burzam has questions for your friendly neighborhood corpse. And do you intend to do with that corpse, anyway?
Length: Session
Type: Adventure
Reward: Answers to Burzam’s question; various other potential things depending upon what you do with the corpse.

You and What Army?
Reclaiming Droaam in the name of your – and Breland’s – name will not be easy. You’ll need an army: The best place to start are those Droaamite ex-pats who reside in the Lower Dura.
Length: Hour to Session
Type: Social
Reward: The first small step towards liberating Droaam from the Daughters of Sora Kell.


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