Breastplate of Useful Things

I've got my Bat Shark Repellant around here somewhere...


A breastplate of useful things is mechanically identical to a regular breastplate in terms of its armor bonus to Armor Class, Armor Check Penalty, Arcane Spell Failure, and weight. It also also functions as a handy haversack.

Additionally, out of the pockets of a breastplate of useful things, the following items can be pulled at-will. All items last until dismissed or consumed:

  • Hempen rope (50’ coil)
  • Iron rations
  • Masterwork dagger
  • Mirror (a highly polished 2-foot-by-4-foot steel mirror)
  • Pole (10’ length)
  • Shovel
  • Waterskin (filled)

The following items may be pulled 1/encounter. All items last 10 minutes:

  • 10×10×10′ open pit (cube that is transforms into pit when placed on ground)
  • Wooden door (automatically mounts and hinges itself against any wall placed against)
  • Adamantine door (as wooden door; lasts 1 round per wearer’s HD)

The following items may be pulled 1/encounter. All items last 1 hour or until used:

  • Antitoxin
  • Flask of acid
  • Flask of alchemist’s fire
  • Flask of alchemist’s frost
  • Flask of alchemist’s spark
  • Smokestick
  • Tanglefoot bag
  • Tindertwig

The following items may be pulled 1/day. All items last 24 hours or until dismissed; one one of each item exist a time:

  • Everburning lantern
  • Magebred donkey (w/saddlebags or cart)
  • Magebred riding dog
  • Rowboat

This unassuming armor has got more zippers and pouches than the standard-issue Kingdom Hearts protagaonist!

Breastplate of Useful Things

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