weapon (ranged)

Ranged: Exotic | 2H | 1d10 | 19-20/x2 | Ballistic | 12 lb. | 120 ft.

A canvasripper ignores the first 4 points of an opponent’s or object’s damage reduction or hardness. A canvasripper counts as a heavy repeating crossbow for all relevant character abilities. All adjacent squares to a target attacked by a canvasripper take splash damage from the canvasripper equal to the wielder’s BAB/4. (Splash damage does not bypass hardness/damage reduction as a direct hit does.)

As a standard action, a canvasripper may be buttressed with an integral bipod against a suitably rugged surface or structure. While so buttressed, a canvasripper is treated as one size larger for determining its damage dealt. The wielder of a buttressed canvasripper cannot move while the canvasripper remains fixed in place.



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