Eberron: Soaring Skies of Khorvaire

ir'Clarn Estate XP and Closure
You guys are now L5! And have decisions to make.

With the Austasia impersonator gone and Varnak’s support in guaranteeing that it seems that “Princess Austasia” takes her leave of the ir’Clarn estate, you have little reason to stay in Wroat. Though with the hospitality offered by Luken, it’s hard to find a reason to leave between the not-harem harem which surrounds you, vivacious tyrannosaur, and life of luxury afforded by just hanging out. There are pressing things to attend to, though, which you do in due course between Lirgiv’s metaphysical ramblings and Luken’s linguistic boondoggles over two-and-a-half weeks.

First and foremost is the matter of the prisoners who did not escape during the breakout of “Austasia”, Knuckles and Ayrun. While both had proven close-mouthed for the most part while their boss was in captivity, having been left to rot loosens their tongues. They confirm that “Austasia” was intend an impostor, a changeling by the name of Rooikat: Neither, however, seems to have any idea of why she was hired, pleading that they were merely Rooikat’s traditional hired muscle and she never shared such things with them. Ayrun believed Rooikat had been hired by a previous employer, due to the familiarity – and contempt – she expressed for him or her. Hoping that Rooikat had taken flight without cleaning up her paper trail, Varnak and the party tear up the room she had been using hoping to find something useful: Well-hidden and guarded by anti-divination wards, a bag of holding was found which contained a logbook detailing names, dates, and varieties of employment Rooikat and her gang had been employed in. Itself a rather damning thing, under the dates at which Rooikat was at the ir’Clarn estate, it lists her employer as Guix ir’Vannan. Mara’s jaw slackens at seeing that: Guix ir’Vannan is Aundair’s ambassador to Breland.

The question still remains what to do with Ayrun and Knuckles: With the revelation they were in the employ of Aundair’s ambassador, you’re still looking at a potential international incident if this is not handled carefully. Aurim claims to be owed a favor by the local House Deneith enclave, which can be called in to quietly and securely put the two of them on a slow boat to Stormreach or Regalport. Varnak’s apt to simply let that be the end of it, unless the party’s got a better idea.

The second matter of import is preparing to leave Wroat itself. You have a large stockpile of gear to process, as well as a new party member who is essentially naked. Mercifully, Mara is able to extract a fair amount of useful kit from the loot pile while still leaving more than enough to make everyone (even more?) filthy stinking rich. Moving the kinds and volumes of goods being discussed while simultaneously keeping a low profile takes time, though Varnak seems to “know just the dwarf” who can get it done. The offer you receive is 36,000gp for the entire lot: With Mara eschewing any interest due to her already taking her fair share, that works out to 9,000gp per head. With an offer on the table for your goods, you also resolve the status of your lightning rail car: Unfortunately, circumstance has demanded that the car be pressed back into line-service, though you do receive a voucher for three days of private car service in the future and Gwynne receives her 3,000gp back, along with a note from Valara apologizing for the inconvenience, but noting the offer for dinner at the Celestial Vista is still good for the enxt time they’re in Sharn. The final aspect of preparedness comes from fashioning a gondola with which to bear the party upon the back of their newfound dragonhawk: As fashioning such a thing for a dragonhawk would probably attract undue attention, an on-site assembly is necessitated. Surprisingly, Ligriv is surprisingly knowledgeable both about the carrying capacity of dragonhawks and the necessary aerodynamics of the project, making him an ideal designer for the device. (Seeing a tyrannosaur sketch blueprints with a paintbrush in its mouth is one of the things you will never, ever be able to forget.) Constructing it falls to the estate’s hired help, though once finished, it seems an ideal match for what was needed: It took a while to convince Efram of that, but Mara proved to be very persuasive.

Thirdly, there is the out-standing offer by Alvos Brillik to participate in his great expedition into the Mournland. You argue amongst yourselves, for and against, for several days and are unable to come to a consensus: While the rewards are beyond your wildest dreams, so are the potential dangers. You inform the General of this: He gets a good laugh at it, but says he understands. He informs you that his intended departure date from Gatherhold is 8 Dravago, which is five weeks from today, and that if you make it, bunk space aboard the Vermitharan can be found for you. As he takes his leave of Wroat, he also informs you that if you have any more questions, direct them to Beveril ir’Kaian, Prince Oargev’s ambassador to the court of King Boranel. Strangely, the day after Brillik took his leave of Wroat, you received a summons to the home of Beveril, asking you visit at your earliest possible convenience. Should you choose to join the Brillik expedition, there are four primary ways to reach Gatherhold from Wroat:
1) Take the lightning rail northeast to Thaliost, Thrane, take a ferry across Scion’s Sound or ford the rubble of the White Arch Bridge to Rekkenmark, Karrnath, then take the lightning rail south from Rekkenmark through Korth, Karrlakton, and Vendra to Gatherhold.
2) Take the lightning rail northeast to Flamekeep, Thrane, board a ship traveling across Scion’s Sound to Korth, Karrnath, then take the lightning rail through Karrlakton and Vendra to Gatherhold.
3) Take the lightning rail northeast to Hatheril, then fly or walk to the southern shore of Lake Brey, where a boat is then taken east along the Brey River, north and east across Scion’s Sound, then south down the Cyre River into Lake Cyre and then to Gatherhold.
4) Take the lightning rail southwest to Sharn, where a boat is then taken south and east to Pylas Maradel, Valenar, then walking, flying, or taking the lightning rail north-by-northeast through Taer Valaestas, Keth, Shivairn, and Mishann to Gatherhold.

If the loot manifest is approved, shopping and meeting with Beveril, if you are so inclined, can be done off-screen. The game will pick up on game-date 3 Eyre, 998 A.K.

Items Yoinked by PCs
The King: Shortbow of infinite arrows, ring of protection +1
Dr. Flint: Mug of Awesome Beverages, +1 flaming dagger
Gwynne: Bracers of armor +3, robes of comfort +3
Reine: Everlasting rations

Items Yoinked by Mara
+1/+1 ebonsteel Valenar double-scimitar, +1 glamored mithril chain shirt, ring of feather falling, eternal wand of burning hands, bandolier, frost potatomasher [x2], tanglefoot potatomasher [x2], Avina’s camping supplies

Items Vended
+2 frost ebonsteel battlefist, +1 aerosteel chain shirt, +1 flaming dagger, Aureon’s spellshard, eagle claw talisman, glove of storing, medal of steadfast honor, potions of aid, cure light wounds [x2], eagle’s splendor, invisibility and resist fire, wand of cure light wounds(27 charges remaining), ring of protection +1; black pearl, amethyst, and emerald appraised by Mara at 200gp, 110gp, and 1,200gp respective and sold for such; House Kundarak letter of credit found to be valued at 5,000gp

Awarded: 17 Therendor-3 Eyre, 998 A.K. at the ir’Clarn estate, Wroat, Breland
Lightning Rail Coach
—Enduring the Awkwardness of Mara’s Introduction: 50xp
—Raiding the Mini-Bar of Holding: 25xp
—Ordering Around Arcane Servants: 25xp
—Cheese Wedge-Based Shenanigans: 25xp
—Agreeing to Accompany Mara into Wroat: 100xp, +1 Good Point

The Streets of Wroat
—Navigating to Brokenblade Island: 50xp
—Roleplaying with the Warforged Titan: 100xp

The ir’Clarn Estate
—Peaceably Gaining Entry to the ir’Clarn Estate: 25xp
—Peaceably Surrendering Your Weapons: 50xp
—Being Mistaken for Harem-Recruiting Bounty Hunters: 100xp
—Meeting Luken ir’Clarn, Bodacious Party Dude: 100xp
—Convincing Varnak That Your Austasia Was the Real One: 250xp
—Suggesting Using the Dragonhawk to Prove Your Austasia Was the Real One: 50xp
—Loaning Mara a Weapon: 25xp, +1 Good Point
—Oh, Crap. No, Glue: 50xp
—Defeating “Austasia”: 300xp
—Defeating Knucles and Ayrun: 900xp
—Convincing Knuckles and Ayrun to Surrender: 100xp
—During Luken’s Narrative Introduction: 50xp
—Trying to Poison Luken to Shut Him Up: 150xp, +5 Chaos Points
—Being Foiled in Poisoning Luken by the Dicebot: 100xp
—Agreeing to Meet with Alvos Brillik: 50xp
—Roleplaying with Brillk: 100xp
—Badly Lying to Alvos Brillik: 50xp
—Getting Brillik to Say Mara Was a Bad Austaisa Impersonator: 50xp
—Hearing Alvos Brillik’s Big Proposal: 50xp
—Participating in Varnak’s Trouble-Based Betting Pool: 25xp, +1 Chaos Point
—Deciding to Interrogate “Austasia”: 25xp
—Succumbing to “Austasia”’s Melody: 25xp
—Roleplaying Being Charmed Instead of Fascinated: 100xp
—Getting Played by a Bard: 150xp
—Inventively Searching for “Austasia”: 50xp
—Meeting Ligriv: 50xp
—Taking the Talking Tyrannosaur in Stride: 25xp
—Allowing Mara to Join the Party: 100xp, +5 Good Points, Mara and Efram added to party
Total XP Award: 3,525xp, 6 Chaos Points, 6 Good Points, Mara and Efram join party

Alvos Brillik's Big Offer
A man with boundless intellect has a boundless ambition and wants to send you into a land full of a boundless number of things that want to kill you.

Alvos Brillik smiles, knowingly, as he folds his arms and starts his sales pitch.

“It has become something of a cliché to say that Cyre’s destruction is a fait accompli. Were that it were true! I could have spent the past four years somewhere nice and sunny, finally devoting myself to my life’s one true love. But no, Cyre is not lost. Diminished, indubitably, but not dead. And it is my ambition to restore her.”

“Grandiose, I know, but a testament to Cyre’s ability to endure is the persistence of the ‘Cyran Question’ on the international stage: What are the nations of Khorvaire to do with we Cyrans, in light of what happened on the Day of Mourning? Aurala made clear what she thinks – that there is no more Cyre – and she carried the day in the Thronehold Accords. But not all are so…closed-minded or unsympathetic. I’ve spent the last four years courting, badgering, cajoling, and guilting those who disagree with Aurala into doing something about it. And my efforts are about to bear fruit.”

“Karrnath and Breland have proven…amenable to modifications to the post-war order, to facilitate the creation of a new Kingdom of Cyre out of the remnants of what once was that great nation: In short, the consolidation of the Talenta Plains, Valenar, and New Galifar into a single polity, one which also exercises nominal sovereign control of the Mournland. The sell, admittedly, was rather easier than you might think. The Talenta Plains have proven ungovernable, with the tribes, settlers, and my armies for that matter paying little heed to the Ghallandra government in Gatherhold; the elves of Valenar have proven rather uninterested in governing and would rather fight each other; and New Galifar is constantly inveighing for assistance from the Five Nations to deal with whatever the crisis of the week is in Q’barra. Making them all a problem of someone other than the guarantors of the Thronehold Accords was a rather convincing argument.”

“To do all of that, I need a king for what would be the resurrected Cyre. Fortunately, fate opted to preserve one member of Dannel’s line: Her youngest son, Oargev, who was the ambassador to Breland when the Day of Mourning occurred and who has, subsequently, become the leader of the enclave at New Cyre. (Ironic that the man who would be king of a new Cyre is the mayor of a burg called New Cyre, isn’t it?) No, what I require and do not have to make a king of him is a crown. And that is where our interests coincide, for I am organizing an expedition to the Mournland to recover the Cyran crown jewels.”

“The mobile fortress Vermitharas was the last of those great structures to be constructed during the Last War, having been laid down in 993 and been in the final stages of assembly at the elemental works in Mishann when the Mourning happened. For the past four years, the Ghallandra government and I have been scrimping and saving to finish her construction: A task which we have, at long last, completed. I will be taking the Vermitharas, with a full crew complement, to Vermishard Palace, in the very heart of Metrol. We are going to salvage the House Kundarak-built vaults beneath the palace and the treasures they contain, including the crown jewels. And I am in need of brave souls who are willing to brave the horrors of Host only knows what has taken up residence in Metrol and the depths of Cyre’s former seat of government.”

“I can see that look on your faces: ‘What’s in it for us?’ Well, I promised you way into Fairhaven, didn’t I? Once crowned, custom would demand that King Oargev undertake a state visit to the courts of the other major powers: True, this practice faded during the Last War, but it persisted at least when the powers weren’t at each other’s throats. You could be made members of his diplomatic entourage, which would, in due course, get you access to Fairhaven and a fair amount of freedom of action to pursue your goals once there. Beyond that…well, you would be heroes of the realm, helping revive a nation thought lost to history and providing a home to millions of displaced refugees. If altruism is not sufficient…well, the thanks of the royal government would be consummate to the risks taken: Ennobling and demenses for you all are certainly guaranteed, with thousands upon thousands of acres of the Talenta Plains and northern Valenar available for bequeathing. And who knows what treasures might be found in Metrol? Reasonable rights of salvage will be afforded while in the Mournland. If that is not enough to adduce you…well, I suspect not even Kol Korran himself could convince you to go.”

“So…what do you say?”

ir'Clarn Estate Post-Script and Loot
Congrats, party! You got fat loot. ...and an international incident or three brewing.

Calm soon returns to the outdoor annex to the ir’Clarn estate’s main residency, as Varnak, Luken, Dr. Flint, and the guards free themselves from the sticky tanglefoot residue in which they found themselves trapped. Chaos soon returns, however, as Varnak begins asserting control over the situation and the damage control commences: After all, for many of the denizens of the ir’Clarn palace, they witnessed Princess Austasia being forcibly escorted out the back door and will not be seeing her re-enter. Combined with the sounds of scuffling that were invariably heard, it seems inevitable that folks will assume that someone attacked Austasia and her disappearance indicates a kidnapping.

After caucusing with Varnak, Aurim, and – perhaps counterproductively – Luken, a workable lie was finalized: The dragonhawk succeeded in escaping its restraints again, and the on-rush of a giant bird seeking to devour her had given the poor Austasia a case of the vapors, causing her to faint and demanding the rushing her off to her quarters for sequestration until her consciousness and nerve returned. (Mara, it must be noted, vociferously objected: Though whether it was due to her finding the idea genuinely flawed or just to disliking being portrayed as a fragile waif is debatable.) It was not, of course, a long-term resolution to the problem of what do about their impostor’s posing as Austasia, but at least it bought time to give the matter some thought.

With the immediate crisis averted, the guards and grounds crew of the estate set about moving Knuckles, Ayrun, and Austasia to a more…secure location, where upon they were dutifully searched and their items inventoried. Mara, demonstrating a bit of initiative and skill you didn’t realize she possessed, set about identifying what inventoried equipment, as well as the equipment you recovered from Avina. The next several hours pass in relative peace: Mara being busy identifying, while Varnak busies himself with clearing Austasia’s social calendar and convincing the small army of men who were clamoring for some of her time that it would be impossible to see her today.

Four hours have elapsed since the end of the brawl and it is now mid-afternoon. Mara has succeeded in clearing out the backlog, quite a feat, given the size of the inventory she was asked to tackle, though she lacks the tools to accurately assess the values of the gems found on Knuckles and Ayrun. According to Aurim, which Gwynne corroborates, the knock-out poison used on Austasia should be wearing off soon. A new wrinkle has manifested itself, though, as one of Austasia’s appointments, an elderly firebrand identifying himself as General Alvos Brillik whom Varnak informs you was the man with whom Austasia was meeting when he grabbed her, adamantly refuses to leave and has gone so far as to ask to speak with the party, directly. Varnak seems rather loathe to resort to throwing him out, while Mara seems to almost titter when it’s brought up he’s here and seeking her out. (Well, her other persona, at any rate.)

You have three questions that’re worth mulling over, intrepid explorers:
1) What are you going to do with the impostor Austasia and her goons?
2) What are you going to do about the fact that it’s common knowledge Austasia is in Wroat at the ir’Clarn residence and her going missing will clearly draw attention?
3) What are you going to do about this Alvos Brillik fellow?

You have four hours of downtime with which to play with, if you’d like to do anything in-particular, before the next session begins. Just lemme know, then we’ll figure out what needs to be done to make it happen.

Shortbow of infinite arrows
+1/+1 Valenar ebonsteel double-scimitar
+2 frost ebonsteel battlefist

+1 glamored mithril chain shirt
+1 aerosteel chain shirt

Adventuring Consumables, Gear, and Widgets
Eagle claw talisman [MIC p. 96]
Eternal wand of burning hands(CL5) [MIC p. 159-160]
Everlasting rations [MIC p. 160]
Glove of storing
Jade-inlayed brass mug that fills with a beverage of the holder’s choice when commanded to
Medal of steadfast honor [MIC p. 196]
Potion of aid
Potion of cure light wounds [x2]
Potion of eagle’s splendor
Potion of invisibility
Potion of resist fire
Wand of cure light wounds(27 charges remaining)

Mundane and Alchemical Items
Frost potatomasher [x2]
Tanglefoot potatomasher [x2]

Gems and Coins
Moderately sized black pearl
Cut and polished amethyst
Fist-sized uncut emerald

Terminus Station Hijinx, Loot Award
Robbing unconscious wizards, for fun and profit!

The information below is simply to satisfy the need all players have to know what shinies they’ve found. The magical items require identification, though some are fairly obvious. The mundane stuff requires interaction in-character to resolve, though it’s fun stuff, so answers will be forthcoming if you do fiddle with them.

Magical Adventuring Gear
+1 flaming dagger
Aureon’s spellshard
Bracers of armor +3
Heward’s handy haversack
Ring of feather falling
Ring of protection +1
Robes of comfort +3

Mundane Gear
Arcane Congress identification papers
Letter of credit from House Kundarak; amount unknown
Personal leather-bound journal
Sundry camping supplies (tent, flint-and-steel, waterskin, and the like)

Terminus Station Hijinx, XP Award
Wherein the party tries to board a train, only be assailed by many yelling Aundairians.

Awarded: 15 Therendor, 998 A.K. at Terminus Station, Sharn, Breland
The Broken Anvil
—Not Intervening to Save Balgrim from Himself: 50xp
—Deciding to Investigate the Iconographic Map: 150xp
—Deciding to Take the Lightning Rail to Fairhaven: 50xp
—Deciding to Dispatch Roach to be a Gofer: 50xp, Roach unavailable until 29 Therendor, 998 A.K.

Terminus Station
—Taking in the Sights of Terminus Station: 50xp
—Traveling in Luxury and Style: 50xp, -3,000gp
—Investigating Aundair’s Missing Princess: 100xp
—Breaking Valara’s Window on a Natural 1: 50xp
—Roleplaying with Valara: 100xp
—Meeting Darian: 25xp
—Not Punching Darian in the Face: 25xp
—Defeating Efram the Dragonhawk: 650xp
—Defeating Efram via Subdual Damage: 150xp
—Making Contact with Princess Austasia: 50xp
—Agreeing to Smuggle Austasia to Wroat: 150xp, +5 Chaos Points, +5 Good Points, +1 Karma Point
—Identifying the Knight Phantom Tailing You: 25xp
—Creatively Bluffing the Knight Phantom: 175xp
—Defeating Avina: 300xp
—Defeating Avina via Subdual damage: 150xp
—Convincing the Knights Phantom to Stand Down: 150xp
Total XP Award: 2,500xp, 5 Chaos Points, 5 Good Points, 1 Karma Point

Balgrim's Machination, XP Award
This is all his fault, really.

Awarded: 14 Therendor, 998 A.K. at the Broken Anvil
The Broken Anvil:
—Roleplaying Reine’s Introduction: 100xp
—Reine’s Prayer to Silver Flame Relics: 50xp
—Making the Relics Glow: 50xp
—Negotiating for Relics Purchase: 50xp, +1 Good Point
—Selling Forgotten Forge Loot: 25xp, +1,800pp
—Defeating the Redpaws: 900xp
—Defeating Dax Ironically: 50xp
—Stabilizing and Healing the Redpaws: 50xp, +2 Good Points
—Interrogating Dax: 50xp
—Discovering Balgrim’s Plot: 150xp, +2 Law Points
—Discovering Balgrim’s Dragonmark: 50xp
—Recovering Luhix: 150xp, +5 Law Points
—Fixing the Damage to Dax’s Crotch: 50xp, +5 Good Points
—Learning about Jevik, Daask, and the Redpaws: 100xp
—Letting Dax Go: 25xp, +5 Chaos Points, +2 Good Points
Total Rewards: 1,850xp, 10 Good Points, 2 Law Points, 1,800pp

The Forgotten Forge Loot

+1 cold iron longsword w/least crystal of cold assault
Bronzewood greataxe
Byeshk maul
Javelin [x3]
Mithril rapier
Mwk cold iron bastard sword
Mwk cold iron rapier w/least crystal of return [Claimed by Dr. Flint]
Mwk longspear w/least crystal of electrical assault [Claimed by The King]
Mwk mighty composite longbow w/+2 Str pull and 20 cold iron arrows
Mwk/mwk Valenar double scimitar w/least crystal of acid assault
Sling w/15 bullets

Shields & Armor
Adamantine tower shield
Knuckle guard [x2]
Mithril chain shirt
Mwk flametouched iron half-plate [x3]
Mwk wyvernhide breastplate [x3]

Magical Items
Bag of holding I [x2]
Everburning torch [x2]
Glamorweave cloak of resistance +1
Potion of cure moderate wounds [x3]
Potion of mage armor
Potion of repair moderate damage
Potion of repair light damage

Mundane Items
Backpack [x3]
Celestial traveling cloak [Claimed by The King]
False identification papers for Saber and Skewer
Map to unknown location in Sharn
Map of ancient Breland and Droamm, riddled with strange iconography and symbols
Strange war harness recovered from dead lizardman at the E-213 Valve Cluster
Traveling cloak [x2]
Vial of strange liquid with nigh-incomprehensible foreign lettering on the label [x3]

535 loose gold pieces
100 ancient and assorted gold pieces
100 ancient and assorted silver pieces
Four gold ingots, each worth 50gp

The Forgotten Forge, XP Award #2

Awarded: 9 Therendor, 998 A.K. at the Broken Anvil
The Party’s Campsite:
—Trading Roach Tempest’s Heathawk: 50xp, +1 Good Point

Dorasharn Ruins:
—Descending Into the Depths of Dorasharn: 100xp
—Detecting Beetle Swarm via Listen Check: 50xp
—Defeating Beetle Swarm: 150xp
—Improvising Fire Weaponry: 50xp, Dr. Flint gains torch proficiency
Creatively Improvising Fire Weaponry: 100xp, Gwynne may breath oil-fire without Concentration checks
—Defeating Horrid Rats: 300xp
—Sparing the Staggered Horrid Rat: 50xp, +1 Good Point
—Finding and Using Roof Entrance to Foundry: 50xp
—Using Surprise Round to Prepare for Combat: 50xp
—Defeating Foundry Iron Defenders: 300xp
—Letting Roach Demonstrate Why He’s Cyre’s Ace of Aces: 50xp
—Deciphering Vault Lock: 50xp
—Gwynne’s Missed Spot Check Making the DM Laugh: 50xp
—Unlocking the Vault: 50xp
—Discovering Ancient Doomsday Beacon: 50xp
—Unlocking Cryptic and Degraded Message: 50xp
—Recovering Schema: 50xp
—Roleplaying on the Way to the Surface: 100xp

The E-213 Valve Cluster, Again:
—Defeating Saber: 400xp
—Defeating Skewer (Again): 100xp
—Defeating Skewer in An Epic Way: 200xp, entire party gains +1 AP/level
—Letting Roach CdG Saber and Skewer: 50xp, +1 Chaos Point, +1 Evil Point
—Meeting the Warforged Sensate: 50xp
Total Experience Points Acquired: 2,500xp

The Forgotten Forge, XP Award #1

Awarded: 6 Therendor, 998 A.K. near Valve Cluster E-212
The Skybridge:
—Defeating Tempest the Renegade Zaku: 200xp
—Opting to Revive Tempest: 25xp, +5 Good Points, +1 Karma Point
—Talking to the City Guard: 50xp

The Broken Anvil:
—Talking to Elaydren d’Vown: 25xp

The Rats’ Market:
—Chatting With Shakan: 25xp
—Locating E-213 Valve Cluster: 100xp
—Spotting Sewerhome Lizardman: 25xp
—Roleplaying Bonus for Introduction of Dr. Flint: 50xp

The E-213 Valve Cluster:
—Defeating Sewerhome Lizardman: 200xp
—Defeating Other Sewerhome Lizardman Non-Violently: 25xp, +1 Good Point
—Locating Adamantine Door’s Trap: 50xp
—Reviving Roach: 25xp, +5 Good Points
—Letting Roach Join the Party: 25xp
Total Experience Points Acquired: 1,125xp

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