Cloak of Awesome

A rockin' cape fit a king! (Or, at least, a Mirrorverse Prince-Consort of Aundair.)


A cloak of awesome is mechanically identical to a cloak of comfort, providing the same resistance bonus to saves and persistent magical effects as a cloak of comfort.

The wearer of a cloak of awesome has the ability use prestidigitation at-will as a free action to generate thematically appropriate theme music and sound effects to accompany their actions. Additionally, as the wearer of a cloak of awesome is too cool for school, a wearer may use mirror image once per day to create anime-esque after-images or evade The Man. (Caster level equal to the wearer’s Hit Dice.)


A fine cloak that always unfurls itself for maximum dramatic effect, even when the topic of conversation is rather mundane.

Cloak of Awesome

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