Eberron: Soaring Skies of Khorvaire

Sharn Interlude Postscript, Treasure, and XP

How is that even when you're sidequesting you're still dinging? And getting absurd amounts of treasure?

Yep, folks, you’re now L8. Fun times!

Sewer Noodling Postscript
You feel a twinge of guilt as the last fleeing merrow is dragged into the central cistern by Ol’ Gobbla: But only a little, as the merrow wasn’t exactly the sort who you’d take to social gatherings. But death-by-devil-croc is just not a good way to go, even for a murderous aquatic ogre. With Ol’ Gobbla contenting himself on one of his former handlers, you are free to cut off the heads of the dead ogres which you’ve just felled. A total of twenty are collected: 10,000gp is not a bad day’s work, despite Pappy Merrow’s axe-work and Mammy Merrow getting the drop on Gwynne.

With their heads secured, you proceed to explore the rest of the impromptu warren they’d managed to construct for themselves in the sewers: Mercifully, there are no more surprises waiting for you, and Ol’ Gobbla seems intent to give you wide berth following your inflicting of pain upon him. Well, you do have one surprise in store for you: The amount of stuff that the merrows have. Piles upon piles of crates, barrels, coffers, chests, and various other loot containers litter the sewer-warren: As with any large amount of loot, some of it looks rather valuable, but some of it also looks rather useless. Burzam, Reine, and Blackfist set about looking for suitable shinies to sate their hunger for shiny things, while Gwynne and Tevi continue deeper into the warren to discover a rather large and ramshackle shack.

Venturing inside, the two discover sufficient accommodations for each and every merrow on the ground floor, as well as yet more barracks-style bedding and private chambers for Mammy and Pappy upstairs. Their search draws them to Mammy’s room, which is rather better kept than the rest of the shack, and is filled with maps and books to boot! Certainly not things you’d expect to find in a merrow’s warren. Upon examining the books, you find that they’re a meticulously kept log of the piracy and salvage operations undertaken by the merrows: That they were sinking ships and then looting them out in the Hilt certainly explains where all of the swag came from. You also discover that the merrows of this sewer-warren had come to lead an impressive alliance of merrows, skrags, and skum to engage in a rather organized bid to control this section of the sewers. All told from the records, you count that this warren had 34 members, of whom you’ve killed or routed 22: The rest are, by the logs, out on patrol or salvage. You also discern the location of the primary skrag colony in the region, plus what seems to be a rather sizable skum settlement in the vicinity.

Stowing away the logs and maps, the party is reunited! And work is done processing loot: The corpses of the dead merrows are stripped and their useful contents placed in your extradimensional spaces, while useful-looking containers are searched and they, or their contents, are lashed onto Blackfist’s back. Having a Large-sized warforged to play pack mule is incredibly nice, isn’t it? All told a dozen chests, crates, and other containers are lashed to him and, to top it all off, he is also yoked to a large slab of aquasteel which Burzam insists upon bringing with you, if only to produce more awesome weapons of the sort the Sewerhome have. With Blackfist properly burdened, you at last can start making your way back to the surface! The going is slow, given Blackfist’s carrying and dragging Host only knows how much weight, but you take it nice and easy, making it back topside with no major interruptions.

Dropping off your loot at Magical Mayhem for identification, you proceed over to the Bureau of Sanitation to collect your bounty. The bureaucrats running the place are flabbergasted by the number of merrow heads you present: They hadn’t paid out twenty bounties in the past five months. They gleefully give you your money and express their thanks: They become a bit more circumspect when they are informed that the merrow are engaged in piracy, but will pass the news along to the Port Authority and City Watch.

Money in hand and a job well done, you retire for the day. Ah, the life of an adventurer…

Big Game Hunter: Fluffiwuffikens
You triumphantly inspect your prize: An owlbear that has flapped itself into exhaustion, and careened into a statue in the Upper Dura’s Highhold district. Fanfare trumpets as you work on disentangling the great beast from the stone dwarf it came to rest upon, while Kingu hovers down and joins you, getting more than a few squeezes from his new squeeze. He’s earned it, what with goring Oerz and dropping a tree onto an unsuspecting wyvern. And also dropping said tree onto whatever unfortunate souls might be in the ward beneath you. Probably should’ve thought that one through a bit more, Your Majesty.

Your revelry is ended as those who had been pursuing the pursuers arrive: Aerial troops from the Daggerwatch district, who joined the chase after it veered through the heart of the Brelish military’s presence in the city. A steady stream of flying cavalry, mounted upon warforged raptors and magebred flyers, circle above and assess the situation. They’re joined quickly thereafter by literal boatloads of red-cloaked troops, as several airships arrive upon the scene and disgorge their human cargo. With a company’s worth forces pouring into the area, the owlbear – and you – are rather quickly secured. Deciding that you are somewhat overmatched, you peaceably go with the nice men with the heavy repeating crossbows and readied wands.

After being escorted back to Daggerwatch, you are dressed down by the commander of the city’s garrison: You know you’ve made it when your intelligence is being insulted by the highest-ranking military man in the city! The riot act you are read includes violation of a dozen sky traffic ordinances, failure to heed multiple guidance orders from Sharn Air Traffic Control, violation of restricted military airspace, and several citations of property damage. You cannot help but take some solace that the jamming of Northeast Control isn’t laid upon your head, but you keep mum about it, lest you get blamed for it anyway. Your upbraiding is concluded with banishment to the stockade, where the general intends to keep you until the wheels of justice can, in due time, crush you. You stay the night therein: All-in-all, it’s not too bad, all things considered. Certainly better than having to pitch camp in somewhere like the X-742 Drainage Cluster.

Your lifetime internment in the stockades is interrupted when, in the morning, a grinning Boranax greets you with the good news: You’re free! The King’s Citadel looks after its own, after all. And that if you ever try something as stupid as a high-speed chase across the Upper Wards again, he’ll personally make sure you stay locked up. He also points out that the fines and penalties leveled against the party, totaling some 20,000gp, are your problem and not his. But that can be dealt with later: Sprung from prison, you collect your shackled owlbear and return to Crystal Bridge! Presenting it, Lady ir’Yalan is overjoyed to have cute widdle Fluffwuffikens back! (For his part, Fluffiwuffikens becomes something of an overaffectionate lapdog when united with his elderly mistress.) So overjoyed that she’s willing to pay off the copious bills you incurred finding her pet! And declaring an open door policy for the rescuers of her baby. (Fluffiwuffkens doesn’t seem particularly enamored with you ever returning. Can’t blame him for that, either.)

And so, if delayed a bit by your night in the clink, you collect your 10,000gp bounty! And the worst part about it all? Vanne wants to know when you can do it again.

Experience Points
Cathedral of Onatar
—Meeting Gad Zooks, High Priest of Onatar: 50xp
—Piquing Zooks’ Interest About Gunblades: 25xp
—Learning of Saber’s Resurrection: 50xp
—Gaining the Cathedral of Onatar’s Sponsorship of Future Ark Expeditions: 100xp, +5 Reputation Points, +25 Resource Points

Fort Yarith
—Skirmishing With the Sewerhome: 75xp
—Convincing Ironhide to Be Diplomatic: 50xp
—Learning of Scimitar’s Shenanigans: 50xp
—Employing the Sewerhome as Guards: 100xp, +5 Reputation Points, +10 Resource Points

X-742 Drainage Cluster
—Defeating Mammy & Pappy Merrow: 1,000xp
—Defeating the Merrow Kinfolk: 1,600xp
—Defeating Ol’ Gobbla: 250xp
—Returning to the Surface With Phat Loot: 50xp, +10 Reputation Points, +10 Resource Points

The Skies of Sharn
—Chatting With the Surrebec: 75xp
—It’s a Trap!: 25xp
—Tracking Fluffiwuffikens to Shae Lais: 100xp
—Casting Haste on Efram To Make Him Fly Faster: 50xp
—Joining the Chase Across Sharn: 50xp
—Dropping a Tree Token on Someone: 100xp, +10 Chaos Points
—Trip-Confirming Against Oerz: 75xp
—Eating a Subdual Crit: 50xp
—Taking Ballista-Flung Flak: 25xp
—Stupification via Speecification: 50xp
—Defeating Rival Adventurers and Winning Chase: 400xp, +30 Reputation Points, +5 Resource Points
Crafting: Winged boots for Reine(-17 Good Points, -15 Chaos Points; completed 5 Nymm)
Total: 4,400xp, -5 Chaos Points, -17 Good Points, +50 Reputation Points, +50 Resource Points

+2 Large bronzewood greataxe
+1 ebonsteel shortspear
Large stone maul [x21]
Mwk dwarven waraxe
Mwk kama
Mwk trident
Mwk warhammer

+1 Large black dragonhide breastplate
Mwk studded leather
Large crocodile hide armor [x21]
Geosteel breastplate
Cryosteel chain shirt
Medium ebonsteel half-plate [x3]
Small shimmersteel half-plate

Alchemical & Magical Items
Silver raven figurine of wondrous power
Potion of cure light wounds
Potion of darkvision
Potion of enlarge person [x2]
Potion of protection from evil
Scroll of detect undead
Wand of levitate(50 charges left)
Antitoxin [x3]
Smokestick [x3]

Art & Mundane Objects
Barrel of Riedran spices, with “PROPERTY OF TEZDAR BROS. TRADING CO.” emblazoned upon it in Dal Quor [x2]
Battle-scarred aquasteel apparatus of the crab bearing the faded markings over the Imperial Galifarian Navy
Crate of exquisitely soft furs bearing the worn insignia of House Vadalis [x3]
Crude statuette of a dragon hewn from a sea cat femur
Logbooks of Mammy Merrow, detailing the pirating operations of the merrow kinfolk
Map of the Hilt’s sea floor, indicating several points of interest
Map of the sewers, showing several points of interest near the X-742 Drainage Cluster
Ornate shimmersteel cavalry saber with bejeweled hilt and sheath
Royal wardrobe, circa 893 A.K., of Princess-Consort Casopi ir’Wynarn, last Archduchess of Sharn
Set of three matching extradimensional steamer trunks bearing the heraldry of the Prince of the Hilt
Well-preserved and life-like marble bust of “Mad” King Galifar XII
Well-preserved soarwood figurehead shaped like a comely mermaid

Cash, Coins, and Gems
270pp in Galifarian and Brelish mintage
6,526gp in Galifarian, Brelish, Cyran, and Aundairian mintage
14,336sp in Brelish and Cyran mintage
10,000gp letter-of-credit from the City of Sharn
10,000gp letter-of-credit from Teydren ir’Yalan
Fist-sized uncut diamond of a distinctly pink hue
Assorted other gems estimated at ~3,000gp in value


Juumanistra Juumanistra

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