Burzam Murdoch

Magic-obsession, Psionics, and massive hammers...what could go wrong?


Race: Half-Giant

Character Level: 11
Class: Psychic Warrior 8
Class: Artificer 8
Note: Gestalting the two as of CL7
Alignment: Neutral Good

16 – Strength: (14 base, 2 racial)
16 – Dexterity: (14 base, -2 racial, 4 Item)
14 – Constitution: (12 base, 2 racial)
16 – Intelligence: (15 base, 1 CL4)
20 – Wisdom: (15 base, 1 CL8, 4 Item)
  8 – Charisma:

12 – Fortitude: (7 class, +2 Con, +3 Item)
  9 – Reflex: (3 class, +3 Dex, +3 Item)
15 – Will: (7 class, +5 Wis, +3 Item)

Initiative: +5 (+3 Dex, +2 Belt)

BAB: +10/+5 (grapple +17)
+2 Bronzewood Large greataxe: +16/+11 (+10 BAB, +3 Str, +2 axe, +1 Mwk); damage 3d6+7
Relbmet’s Wrath: +16/+11 (+10 BAB, +3 Str, +2 maul +1 Mwk); damage 2d8+7
+1 Snipehammer (ranged): +15/+10 (+10 BAB, +3 Dex, +1 bonus, +1 Mwk); damage 1d12+1
+1 Snipehammer (melee): +14/+9 (+10 BAB, +3 Str, +1 bonus, +1 Mwk); damage 1d10+5
+1 Shardcaster (melee): +14/+9 (+10 BAB, +3 Str, +1 bonus, +1 Mwk); damage 1d8+4
+1 Shardcaster (ranged) 7d4+2 30’ line or 15’ 3d4+2 cone

HP: 93
AP: 9/12

25 – Armor Class: (+8 armor, +3 Dex, +1 ProRing, +3 NatArmor)
14 – Touch: (+3 Dex, +1 ProRing)
22 – Flatfooted: (+8 armor, +1 ProRing, +3 NatArmor)
DR 6/Adamantium

CL1: Dragonmarked – Making
PsyWar1: Craft Cognizance Crystal
PsyWar2: Power Attack (Combat)
CL3: PsychoWartificer
Art1: Brew Potion
Art2: Scribe Scroll
Art3: Craft Wondrous Item
CL6: Legendary Artisan
Art4: Extraordinary Artisan
Art5: Craft Magical Arms & Armor
PsyWar5: Exceptional Artisan
CL9: Half-Giant Dragonstomper
Art7: Craft Wand
Art8: Uncanny Activation (PFSRD)
PsyWar8: Expanded Knowledge – Animal Affinity

  5 – Acrobatics: (2 ranks, +3 Dex)
19 – Arcana: (14 ranks, +3 Int, +2 Synergy)
  5 – Athletics: (2 ranks, +3 Str)
  3 – Civics: (+3 Int)
10 – Cosmology: (5 ranks, +3 Int, +2 Synergy)
  3 – Deception: (+3 Int)
  5 – Dungeoneering: (+3 Int, +2 Synergy)
15 – Endurance: (9 ranks, +2 Con, +4 Synergy)
  9 – Engineering: (5 ranks, +3 Int)
  5 – Husbandry: (+5 Wis)
  2 – Impress: (-1 Cha, +3 Good)
  3 – Intimidate: (+3 Str)
  5 – Investigate: (+3 Int, +2 Synergy)
  3 – Legerdemain: (+3 Dex)
  5 – Mechanics: (+3 Int, +2 Synergy)
  5 – Medicine: (+5 Wis)
19 – Perception: (14 ranks, +5 Wis)
10 – Psionics: (7 ranks, +3 Int)
  3 – Skullduggery: (+3 Dex)
  7 – Survival: (+5 Wis, +2 Synergy)
  2 – Swordplay: (-1 Cha, +3 Good)
  3 – Theology: (+3 Int)
32 – Use Magic Device: (14 ranks, -1 Cha, +6 Dragonmarked, +3 Good, +10 UMD 2 )
17 – Willpower: (8 ranks, +5 Wis, +4 Synergy)

Skill Tricks:
17 – Craft (Weaponsmithing): (2 ranks, +3 Int)
17 – Craft (Armorsmithing): (2 ranks, +3 Int)
17 – Craft (Blacksmithing): (2 ranks, +3 Int)

Manifester Level: 11 (8 PsyWar, +3 feat)
Caster Level: 11 (8 Art, +3 feat)

Power Point Reserve: 50 (19 Class, 20 Wis, 11 Race)

Powers Known:
1st: Biofeedback, Hammer, Force Screen
2nd: Psionic Lion’s Charge, Dimension Swap, Body Equilibrium, Animal Affinity
3rd: Dimension Slide, Physical Acceleration

1st: 4 (3 class, 1 bonus)
2nd: 4 (3 class, 1 bonus)
3rd: 4 (3 class, 1 bonus)
4th: 1 (1 class)

Spell-like effects:
DragonStomp 1/Encounter (manifest as full HD)
Repair Light Damage At-will
Repair Serious Damage 1/Encounter
Fabricate 1/Day

Craft Reserve: 250 XP

Languages Known: Common, Giant, Riedran

Relbmet’s Wrath artifact Large maul
+2 Bronzewood Large greataxe
+1 Shardcaster x2 (1 @ 21d4, 1 @ 5d4)
+1 Snipehammer
Javelin of Burning Hands x4
Alchemical Potatomasher: Acidic Fire x2

Breastplate of Useful Things +3 adamantium breastplate
Burzam’s Bester Boots (+3 natural armor, 10 acid resistance)
Ring of Protection +1
Ring of the Forcewall

Burzam’s Ultimate Magazine of Magical Stores
Gloves of Dexterity +4
Ioun Stone of Resistance +3
Periapt of Wisdom +4
Useful Magical Device for Using Magical Devices +10 (Headband, aka UMD 2)
Belt of Battle

Portable Hole
Sustaining Spoon
Potion of Invisibility x1
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds x2
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds x5
Potion of Blindsight x2
Potion of Fly x2
Potion of See Invisibility x1
Potion of Spider Climb x1
Scroll of Cometfall (CL 11) x1
Scroll of Dinosaur Stampede x2
Scroll of Wall of Force (CL 9) x2
Scroll of Cat’s Grace (CL 3)
Scroll of Greater Heroism x2
Scroll of Enervation x2
Scroll of Wall of Fire x2
Scroll of Greater Invisibility x5
Scroll of Bestow Curse (Heightened 7th) (Will save, DC 20) x2
Scroll of Polymorph (CL 15) x4
Eternal Wand of Great Thunderclap
Wand of Dispell Magic (9 charges)
Wand of Sound Lance (8 charges)
Wand of Dismissal x1 (3 charges)
Wand of Evard’s Black Tentacles x1 (1 charge)
Wand of Fireball x1 (3 charges)
Wand of Mass Align Weapon x1 (6 charges)
Wand of Mass Resist Energy x1 (12 charges)
Wand of True Strike (Caster Lvl 1, 4 charges)
Wand of Levitate (Caster Lvl 3, 50 charges)
Wand of Cloak of Bravery x1 (3 charges)
Horn of Goodness/Evil

Gold Pieces: 3389
Buy-Another-Golem Fund: 1012

Efficient Quiver
Bag of Holding – 500 lbs
Iron rations x7
100’ silk rope
Masterwork Artisan’s Tools x2

Shortstuff – Homunculus Dedicated Wright-3
Alignment: Neutral Good
HP: 26 (3d10+10)
Abilities: Str 16, Dex 9, Con -, Int 10, Wis 11, Cha 7
BAB: +2; Melee +5 (hammer, d4+3)
AC: 10 (-1 Dex, +1 Size)
Saves: +1 Fort; +1 Ref; +1 Will
CL1: Skill Focus (Craft)
CL3: Skill Focus (Mechanics)
9 – Craft (Carpentry) (6 ranks, +3 feat)
9 – Craft (Sculpture) (6 ranks, +3 feat)
8 – Mechanics (3 ranks, +3 feat, +2 Synergy)
4 – Ledgerdemain (5 ranks, -1 Dex)

Krafty – Tin Golem (Dragon 341, pg 43)
HP: 39 (3d10+23)
Abilities: Str 14, Dex 10, Con -, Int 5, Wis 11, Cha 1
BAB: +2; Melee +5 (Pyrosteel warhammer, 1d8+4)
AC: 19 (+7 Nat, +2 Ebonsteel Large Shield)
Saves: +1 Fort; +1 Ref; +1 Will
Special Qualities: DR 1/Adamantine; Construct Traits; Low-light vision; speech
CL1: Skill Focus (Craft)
CL3: Toughness
6 – Craft (Armorsmithing) (6 ranks, +3 feat, -3 Int)
6 – Craft (Blacksmithing) (6 ranks, +3 feat, -3 Int)
6 – Craft (Boatmaking) (6 ranks, +3 feat, -3 Int)
6 – Craft (Carpentry) (6 ranks, +3 feat, -3 Int)
6 – Craft (Weaponsmithing) (6 ranks, +3 feat, -3 Int)

Abeil Guardian arcane core
+2 Nimble Silver True Dragonhide Breastplate x2
+1 Nimble SIlver True Dragonhide Breastplate x2
+1 Silver True Dragonhide Studded Leather of Shadow and Silent Moves x2
+1 Nimble Silver True Dragonhide Breastplate (small) x2
+2 Nimble Geosteel Breastplate
+2 Silver True Dragonhide Breastplate of Agility
Hair Shirt of Natural Armor +3
+2 Large wilting ash composite greatbow w/+4 Str pull x1
Mwk Gundagger x4
Mwk Compact Gunblade x7
Mwk Tactical Gunblade x4
Mwk Snipehammer x1
Fur-lined bomber jacket with unit patches of the 32nd “Fightin’ Shardhorns” Air Mobility Squadron
Damaged Compact Gunblade components x3
Damaged Tactical Gunblade components x1
Damaged Shardcaster components x2
Damaged Snipehammer components x1


Born into a slave camp of the Inspired on the continent of Xen’drik, Burzam escaped as a young adult after a hapless warforged explorer wandered into the vicinity of his slave camp. When the Inspired guards killed the explorer, they left him only mostly dead, and Burzam manifested the ability to repair this warforged, and together they managed to escape the camp and survive the trip across the continent to Stormhome. Once in that fabled city the story of his escape spread and the details piqued the interest of representatives of House Cannith who were curious as to how the young half-giant had managed to revive the warforged. Upon examination, the Cannith members were shocked to discover that Burzam bore the Mark of Making, the first recorded half-giant to be born with this power.

Burzam, though fascinated by the magical properties of Xen’drik, was nevertheless shipped off to Sharn with the promise of even greater magical wonders to be seen in the Big City — promises which were kept, but the magic of Khorvaire proved of an entirely different kind than that of Xen’drik, much more polished and refined. The leaders of Cannith South were themselves impressed with Burzam’s unusual methods of thinking and of working, and sent the unwashed youth to several of the House’s schools and educational programs, teaching him the intricacies of Artifice as understood by the House. Burzam did not disappoint, displaying both an insatiable taste for (magical) learning as well as unconventional but indisputably effective talent for artifice.

It was his curiosity which gave the educators of Cannith the most trouble, however, as Burzam displayed the spontaneity of a tinkerer rather than the discipline of a researcher; he was talented, but it was difficult for him to retain interest in any single subject for lengthy periods of time. Burzam was thus useful as a member of research teams rather than production groups, but never rose high enough in the hierarchy to establish his own research team, because he would not investigate the same general topic for very long. This lack of discipline surprised his superiors, who expected an ex-slave would be easier to control, forgetting that Burzam had been free for more than year before he first met agents of the House in Stormreach, and he had grown to appreciate freedom of action away from the constraints of authority.

Thus Burzam became something of a trouble-shooter for Cannith South, assigned to projects which were stymieing the more disciplined (but perhaps less intuitive) researchers and developers, in order to help those teams overcome the difficulties they were facing. He also found assignments which would require more survival skills than most other artificers displayed; his travels across the breadth of Xen’drik bequeathed Burzam an affinity for combat rare in a researcher and thus appropriate for Cannith recovery & exploration units.

It was in this troubleshooting role that Burzam was assigned to help decipher the schema which provided Cannith South and Breland the ability to reach the Ark, and which brought the affable half-giant in contact with the group which would eventually be known as the Khorvaire Venturing Company.

By default Burzam will act as an unwashed and unsophisticated hick, much what one might expect from someone who spent more than twenty-five years as an uneducated slave, but his hard-earned Cannith-funded education will surface when the situation requires something greater, or when he finds something particularly interesting. He is thus a somewhat scatterbrained mixture of politically-savvy traveler through Cannith’s byzantine bureaucracies and simple-minded morality. Those who judge him based on his casual comments and the large weapons he is fond of throwing around are often taken aback when the subject of a complex magical effect arises, when he demonstrates the facility to debate the finer points of thaumaturgical art with many masters of the craft.

Burzam Murdoch

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