weapon (melee)

Melee Mode: Simple | 1H | 1d8 | x2 | Bludgeoning | 8 lb.
Ranged Mode: Special; see below.

Designed by the abeils of the Apiary as a close support weapon, a shardcaster functions by launching swarms of crystalline shards which shred all that are in their path. A shardcaster’s ranged mode has two modes of operation: A 30’ line that deals 3d4 of slashing damage as an iterative attack or a 15’ cone that deals 7d4 of slashing damage as a standard action. To use either of its ranged modes, a shardcaster must consume dragonshards which it carries within an internal magazine. The magazine has the ability to store 21d4 of damage: Once depleted, the magazine must be reloaded or the ranged mode will no longer function. Reloading a shardcaster’s magazine is a full-round action.

A shardcaster’s melee mode counts as a heavy mace for all relevant character abilities. Transferring between a shardcaster’s melee and ranged modes is a move action.



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