Eberron: Soaring Skies of Khorvaire

The Lower Ward Aflame XP

Because it's better late than never, dagnabbit!

Awarded: 3 Eyre-11 Eyre, 998 A.K. in various Sharn locales
Returning to Sharn
—Enduring the DM’s Scenery Porn: 100xp
—Drawing the Attention of Sharn’s Anti-Air Patrols: 50xp
—Receiving Summons from Ambassador Towers: 25xp
—Answering Summons from Ambassador Towers: 25xp

Palace of the Indomitable Pyroclasm
—Entering a Building Whose Motif Revolves Around Fire: 50xp
—Disbelieving the Physics Required for Said Motif to Work: 50xp
—Meeting an Efreeti and Taking It In Stride: 25xp
—Witnessing Not-Draonic Squabbling Between Two Obviously Not-Dragons: 75xp
—Learning That Roach Had Been a Busy Boy: 75xp
—Agreeing To Rescue Roach and His Sidekick: 25xp, +2 Good Points

The Lower Dura Ward
—Opting to Enter Through the Precarious District: 100xp
—Devising a Creative Way to Enter the Precarious District: 50xp
—Succeeding in Navigation Skill Challenges: 250xp
—Beating Off Grenade-Chucking Gnoll Soarsledders: 150xp
—Defeating the Daask Cleaver: 300xp
—Scattering Gnoll Einsatzgruppen: 150xp, +10 Good Points, +10 Law Points, +1 Karma Point,

The Broken Anvil
—Discovering the Fate of the Broken Anvil: 150xp
—Investigating the Grounds of the Broken Anvil: 100xp
—Recovering the Heads of Balgrim, Eranna, Reggie, and Hariel: 50xp, +2 Good Points
—Reviving Blackfist: 50xp, +5 Good Points
—Saving Gyla: 100xp; Gyla and Neltharion join the party.
—Discovering a Fragment of the Draconic Prophecy and Gyla’s Tsundereness: 100xp

Malleon’s Gate
—Dramatically Flying Into the Heart of the Action: 50xp
—Seeing Roach Ride to the Rescue, Only to Miss: 25xp
—Defeating Human!Jevik: 400xp
—Defeating Dragon!Jevik: 800xp
—Discovering Jevik’s Heart Contains a Demon: 25xp
—Enduring Cryptic Lectures From A Not-Dragon: 25xp
—Convincing the Remnants of Daask and the Redpaws to Join Forces: 250xp
—Extraction Via House Orien Commando Team: 50xp

The Golden Dragon Inn
—Sending Party B to Deliver A Message to Abby Stoutaxe: 25xp; Roach, Neltharion, and Gyla unavailable until 16 Eyre, 998 A.K.

The Platinum Heights
—Dr. Flint Being Decapitated: 25xp; Dr. Flint transferred to NPC roster
—Defeating the Giant Stag Beetles: 575xp
—Eschewing Banter with Scimitar: 50xp
—Reine Sidestepping Death (Again!): 50xp, -1 Karma Point
—Witnessing Burzam’s Dramatic Arrival: 50xp; Burzam joins the party
—Not-Dying to Scimitar: 300xp
—Getting Into the Choppa: 100xp
—Kicking Scimitar Out of the Choppa: 200xp

The King’s Citadel
—Hearing Boranax’s Sales Pitch: 50xp
—Viewing the Uncorrupted Doomsday Message: 100xp
—Activating Ranoe: 100xp
—Interrogating Ranoe About the Ark: 50xp
—Failing to Ask What, Exactly, “The Cycle of Endless Woe” Is: 25xp
—Venturing Through the Not-Stargate to the Ark: 150xp
Total XP Award: 5,500xp, 19 Good Points, 10 Law Points


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