Burzam's Bester Boots

The hippest copper dragonskin boots in town.


The wearer of Burzam’s bester boots always feels as if he’s walking on a perfectly level and well-maintained city street, no matter how adverse the terrain in fact is. While wearing these boots, the wearer’s feet will remain in perfect health, neither callousing nor blistering no matter what wear and tear is put on them. Burzam’s bester boots are also acidproof, should you want to go wading through a knee-high pool of acid.

Burzam’s bester boots provide a bonus to natural armor equal to 1 + the wearer’s Hit Dice divided by four (HD/4). Additionally, they also provided acid resistance 10. Furthermore, a wearer of Burzam’s bester boots is protected by a persistent endure elements effect and may use spider climb as a spell-like ability at will, with a Caster Level equal to the wearer’s Hit Dice.


These stylish boots made from copper dragonleather give you the oddest sense of deja vu, followed closely thereafter by immense schadenfreude.

Burzam's Bester Boots

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