Fientia d'Lyrandar

A hyperactive spoiled brat with a crush on Reine, who also happens to be the only person at hand who can fly your shiny new ariship.


Fientia d’Lyrandar, CN female half-elf Pathfinder bard 6/barbarian 1; Medium Humanoid(elf); 50 hp (6d6+2d12+8); Init +2; Spd 40 ft.; AC 17 (+2 Dex, +5 armor), touch 12, flat-footed 15; BAB/Grpl: +6/+9; Atk: +1 songaxe +12 melee(1d12+8) or raging +1 songaxe +14 melee(1d12+11) or riff +8 ranged touch(3d6); Full Atk: +1 songaxe +12/+7 melee(1d12+8) or raging +1 songaxe +14/+9 melee(1d12+11); Sp. Atk: Bardic performance(17 round/day: Distraction, fascination, inspire courage +2, riff 3d6, sea shanty, still water, whistle of the wind), rage 1/encounter, spells, spell-like abilities(CL7: 1/encounter – endure elements, 1/day – wall of wind); Sp. Qual: Armored caster(light armor), bardic knowledge, cantrips, elven blood, loremaster 1/day, low-light vision, well-versed, uncanny dodge, versatile performer(song, stringed instruments); Saves: Fort +6, Ref +8, Will +7; Abilities: Str 16, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 8, Cha 17.
Skills: Acrobatics +19, Arcana +6, Athletics +11, Endurance +12, Impress +16, Legerdemain +13, Perform(song), Perform(string instruments), Profession(pilot), Profession(sailor), Skullduggery +6, Use Magical Device +9
Feats: Dragonmarked, Iron Will, Weapon Specialization(songaxe)
Languages: Auran, Common, Elven
Possessions: +1 songaxe, +1 glamored mithril chain shirt
Riff(Su): As a standard action, Fientia can summon the Power of Rock™ to defeat her foes. This ability functions identically to a warlock’s eldritch blast with a warlock level equal to Fientia’s bard level, except that it deal sonic rather than arcane damage. Fientia may only use the ability while using her bardic performance class feature.
Spells: —/5/4 spells per day, 6/4/4 spells known; CL6; DC 13 + SL
Arcane 1st-Level: Featherfall, grease, hideous laughter, ventriloquism
Arcane 2nd-Level: Blur, cure moderate wounds, heroism


The services of Khorvaire’s foremost songstress have been engaged by the party! Or so Fientia insists on reminding you: Whether or not she is the singing phenom she seems to think she is remains to be seen. More importantly, though, she does bear the Mark of Storm across her brow, allowing her to control the bound elementals that propel the recently refurbished Albatross. Which is great news! Unless you’re Reine. In which case, it means that you’d best get used to having your ribs crushed by Fientia’s exuberant glompings.

How long those services may be required, however, is in doubt; while she accompanied the Albatross to Stormhome, the party’s machinating has made it likely she will not be with it when they finally make their way to Fairhaven.

Fientia d'Lyrandar

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