Balgrim d'Kundarak

The dwarven co-owner of the Broken Anvil inn, who runs the inn's shop and provides various adventurer-related services.


Some manner of capable combatant, as witnessed by the destruction he wrought against his foes at the Broken Anvil’s last stand. Possessor of the Greater Mark of Warding.


Balgrim d’Kundarak could have had it all in life: As a scion of House Kundarak, he would have had no need for material possessions and with an astute financial mind, even by the standards of the premiere banking clan in Khorvaire, the sky was the limit in terms of the occupational success and prestige that could be achieved. “Could have”, of course, being the operative term: Balgrim’s genius was recklessly ambitious and it did it care much for the opinions of others, both of which rankled the doughty Kundarak clan. His penchant for aggressive investment is sufficient that he has been rumored to have been one of the masterminds behind the shorting of Cyran-based joint stock companies that sparked the Panic of 945, whose ramifications are often cited as the reason why Cyre abandoned its attempt to seize The Hilt of the Dagger River. (No proof has ever been proffered in support of this particular allegation.) Regardless of the role, if any, he played in the Panic of 945, in the financial chaos he was evicted from the family’s clanhold in Krona Peak.

Normally, getting thrown out of your home would be considered a disaster: Like any savvy entrepreneur, Balgrim saw it as an opportunity. Freed from the strictures of home, at least for the moment, he could engage in trades that were…neglected by House Kundarak with minimal fear of reprisal. (Of all of Balgrim’s dalliances, the one which irked the clanhold’s patriarchs most was his penchant for cooking books, laundering money, and other black market financial transactions. Given that the House already provided such services, but at exorbitant fees, the gusto with which he tackled those jobs while charging normal rates a sore point.) He would spend much of the remainder of the Last War becoming a broker and purveyor of all things: He could, and would, get anything for anyone…for the right price. The trade proved so lucrative that House Kundarak was willing to look the other way at Balgrim’s side business of providing consulting services to adventurers, including upon the subject of House Kundarak’s vaults. Most famously, Balgrim joined an adventuring company lead by Davin ir’Clarn, a Brelish peer of some renown.

Balgrim’s wild streak, however, has since been tamed by his falling into the greatest pitfall that a man can: He fell in love with a halfling barbarian by the name of Eranna d’Ghallandra. Love doesn’t discriminate! At least not on the basis of race. (So long as they’re both short.) Eranna would prove to be a force for Good in Balgrim’s life, even if he failed to see the good in it, as she would brook little of his envelope-pushing and other shenanigans. (As the consummate risk-taker, Balgrim still indulges in them, with the game being not getting caught.)

Balgrim currently resides in Sharn’s Lower Dura ward, with his wife, in the Broken Anvil inn. He continues his business of buying and selling…well, just about everything, though since getting married he has kept things strictly above-board. (At least, as the party discovered with the luhix, while his wife’s about.)

Balgrim d'Kundarak

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