Eberron: Soaring Skies of Khorvaire

The Broken Anvil Killing Fields Loot

Your base of operations is a burnt-out husk and your unscrupulous friends are quite dead. At least they left a lot of bodies to loot!

The party proceeds to excavate the Broken Anvil’s frontage in search of answers. And they find some! …which only leads to more questions. While Gwynne, Mara, and Reine were searching for truth, Dr. Flint and The King busied themselves with looting corpses and finding phat loot. Loot whose phatness was confirmed, upon party reunification, by Mara. Ze loot found was:
X-205 Shootemabob [Claimed by Dr. Flint]
+1 ebonsteel maul
+1 mithril bastard sword [Claimed by Reine]
+1 geosteel halberd
Mwk pyrosteel heavy mace [x3]
+1 leather armor [x2]
Adamantine chainmail
Mwk cryosteel chain shirt [x2]
Mwk aerosteel breastplate [x2]
Mwk geosteel full-plate
Cloak of comfort +1
Feather fall token [x4]
Ring of sustenance [Claimed by Reine]
Ring of protection +1 [x2]
Soarsled [x3]
Acidic fire potatomasher [x4]
Fire potatomasher [x6]
Frost potatomasher [x2]
Spark potatomasher [x3]
Tanglefoot potatomasher [x3]

In addition to the above loot, you also discover a pair of +1 Huge adamantine greathammers which had been wielded by the destroyed warforged titans, as well as Blackfist, the revived but immobile warforged charger. You cannot move, let alone loot, those: Though it may, with a bit of effort, be possible to hide them to prevent their being recovered until you can figure out how to get them out of the Lower Dura ward.


Juumanistra Juumanistra

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