• Burzam Murdoch

    Burzam Murdoch

    Magic-obsession, Psionics, and massive hammers...what could go wrong?
  • Gwynne


    Your Healer
  • Reine Heimdall

    Reine Heimdall

    Hapless servant of the Church of Glaba --- I mean, of the Silver Flame
  • Reldar ir'Andayn

    Reldar ir'Andayn

    His Excellency, the Right Honorable Governor-General of Graywall
  • Austasia "Mara" ir'Wynarn

    Austasia "Mara" ir'Wynarn

    The party's resident runaway royalty who's got more adventure and alliteration than she bargained for.
  • Balgrim d'Kundarak

    Balgrim d'Kundarak

    The dwarven co-owner of the Broken Anvil inn, who runs the inn's shop and provides various adventurer-related services.
  • Blackfist


    A lovable oaf of a warforged with a love of cookies and smashing things.
  • Dr. Hyaenotherius Flint

    Dr. Hyaenotherius Flint

    Dr. Flint, Adventuring Archaeologist
  • Efram


    Mara's preternatural dragonhawk who provides the party with transport and Reine-whacking services.
  • Fientia d'Lyrandar

    Fientia d'Lyrandar

    A hyperactive spoiled brat with a crush on Reine, who also happens to be the only person at hand who can fly your shiny new ariship.
  • Kipling Rudyard

    Kipling Rudyard

    The Crown Princess of Aundair's Special Envoy and Ambassador-at-Large to Catkind, everybody!
  • Neltharion


    He is the terror that flaps in the night! He is DARKW--er, DEATHWING! Or at least he was, until he was grounded and told to be a robot's sidekick.
  • Rhok'delar


    The Long Dog of the Ancients!
  • Roach


    The petforged! Everyone's favorite warforged expy of a certain Gundam character.
  • Sogylam


    A spell-slinging tsundere dragon who's tagging along with her totally not-boyfriend. This can't possibly end in anything other than kittens and rainbows!
  • Tevi


    A being of phenomenal, cosmic power whose phenomenal, cosmic power is currently on walkabout.
  • Vannera'hura


    The party's team mascot and impressionable youngster, whom they're influence upon.