Eberron: Soaring Skies of Khorvaire

Boromar Ambush Loot
You have braved the worst that the enemy can throw at you, and have a lot of swag for your troubles!

You people keep getting money. Either I’m a great DM, or a terrible one: Included below are all that you have looted from the dead and your own captives, as well as what little bits you manage to scavenge from the hulk of the enemy’s airship.

A more thorough write-up of events is pending, when I can find the motivation to do it. …which means probably not until after the bar.

+2 heavy repeating crossbow [x3] [x1 Reine, x1 Burzam]
+1 cold-forged steel lance [x6] [x1 Reine, 5x Kingu]
+1 geosteel tangat [x3] [1x Kingu]
+1 heavy repeating crossbow [x10] [x3 Burzam]
+1 trident
Mwk Small geosteel tangat [x10]
Mwk Small geosteel waraxe [x6]
Mwk Small heavy repeating crossbow [x6]
Mwk Large wilting ash composite greatbow w/+4 Str pull [x8] [x1 Burzam]
Aquasteel javelin [x24]

+2 nimble aerosteel breastplate [x3] [x3 Burzam]
+1 nimble geosteel full-plate [x6] [x5 Burzam]
+1 aerosteel breastplate [x16] [6x Kingu]
+1 heavy geosteel shield [x6] [x1 Reine]
Mwk aerosteel chainmail barding [x5]
Mwk geosteel chainmail

Wondrous Items
Cloak of protection +2 [x3] [x1 Reine]
Cloak of resistance +1 [x16] [x6 Reine]
Decanter of endless water [Albatross]
Eternal wand of great thunderclap [Burzam]
Eternal wand of magic missile(CL9) [x2] [x1 Burzam]
Eternal wand of regal Talentan procession (Summons clawfeet/carvers instead of horses)
Eternal wand of scorching ray(CL7) [x2] [x1 Burzam, x1 Gwynne]
Eternal wand of slow [x3] [1x Burzam]
Gauntlets of ogre power +2 [x3] [x1 Reine, x1 Roach]

Potion of blindsight [x6] [x2 Burzam]
Potion of cure serious wounds
Potion of displacement [x3] [x1 Burzam]
Potion of fly [x3] [x1 Burzam]
Potion of girallon’s blessing [x3]
Potion of invisibility [x2] [x2 Burzam]
Potion of see invisibility [x3] [x3 Burzam]
Potion of spider climb [x3] [x1 Burzam]

Scroll of banishment [Burzam]
Scroll of cometfall [x3] [x3 Burzam]
Scroll of dinosaur stampede[x3] [x3 Burzam]
Scroll of dispel magic(CL10) [x3] [x1 Burzam]
Scroll of mass cure light wounds [x4]
Scroll of obscuring mist [x2]
Scroll of stinking cloud [x2]
Scroll of wall of force [x3] [x3 Burzam]
Scroll of wingbind [Burzam]

Wand of cure light wounds(50 charges) [x4]
Wand of cloak of bravery(3 charges) [x3] [x1 Burzam]
Wand of dismissal(3 charges) [x2] [x1 Burzam]
Wand of Evard’s black tentacles(3 charges) [x3] [x1 Burzam]
Wand of fireball(3 charges) [x3] [x1 Burzam]
Wand of haste(3 charges) [x5] [x2 Burzam]
Wand of mass align weapon(3 charges) [x3] [x2 Burzam]
Wand of mass resist energy(3 chargers) [x2] [x1 Burzam]

+3 dragonbane bolt[x7]
Battered and broken masterwork ballista[x3]
Magebred clawfoot[x5] [x2 Burzam]
Mwk cold-forged steel bolt[x640] [x40 Reine]
Mwk arrow[x160] [x40 Burzam]

Sharn Interlude Postscript, Treasure, and XP
How is that even when you're sidequesting you're still dinging? And getting absurd amounts of treasure?

Yep, folks, you’re now L8. Fun times!

Sewer Noodling Postscript
You feel a twinge of guilt as the last fleeing merrow is dragged into the central cistern by Ol’ Gobbla: But only a little, as the merrow wasn’t exactly the sort who you’d take to social gatherings. But death-by-devil-croc is just not a good way to go, even for a murderous aquatic ogre. With Ol’ Gobbla contenting himself on one of his former handlers, you are free to cut off the heads of the dead ogres which you’ve just felled. A total of twenty are collected: 10,000gp is not a bad day’s work, despite Pappy Merrow’s axe-work and Mammy Merrow getting the drop on Gwynne.

With their heads secured, you proceed to explore the rest of the impromptu warren they’d managed to construct for themselves in the sewers: Mercifully, there are no more surprises waiting for you, and Ol’ Gobbla seems intent to give you wide berth following your inflicting of pain upon him. Well, you do have one surprise in store for you: The amount of stuff that the merrows have. Piles upon piles of crates, barrels, coffers, chests, and various other loot containers litter the sewer-warren: As with any large amount of loot, some of it looks rather valuable, but some of it also looks rather useless. Burzam, Reine, and Blackfist set about looking for suitable shinies to sate their hunger for shiny things, while Gwynne and Tevi continue deeper into the warren to discover a rather large and ramshackle shack.

Venturing inside, the two discover sufficient accommodations for each and every merrow on the ground floor, as well as yet more barracks-style bedding and private chambers for Mammy and Pappy upstairs. Their search draws them to Mammy’s room, which is rather better kept than the rest of the shack, and is filled with maps and books to boot! Certainly not things you’d expect to find in a merrow’s warren. Upon examining the books, you find that they’re a meticulously kept log of the piracy and salvage operations undertaken by the merrows: That they were sinking ships and then looting them out in the Hilt certainly explains where all of the swag came from. You also discover that the merrows of this sewer-warren had come to lead an impressive alliance of merrows, skrags, and skum to engage in a rather organized bid to control this section of the sewers. All told from the records, you count that this warren had 34 members, of whom you’ve killed or routed 22: The rest are, by the logs, out on patrol or salvage. You also discern the location of the primary skrag colony in the region, plus what seems to be a rather sizable skum settlement in the vicinity.

Stowing away the logs and maps, the party is reunited! And work is done processing loot: The corpses of the dead merrows are stripped and their useful contents placed in your extradimensional spaces, while useful-looking containers are searched and they, or their contents, are lashed onto Blackfist’s back. Having a Large-sized warforged to play pack mule is incredibly nice, isn’t it? All told a dozen chests, crates, and other containers are lashed to him and, to top it all off, he is also yoked to a large slab of aquasteel which Burzam insists upon bringing with you, if only to produce more awesome weapons of the sort the Sewerhome have. With Blackfist properly burdened, you at last can start making your way back to the surface! The going is slow, given Blackfist’s carrying and dragging Host only knows how much weight, but you take it nice and easy, making it back topside with no major interruptions.

Dropping off your loot at Magical Mayhem for identification, you proceed over to the Bureau of Sanitation to collect your bounty. The bureaucrats running the place are flabbergasted by the number of merrow heads you present: They hadn’t paid out twenty bounties in the past five months. They gleefully give you your money and express their thanks: They become a bit more circumspect when they are informed that the merrow are engaged in piracy, but will pass the news along to the Port Authority and City Watch.

Money in hand and a job well done, you retire for the day. Ah, the life of an adventurer…

Big Game Hunter: Fluffiwuffikens
You triumphantly inspect your prize: An owlbear that has flapped itself into exhaustion, and careened into a statue in the Upper Dura’s Highhold district. Fanfare trumpets as you work on disentangling the great beast from the stone dwarf it came to rest upon, while Kingu hovers down and joins you, getting more than a few squeezes from his new squeeze. He’s earned it, what with goring Oerz and dropping a tree onto an unsuspecting wyvern. And also dropping said tree onto whatever unfortunate souls might be in the ward beneath you. Probably should’ve thought that one through a bit more, Your Majesty.

Your revelry is ended as those who had been pursuing the pursuers arrive: Aerial troops from the Daggerwatch district, who joined the chase after it veered through the heart of the Brelish military’s presence in the city. A steady stream of flying cavalry, mounted upon warforged raptors and magebred flyers, circle above and assess the situation. They’re joined quickly thereafter by literal boatloads of red-cloaked troops, as several airships arrive upon the scene and disgorge their human cargo. With a company’s worth forces pouring into the area, the owlbear – and you – are rather quickly secured. Deciding that you are somewhat overmatched, you peaceably go with the nice men with the heavy repeating crossbows and readied wands.

After being escorted back to Daggerwatch, you are dressed down by the commander of the city’s garrison: You know you’ve made it when your intelligence is being insulted by the highest-ranking military man in the city! The riot act you are read includes violation of a dozen sky traffic ordinances, failure to heed multiple guidance orders from Sharn Air Traffic Control, violation of restricted military airspace, and several citations of property damage. You cannot help but take some solace that the jamming of Northeast Control isn’t laid upon your head, but you keep mum about it, lest you get blamed for it anyway. Your upbraiding is concluded with banishment to the stockade, where the general intends to keep you until the wheels of justice can, in due time, crush you. You stay the night therein: All-in-all, it’s not too bad, all things considered. Certainly better than having to pitch camp in somewhere like the X-742 Drainage Cluster.

Your lifetime internment in the stockades is interrupted when, in the morning, a grinning Boranax greets you with the good news: You’re free! The King’s Citadel looks after its own, after all. And that if you ever try something as stupid as a high-speed chase across the Upper Wards again, he’ll personally make sure you stay locked up. He also points out that the fines and penalties leveled against the party, totaling some 20,000gp, are your problem and not his. But that can be dealt with later: Sprung from prison, you collect your shackled owlbear and return to Crystal Bridge! Presenting it, Lady ir’Yalan is overjoyed to have cute widdle Fluffwuffikens back! (For his part, Fluffiwuffikens becomes something of an overaffectionate lapdog when united with his elderly mistress.) So overjoyed that she’s willing to pay off the copious bills you incurred finding her pet! And declaring an open door policy for the rescuers of her baby. (Fluffiwuffkens doesn’t seem particularly enamored with you ever returning. Can’t blame him for that, either.)

And so, if delayed a bit by your night in the clink, you collect your 10,000gp bounty! And the worst part about it all? Vanne wants to know when you can do it again.

Experience Points
Cathedral of Onatar
—Meeting Gad Zooks, High Priest of Onatar: 50xp
—Piquing Zooks’ Interest About Gunblades: 25xp
—Learning of Saber’s Resurrection: 50xp
—Gaining the Cathedral of Onatar’s Sponsorship of Future Ark Expeditions: 100xp, +5 Reputation Points, +25 Resource Points

Fort Yarith
—Skirmishing With the Sewerhome: 75xp
—Convincing Ironhide to Be Diplomatic: 50xp
—Learning of Scimitar’s Shenanigans: 50xp
—Employing the Sewerhome as Guards: 100xp, +5 Reputation Points, +10 Resource Points

X-742 Drainage Cluster
—Defeating Mammy & Pappy Merrow: 1,000xp
—Defeating the Merrow Kinfolk: 1,600xp
—Defeating Ol’ Gobbla: 250xp
—Returning to the Surface With Phat Loot: 50xp, +10 Reputation Points, +10 Resource Points

The Skies of Sharn
—Chatting With the Surrebec: 75xp
—It’s a Trap!: 25xp
—Tracking Fluffiwuffikens to Shae Lais: 100xp
—Casting Haste on Efram To Make Him Fly Faster: 50xp
—Joining the Chase Across Sharn: 50xp
—Dropping a Tree Token on Someone: 100xp, +10 Chaos Points
—Trip-Confirming Against Oerz: 75xp
—Eating a Subdual Crit: 50xp
—Taking Ballista-Flung Flak: 25xp
—Stupification via Speecification: 50xp
—Defeating Rival Adventurers and Winning Chase: 400xp, +30 Reputation Points, +5 Resource Points
Crafting: Winged boots for Reine(-17 Good Points, -15 Chaos Points; completed 5 Nymm)
Total: 4,400xp, -5 Chaos Points, -17 Good Points, +50 Reputation Points, +50 Resource Points

+2 Large bronzewood greataxe
+1 ebonsteel shortspear
Large stone maul [x21]
Mwk dwarven waraxe
Mwk kama
Mwk trident
Mwk warhammer

+1 Large black dragonhide breastplate
Mwk studded leather
Large crocodile hide armor [x21]
Geosteel breastplate
Cryosteel chain shirt
Medium ebonsteel half-plate [x3]
Small shimmersteel half-plate

Alchemical & Magical Items
Silver raven figurine of wondrous power
Potion of cure light wounds
Potion of darkvision
Potion of enlarge person [x2]
Potion of protection from evil
Scroll of detect undead
Wand of levitate(50 charges left)
Antitoxin [x3]
Smokestick [x3]

Art & Mundane Objects
Barrel of Riedran spices, with “PROPERTY OF TEZDAR BROS. TRADING CO.” emblazoned upon it in Dal Quor [x2]
Battle-scarred aquasteel apparatus of the crab bearing the faded markings over the Imperial Galifarian Navy
Crate of exquisitely soft furs bearing the worn insignia of House Vadalis [x3]
Crude statuette of a dragon hewn from a sea cat femur
Logbooks of Mammy Merrow, detailing the pirating operations of the merrow kinfolk
Map of the Hilt’s sea floor, indicating several points of interest
Map of the sewers, showing several points of interest near the X-742 Drainage Cluster
Ornate shimmersteel cavalry saber with bejeweled hilt and sheath
Royal wardrobe, circa 893 A.K., of Princess-Consort Casopi ir’Wynarn, last Archduchess of Sharn
Set of three matching extradimensional steamer trunks bearing the heraldry of the Prince of the Hilt
Well-preserved and life-like marble bust of “Mad” King Galifar XII
Well-preserved soarwood figurehead shaped like a comely mermaid

Cash, Coins, and Gems
270pp in Galifarian and Brelish mintage
6,526gp in Galifarian, Brelish, Cyran, and Aundairian mintage
14,336sp in Brelish and Cyran mintage
10,000gp letter-of-credit from the City of Sharn
10,000gp letter-of-credit from Teydren ir’Yalan
Fist-sized uncut diamond of a distinctly pink hue
Assorted other gems estimated at ~3,000gp in value

Sharn Sidequest Docket
Even if you're stuck laying over in Sharn, you've still got a lot to do!

Side Quest Length Key

  • Hour: This sidequest length should easily be finished within a single session: It may, however, take more than a single hour.
  • Session: This sidequest length should be finished within one session.

Side Quest Type Key

  • Adventure: This type of sidequest is a self-contained story arc that involves equal measures of multiple types of problem-solving.
  • Combat: This type of sidequest features the rolling of initiative and the stabbing of things in the face as the predominant method of resolving its problems.
  • Skill: This type of sidequest features the rolling of skill checks, or other non-combat rolls, as the predominant method of resolving its problems.
  • Social: This type of sidequest features roleplaying as the predominant method of resolving its problems.

Completed Sidequests
Big Game Hunter: Fluffiwuffikens
Big Game Hunter: Sewer Noodlers
The Presidium’s Blue Lady

Active Sidequests
An Invitation You Cannot Refuse
Arandmi, the leader of the Surrebec adventuring party, seeks a meeting with you. Judging by what her partymates said, you suspect she’s not the sort to take rejection well.
Length: Hour
Type: Social
Reward: The better question is whether you want to find out what might happen if you make her mad.

Big Game Hunter: Extreme Angling
Commercial fisherman in the Hilt have become skittish about something that’s recent entered their fishing grounds. Sounds like adventure calling to me!
Length: Session
Type: Adventure
Reward: Reputation; other rewards as appropriate if real threat is posed.

Big Game Hunter: Sewer Noodlers II
The merrows were a breeze; think you’re up for something a bit bigger, like skrags?
Length: Session
Type: Combat
Reward: 2,500gp per person, plus 1,000gp per skrag head presented to the Port Authority; right of salvage to anything in the skrags’ possession.

Big Game Hunter: A Visible Threat
The Palace of the Indomitable Pyroclasm seeks your assistance in tracking down and killing a “bezekira”. Whatever one of those is.
Length: Session
Type: Skill
Reward: Attachment to the maharani’s retinue as personal retainers; includes, amongst other things, honorary citizenship from the City of Brass and the ability to enter the city freely.

Cultural Assimilation 101
The tceffessam have been doing hard labor down in the Lower Dura: It’s time to check in on them.
Length: Hour to Session
Type: Social
Reward: You expect monetary compensation for checking in on your friends? For shame!

Into the Wild Blue Yonder
It takes more than just a pilot to make an airship fly: Provisions need to be procured and personnel recruited. Both tasks await you.
Length: Hour
Type: Social
Reward: S.S. Albatross officially made ready for flight.

Puttin’ on the R—…Skybridge
You have an out-standing dinner date with Valara d’Orien at the Celestial Vista. The food there is to die for. And it’s sufficiently exclusive you can probably only get in posthumously.
Length: Hour to Session
Type: Social
Reward: A night out on the town at Sharn’s most famous restaurant, complete with stories of all the trouble Dr. Flint has caused over the years.

Shipwrecks Happen in the Oddest Places
You recovered a startling number of Galifarian-vintage royal items from the merrows’ sewer-warren. Rather coincidental, don’t you think? Might be worth investigating.
Length: Hour to Session
Type: Adventure
Reward: Some answers about why you discovered so much stuff relating to late Galifarian Breland in the merrows’ possession.

We Want to Live in a Yellow Submarine(-Airship)
Kingu had a brilliant idea: Make your shiny new airship submersible! You really ought to look into that.
Length: Hour
Type: Social
Reward: Cost and time requirements to make the Albatross fly underwater. And the chance to begin construction thereof.

Oh, What Do You Do With a Dead Dra~gon, Ear~ly in the Mor~ning?
Burzam has questions for your friendly neighborhood corpse. And do you intend to do with that corpse, anyway?
Length: Session
Type: Adventure
Reward: Answers to Burzam’s question; various other potential things depending upon what you do with the corpse.

You and What Army?
Reclaiming Droaam in the name of your – and Breland’s – name will not be easy. You’ll need an army: The best place to start are those Droaamite ex-pats who reside in the Lower Dura.
Length: Hour to Session
Type: Social
Reward: The first small step towards liberating Droaam from the Daughters of Sora Kell.

Aftermath of the Ark, Part IV: Experience Points Do A Body Good
We're all in this for the bling and XP. And with bling down, this was only a matter of time.

The Celestium
—Surviving the Wild Astral Ride: 100xp
—Choosing to Head for Celestium Proper: 50xp
—Disarming Double-Scythe Trap: 150xp
—Meeting Cyran Refugees: 100xp
—Getting a Big Hug from Eralene: 75xp
—Breaking News of the Mourning to Them: 50xp
—Activating Nonnagron, Plot Device of the Ages: 50xp
—Chatting with Nonnagron: 50xp
—Learning the Cause of the Mourning: 100xp
—Choosing the Spesswalknig Adventure Path: 25xp

The Void of Spess
—Being Good Sports for Another Skill Challenge: 100xp
—Defeating the Voidwraith: 300xp

The Promenade
—Defeating the Woeforged Welcoming Party: 450xp
—Searching the Camp: 25xp
—Discovering Journal of Cyran Expedition: 100xp
—Discovering Journal of LoBster Expedition: 100xp
—Activating Holographic Plot Device: 50xp
—Discovering About Bolothamogg, Defiler of Minds and Twister of Flesh: 100xp
—Choosing to Investigate the Apiary: 25xp

The Apiary
—Defeating Abeil Guard Detail: 875xp
—Liberating Tceffessam Prisoners: 100xp, +2 Good Points
—Burzam Getting Strangled by Blasto: 50xp
—Creatively Stealing an Abeil Soarship: 100xp
—Going to the Palace of Harmonious Order: 50xp
—Casting Haste on the Soarship to Make It Go Faster: 50xp
—Creatively Dispatching Pursuit Craft: 200xp
—Defeating the Spire Drone: 300xp
—Enduring Wrex Being Awesome: 50xp
—Dramatically Crashing Into Throne Room: 100xp
—Defeating Queen Crazypants: 1,800xp
—Defeating Abeil Guardians: 900xp
—Looting the Bling Throne of Awesomeness: 50xp

The Aftermath
—Choosing Not to Activate the Purge: 25xp, +25 Good Points, +25 Chaos Points
—Rescuing the Cyran Remnant: 25xp, +10 Good Points, +1 Karma Point
—Rescuing the Asari Remnant: 25xp, +10 Good Points, +10 Law Points
—Burzam’s Crafting: -20 Good Points
Total: 6,600xp, 27 Good Points, 15 Chaos Points, 1 Karma Point

Aftermath of the Ark, Part I, Act II: Selling the Loot Pile
120,000gp for the sellable bits, folks.

Upon returning home, you make contact with your old friend Balgrim: He’s looking rather well, given he was dead not too long ago. Apparently even death won’t keep him out of the game, though, as his eyes light up when you say you’re in the market to vend a few things: He immediately wants the Bling Throne of Awesomeness, which means that news of your haul precedes you. You never thought you could see such an avaricious dwarf look heartbroken, but Balgrim does when you inform him that the Bling Throne of Awesomeness is not for sale.

It takes several weeks to process the magnitude of your loot haul, with Balgrim looking more than a little disappointed a few times as you take away choice items other than the Bling Throne of Awesomeness. After taking it all in and consulting with his network of contacts, he informs you that the best he can do for the lot of goods you’re intent to sell is 120,000gp. You do a double-take and make sure he didn’t miss a zero: That’s more money than you’ve ever seen before. And he’s sad that that’s “all” he can offer you.

Are these the plights that the rich face? If so, you can totally dig it. So, party, do you take his offer?

Retained Items Under Proposed Offer
X-205 Shootemabob [Claimed by Dr. Flint]
Relbmet’s Wrath [Claimed by Burzam]
Royal Regalia of the Cenyor’xen [Claimed by Gwynne]
War Harness of the Champion [Claimed by King]
Runestaff of power [Claimed by Gwynne]
+1 ebonsteel maul [Claimed by Burzam]
+1 geosteel halberd [Claimed by King]
+1 mithril bastard sword [Claimed by Reine]
+1 leather armor [x2;1x claimed by King, 1x claimed by Dr. Flint]
Abeil guardian arcane core [Claimed by Burzam]
Horn of good/evil [Claimed by Burzam]
Ring of arcane might [MIC p. 121; claimed by Gwynne]
Ring of the four winds [Claimed by Dr. Flint]
Ring of protection +1 [x2; 1x claimed by Burzam, 1x claimed by Dr. Flint]
Ring of sustenance [Claimed by Reine]
Soarsled [Claimed by King]
Mwk compact gunblade [x7; Claimed by Burzam]
Mwk cold iron dagger w/least crystal of fire assault [claimed by King]
Mwk shardcaster [x3; 1x claimed by King, 2x claimed by Burzam]
Mwk gundagger [x8; 2x claimed by Mara, 6x claimed by Burzam]
Mwk snipehammer [x2; Claimed by Burzam]
Mwk tactical gunblade [x4; Claimed by Burzam]
Ornate survival knife hewn from T-rex fang and dinosaur-hide sheath [Claimed by Dr. Flint]
Stylish sunglasses with black-and-yellow frames whose lens darkness adapts to ambient light [Claimed by Dr. Flint]
Dangling mithril earrings [Claimed by Mara]
Acidic fire potatomasher [x4; Claimed by Mara]
Fire potatomasher [x6; Claimed by Mara]
Frost potatomasher [x2; Claimed by Mara]
Spark potatomasher [x3; Claimed by Mara]
Tanglefoot potatomasher [x3; Claimed by Mara]
Platinum sunburst crown adorned with well-cut Siberys shards [5,000gp; claimed by Mara]
Fur-lined bomber jacket with unit patches of the 32nd “Fightin’ Shardhorns” Air Mobility Squadron [x2; 1x claimed by Burzam, 1x claimed by Dr. Flint]
Damaged compact gunblade components [x3; claimed by Burzam]
Damaged tactical gunblade components [x1; claimed by Burzam]
Damaged shardcaster components [x2; claimed by Burzam]
Damaged snipehammer components [x1; claimed by Burzam]
Solid platinum, 15’ tall Bling Throne of Awesomeness under shrink item effect [Claimed by Kingu]
Huge-sized full-plate with Siberys shard gilting fitted for a spire drone [Claimed by King]
Journal of Kyra Imardi, detailing life aboard the Ark and splattered with bloody
Journal of Lord of Blades’ expedition, laden with log entries, arcane discourses, and insane ramblings
A Brief Primer on Cenyor’xen Arcana, an eight volume set of tomes each a thousand pages long and written in Abeil
A transparent cage, which emanates a strong Transmutation aura, containing a perfectly ordinary hamster
Corpse of Huge silver dragon, stored under gentle repose in the Terminus District of Sharn
Ydnamron, a spess-airship of very ancient design
Kwah’nobe, a folding boat powered by a bound elemental

Vended Items Under Proposed Offer
+2 Huge ranseur [x2]
Mwk cold iron spear w/least crystal of cold assault [x6]
Mwk heavy repeating crossbow w/least crystal of acid assault [x4]
Mwk pyrosteel heavy mace [x3]
Adamantine chainmail
Chitin breastplate
Chitin-and-leather armor [x5]
Mwk aerosteel breastplate [x2]
Mwk cryosteel chain shirt [x2]
Mwk geosteel full-plate
Mwk Siberys shard-gilt buckler
Abeil guardian arcane core
Aureon’s spellshard
Celestial urmine cloak
Cloak of comfort +1
Feather fall token [x4]
Ring of fire divergence
Soarsled [x2]
Potion of darkvision
Potion of remove fear
Scroll of cure serious wounds
Scroll of regenerate
Mithril signet ring bearing the coat-of-arms of the Apiary of the Harmonious Order
Fire opal ring with a mithril band
Hardened chitin helmet with inert holographic interface [x2]
Borken and inoperative arcane matrix
Broken suit of ornate, platinum-filigreed mithril full-plate, sized for a Large quadraped
Full-length mirror with a viewing surface composed of elemental water
Huge-sized tapestry of abeils and uplifted races guarding shackled demons, with the texture and appearance of a mosaic fresco
Wall scroll featuring a permanent silent image of seemingly random colors that reveal a watercolored portrait of a creature like Blasto when looked at from the right angle
Black-and-red chess-style game board that, when opened, produces round holographic game pieces that can be interacted with
Bottle of Aerklanholde whiskey, 873 A.K. vintage
Twenty-Seven Salutes: Social Mores and You, a book on social etiquette in the Arcanium, written in Daelkyr
Homes Away from Home: Dealing with Uplifting Sickness, a book about coping with becoming a tceffessam and written in Abeil; dog-eared is a page urging readers not to panic and encouraging them to try “towel therapy"

Aftermath of the Ark, Part III: The Long-Term Investment Credit
Any game in which the PCs aren't given the chance to be ennobled is just failing at life.

Upon your return to Eberron and subsequent debriefing by the King’s Citadel, you are made aware that His Majesty, King Boranel, wishes to extend his personal thanks for the services you have rendered to the Brelish crown both in rooting out the Austasia impersonator in the court of Luken ir’Clarn and for venturing to the Ark. (Mara almost does a spit-take at what happened at Luken’s place having reached the ears of the Brelish crown.) As was promised by the King’s Citadel, non-monetary compensation is offered to you. individually, in ascension to a title of nobility, property, or other appropriate sinecure. A charter of incorporation is also granted to your adventuring company, granting it certain privileges enshrined in the Code of Galifar and reaffirmed by the Thronehold Accords and, thus, are which international in their scope. (The principal of which is the power to request adjudication of criminal proceedings against the adventuring company’s members by House Deneith or other, comparable international organization with judicial powers.) In order for it to take effect, you will have to come up with a name for your merry band.

On individual rewards, below is a buffet of options immediately offered by the King’s Citadel: Every option is capable of providing the PCs with approximately the same annual income, which is sufficient to support a comfortable, if not lavish, existence for the duration of the holding of the property or sinecure. (With a default assumption, with titles and offices, that such will run until the PC chooses to leave the post or dies, whichever comes first.) This income is not a quantified player resource: It is more fluffy reward for a job well-done on behalf of the Brelish crown in returning with what you did from spess. Additionally, additional perks are available depending upon whether a title or property are acquired: PCs opting to assume a title or office qualify to be elected to the Brelish House of Lords, while those opting to claim property are qualified for election to the House of Freeholders. Selecting either qualifies PCs to vote in Brelish elections.

The list below is by no means exhaustive and the Brelish crown is willing to make a good faith, if low-key, effort to make other arrangements as desired by the party. Such arrangements must, however, roughly conform in their scope and be within the Brelish crown’s ability to grant.

Titles & Offices:
Chancellor of Ivymoor Academy
Have you ever wanted to run a school? Well, this is your chance! Nestled on a well-manicured campus in the Mithril Towers, this exclusive all-girls finishing school is one of the preferred educational establishments of Sharn’s rich and powerful and its head office is vacant. The role of its Chancellor is what the officeholder makes of it: Traditionally, it has been treated as a sinecure meted out to one of the students’ parents, with day-to-day operations being the domain of a Headmistress selected by the faculty. The Academy’s articles of incorporation from the Crown, however, give the Chancellor – as the King’s duly-appointed representative – broad powers to structure the school’s administration as he or she sees fit.

Chief Sanitation Officer for the City of Galethspyre
Ever wonder who keeps the excrement that leaves your body from stinking up the city? Who tends to the sewers and takes out the trash? Well, that falls to the brave men and women of the city’s Sanitation Department, and hopefully you, as their leader. The job is really a breeze: The chief sanitation officer seems to change every other day, so the bureaucracy is quite good at keeping the lights on without much attention from its nominal boss. It’s a win-win for both the chief sanitation officer and the rest of the Department, as it makes this sinecure virtually demandless on officeholders while giving maximal autonomy to the Department’s worker bees.

Chief Sanitation Officer for the City of Sharn
It’s like being the Chief Sanitation Officer in Galethspyre, except you’re expected to actively patrol the sewers and contend with things like giant sewer crocodiles, aberrant plant monsters, and the occasional eldritch abomination some wizard thought was a good idea to flush down the toilet. A normal day at the office, really, for the sinecure-holding adventurer who wants something more out of life.

Governor-General of Graywall
It’s good to be king! Sort of. Until 986, the governor-general of Graywall was the most powerful Brelish political position outside of Wroat, being the de facto sovereign of all lands west of the Graywall Mountains. (What are, today, the Shadow Marches and Droamm.) With the overthrowing of the Crown’s colonial regime in Droamm and the recognition of the independence of the Shadow Marches, the title has been without a holder for more than a decade. The Crown is prepared to recognize the sovereignty of any polity created by a bearer of this title on lands that were once Brelish beyond the Graywall Mountains, as well as offer protectorate status to it.

His Majesty’s Magistrate of Laws at Large
Have you ever yearned to mete out justice to those that transgress against the laws of the land? Or what you think the laws of the land are? Perhaps you would be interested in an appointment as one of His Majesty’s justices of the peace, empowered to roam the land and attend to any and all breaches of the law you can find? It’s the ultimate sinecure for those who’re interested in making their own schedules in life: Or, for that matter, if you’ve always wanted to see those filthy lawbreakers properly punished.

Honorary Knight-Captain of the Ursine Guards
Have you ever wanted your very own warbear? Do you yearn to be called “sir” without enduring the privations of barracks life? Well then, this is the appointment with the Greens and Irons is for you! A billet in the Honor Guard of the Royal Bear Guards is provided with this title, as is a knighting into the Order of the Ursus bequeathed to grant you noble station consummate to your privileged place of leadership. And, of course, the obligatory magebred brown bear: Can’t very well have a bear cavalier without a proper mount, can you?

Inspector General of the Terminus District
Terminus is the great entry-point of Sharn: While House Orien’s lightning rail station is beyond the reach of the Brelish crown’s customs enforcement powers, the adjoining warehouse district is not. His Majesty requires someone who maintains cordial relations with House Orien to oversee his customs enforcers in the warehouse district in the Terminus District. “Oversee” is, of course, a relative term: Most of the time, inspectors general are absent. Or on the take. Or both.

Viscount of Baranthia
The Viscounty of Baranthia was, once upon a time, one of the most prosperous and prestigious noble incorporations in all of Breland: Sitting atop the major east-west trade road and well-endowed with mineral resources streaming out of the Howling Peaks, it was well-positioned to maintain its preeminence for the foreseeable future. The fortunes of the Viscounts of Baranthia began to wane in the late 950s, when the long discussed lightning rail line between Revan and Dragonroost finally broke ground; in the 960s, their position eroded into oblivion as ex-Deneith goblinoid mercenaries moved into the mountains and began organizing the tribes, whose raids first shut down access to the lucrative mines of the Howling Peaks and then which descended out of the foothills into the wider Viscounty. The final shoe fell in 972, when the last Viscount of Baranthia fell during the Disaster at the Marguul Pass. The raiders took the initiative and banded together to lay siege to the bloodied, exhausted, and grieving forces at Baran’s Keep: The resulting bloodbath resulted in the abandonment of much of the Viscounty to the monsters and raiders which may descend from the mountains.

His Majesty will honor any and all gains made by those who take-up the vacant title in restoring the defunct polity, though such is not required to receive the benefit of ennobling it offers.

Lair of the Urban Sophisticate
A cozy one bedroom, one bathroom loft located in the heights of the Oak Towers District in Sharn’s Upper Northedge ward. The perfect nook for those seeking a chic but low-key existence, with a great view of the district’s Aereni-influenced architectural flavor. Not recommended for those who are uncomfortable with elves or their religious practices: Previous owner was and all of his remains have not yet been recovered.

Abode of the Nouveau Rich
This small two bedroom, two bathroom townhouse in the Crystal Bridge district in Sharn’s Upper Northedge ward is ideal for the newly arrived on Sharn’s social scene. Residing in one of the most prestigious districts in the city, you can’t help but become the talk of the gossip circuit: You’d best hope that you only remain the talk of the gossip circuit, however, for the well-established families of Crystal Bridge and their extensive private security forces do not take kindly to the peace and quiet of the district being violated. The previous owner, and his connections to the Boromar Clan, discovered that the hard way.

A Bargain-Hunter’s Delight
This well-manicured eight bedroom, five bathroom mansion seems strangely out of place in the Highwater District of the Upper Dura ward: It took not-insubstantial amounts of resources to build, and maintain, the intricate stonework and handsome landscaping, and that sort of money usually is not found in the drab Upper Dura. The previous owner, however, could not afford even a quarter of this in a more prestigious district, which allowed him to build bigger than he otherwise would’ve given the cheapness of the Highwater District. Alas, his penny-pinching led him to pick a fight with a siege crab over a loose platinum piece. You can guess how the rest of the story ends.

Real Estate Development for Dummies
The recent ravaging of the Lower Dura ward in Sharn has led to a massive increase in bankruptcies and other forms of receivership, with the Crown coming into possession of sizable chunks of prime real estate. The Crown is prepared to offer you the title to a city block in the district of Callestan that was utterly destroyed by the fires and fighting that rocked the ward. What you do with it is up to you, so long as its property taxes are paid on time.

The Fate of Fort Yarith
In 901 A.K., Queen Wroann ordered that Yarith Island, a 127-acre plot of land in the Dagger River north of Sharn, be fortified as part of Breland’s first round of defensive entrenchment began as the War of Galifarian Succession became evermore intractable. The small strongpoint was completed in 904, with modernizations subsequently in 932 and 957. In 981, with another round of modernization badly being needed, the Brelish crown opted to abandon the position in light of no serious threat emanating from upriver. For the past seventeen years the fortress has been allowed to decay, though most of its structures remain intact if not in top condition.

Something of a fixer-upper, but a perfect abode for the martially minded. Or the paranoid sort who want 30’ tall walls, but do not want to look paranoid.

Galathmoor Manor
Over the years, the term “estate” has been diluted horribly: It has come to mean things like a broom closet in an exclusive area of Sharn or a decrepit fort in the middle of nowhere. No, what real men want is a genuine estate: A palatial manor, with hundreds of acres of adjoining farmland tended by serfs bound to the land and their landlord’s whims! Alas, as serfdom was abolished centuries ago, you’ll have to suffer merely having the manor and hundreds of acres of cultivated adjoining farmland.
Located on the placid southern shores of Lake Silver, this estate was once the hereditary property of the Duke of Shavalant: Alas, the latest Duke ran off to Sharn and got himself into a fair bit of debt and, with property taxes due, was forced to either forfeit his hereditary title or the estate. Luckily for you, he chose to keep his title.

The Land Grant to End All Land Grants
Obviously, some adventurers want to build a kingdom with their own two hands. Alas, the geopolitics of Khorvaire make that rather hard. The Kingdom of Breland is willing to meet you halfway, though, with as many titles of nobility as you care to create for yourself, as well as a hands-off administrative posture, if you can succeed in carving a functioning polity out of the wildness of the King’s Forest.

His Majesty is willing to offer you 20,000 acres in eastern Breland, in the heart of the King’s Forest, near the Zilargo frontier. To do with what you will and build what shall be built.

Aftermath of the Ark, Part II: PLOT FOR THE PLOT THRONE!
In which Kingu is awesome, you gain a hitchhiker, and the enomority of your task should you eschew logic is present.

Race for Your Life, Party Brown!
The vile alien presence, that of Bolothamogg unleashed from its prison, caresses your minds. Terror and dread race through your thoughts, for who only knows what horrors are in store for you after having seen what the Defiler had done to both the woeforged and the abeils of the Apiary. And that had been when the Sealed Evil in a Can had actually been sealed away!


Bolothamogg’s horrific bellowing in your own mind is cut-off by a scream of agony that would make you double over in pain for its wretchedness, but for that it was happening to such a nice Elder Evil. A cacophonous whooshing sound reverberates and the ceiling of the Throne Room is ripped off of the palace! A maelstrom of almost unimaginable fury roars above you, and in the distance you can see buildings alternately being ripped out of the ground or splintering under the seismic activity that rumbles beneath you. You and your allies frantically sprint down the rampways that lead to the Ydnamron, dodging pieces of aerial detritus from the palace collapsing around, arriving on the deck of the Ydnamron as the great crystalline pathways collapse behind you.

Once aboard, Nidrom, Harolizat, and Surrag make their way to the bridge of the amazing airship: A few moments after they’ve disappeared, two great wing-sails deploy from the rear flanks of the ship and its propulsion system hums to life, surging forward as the hanger in which it resided comes raining down around it. And you! You hang on for dear life as the cumbersome craft bounces hither and yon, weaving furiously to escape the imploding palace, before at long last you escape with your life, but not your shorts, intact.

The world you see before is markedly…smaller, with the horizon eerily closer than it was when you entered the Palace of Harmonious Order. Which, you realize, is not your eyes fooling you: It really is closer, for the cavern that houses the Apiary is rapidly collapsing in on itself, with the magic that produced the extradimensional pocket in which the Apiary existed having been destroyed by the death of Queen Sitris’Aniram. And into this whirling maelstrom of collapsing skylines and Siberys shard whirlwinds your skyship turns, with the tceffessam apparently grimly determined to see through your plan to the bitter end.

Clearly, this isn’t going to be your day. Your stomach concurs, as the buffeting winds and shrapnel-filled plumes of debris force you to take cover as the ship makes its way to the Citadel of Everflowing Aerophonia. As you approach it, you first notice that a gargantuan purple crystal floats above a Siberys shard ziggurat: As you get closer, the crystal has been cleaved in half, the upper half atomized into an orbiting debris field and the lower half boasting several deeper fishers. Judging by the damage to it, and the increasingly unstable wind effects, the asari succeeded.


A voice warbles and taunts in your mind as you into orbit over the shattered roof of the Citadel. It is not Bolothamogg: Your mind is not being fondled by an evil beyond description. You look around for where the telepathic voice could be coming from, when suddenly hear rumbling below you and find yourself staring eye-to-eye with what looks like the biggest three-eyed catfish your nightmares could produce as it emerges from the rubble of the Citadel. It is at least fifty feet long, with four menacing tentacles flaying and, just to make it even worse, it’s flying.


The deck of the Ydnamron bucks and rolls as Nidrom frantically wheels the airship out of the path of a gargantuan Siberys shard hurtling towards. Terridas is not so lucky, with the shard impaling it from the right and proceeding to burst through the center of its head, obliterating all of its eyes as it passed through in an explosion of gore and gray matter. The space horror fish rolls over mid-air and then hurtles earthward, with its brain having been blown out of its head. Even over the winds and distance, you can hear the titanic crash of eighty tons of flying fish hitting the ground.

With the immediate threat eliminated, all eyes turn back to the roof of the Citadel. You see at least a dozen blue humanoids with static head-tentacles: None are moving and most are in rather oddly contorted positions. But then, climbing out from some of the rubble, you see a live one! And then another! In all, nine emerge: Three are the deep blue color of the contorted corpses, but the other six are pale green and seemingly ooze-covered. From the whoops of Pehsemmef, you know you’ve found the survivors your looking for: A rope is tossed overboard and they’re helped aboard. Just in time, too, for the segment of extradimensional space the Citadel resided in gives out soon after and the entire ziggurat collapse in on itself.

With what survives you can find, Nidrom turns the ship around and accelerates towards the ever-shrinking exit to the Apiary. The effects of the out-gassing are sufficiently severe that you take shelter below-deck and watch through portholes the remnants of buildings and bodies being tossed around. Suddenly, out in the distance, something eerily familiar becomes visible: The armored spire drone from earlier, its blood still dulling its other gleaming full-plate! Kingu, not one to let his trophy get away again, ties a rope to his longspear to improvise a harpoon: Then, proving he’s absolutely batshit insane, goes up on deck. Braving shrapnel and an ever-thinning atmosphere in the name of awesome, he sights his mark and ties the other end of his harpoon’s rope to a bolted down object on the deck. Then proceeds to HURL himself towards the bee’s corpse! Using the power of hotblood and a little arcane magic, he manages to fight his way out to it and firmly secure the harpoon. Then proceeding to drag the thing – and himself – back to the airship, using the power of his hotblooded anger. All the while getting towed behind the Ydnamron as it tumbled and rolled through the closing mouth to the Apiary!

Adrenaline pumping, stomachs churning, certain death at hand…and then nothing. The horrible buffeting of wind disappears. The terrible grinding of shrapnel cutting into the hull and the equally terrible splintering of internal support beams gone. A kind of idle peace: Popping the hatches, you find yourself floating in spess, in all of its majesty and horror. Behind you the once panoramic doorway to spess from the Apiary violently shuts and a large segment of the Siberys shard into which the Ark has been built glows white-rod with radiance, as a vast amount of magical energy is set loose by the sealing of the Apiary. And then you see the King of the Talenta Plains, pulling himself aboard the Ydnamron astride his trophy giant spess bee.

She Likes the Sight of Humans On Their Knees
As your exuberance about survival fades, you are forced to undertake the rather necessary job of inspecting the ship and conducting damage control. While the outside of the ship bears a passing resemblance to those in Khorvaire, its interior is like nothing you’ve ever seen: It is everything from the inside of the Ark writ large, with arcane holographic interfaces for seemingly every function, from simply opening doors to the most impressive navigational table you have ever seen. Even the tceffessam seem somewhat overawed by it all.

“Welcome, tceffessam. I have been waiting for you for weeks: I had feared that the worst had come.”

You whip your heads around in the direction that female voice originated from, only to discover a pale blue floating humanoid head. You can’t help but wonder aloud just what it is.

“I am Keeper Ediaranth: Once, long ago, it was my task tend to the Apiary of Harmonious Order. But that was sufficiently long ago that I have lost count myself. As my mortal body withered, I uploaded my mind into the Ydnamron: To watch, and wait, for the dreaded day that this vessel would be needed.”

It’s hard to tell what’s more impressive: That the ship is, for lack of a better work, talking to you or that it claims to be as old as the Ark itself. She – it’s fitting that the ship has the mind of a female, isn’t it? – takes it all surprisingly well, even congratulating you as Nonnagron did for simply making it to the Ark, let alone stabbing Queen Crazypants in the face.

“What you have just witnessed was one of the final safeguards the Creators built into the Ark. The hive-mind of the Apiary of the Harmonious Order was shaped by its queen, and done so through a complex system of arcane amplifiers within her throne room, and it was bound to providing the focus necessary to maintain the magics that carved out the Apiary and which bound Bolothamogg. The amplifiers were constructed in such way that were she ever killed within that throne room, they would self-destruct, on the assumption that if the Queen of the Harmonious Order had been slain, it had been at the behest of the Defiler, and with its shattering, the collapse of the Apiary to ensure the deaths of all the Defiler’s thralls. Using the wreckage of the Apiary as a feedstock, an automated protocol would be engaged to patch any and all primary containment breaches.”

You cannot help but look askance at being told that killing the head honcho of the Elder Evil’s prison guards tore down the final barrier necessary to free it. Or, for that matter, that such a contingency had been planned for in the first place.

“While we are fairly off the beaten path of operating protocols, at this juncture I would implore you to activate the Purge. If we have been sufficiently compromised that the Apiary had to be destroyed, then no hope remains of restoring any kind of true shackling of the Defiler. It will only be a matter of time before he eats through the patches to primary containment which have been applied. Initial reports indicate that the Purge trigger is ready for initiation and arcanocapacitors ready with sufficient power to initiate the Purge.”

You can’t help but curl your nose at that option, knowing that an unknown but a rather large population of innocents exist in the outer ring that would be killed by activating the Purge. Ediaranth sighs exasperatedly and despondently.

“This no time for mindless sentimentality. What is most important is tha—inbound teleportation detected on the top-deck. Odd. Shouldn’t even be able to do that within the dimensional oscillatory shield. Assuming it’s still online. Please tell me it’s online.”

You don’t answer her question, partially because you’re not even sure what she’s talking about, and partially because someone’s outside in spess, presumably without a vac-suit. Racing topside, you do indeed find someone on the deck: A striking young and green-skinned humanoid woman with serpentine features and long, dark hair. She is also naked. And possesses large nail holes in her wrist, elbow, shoulder, ankle, and knee joints, as well as the joints where the femur meets the pelvis, with blood oozing onto the deck.

And, oh yes, she’s not choking vacuum. Or having her blood boil off. Either everyone’s been lying to you and spess really isn’t that bad of a place or the Ydnamron is sheathed in some kind of magical air envelope, so that you can be out and about on the top-deck without a vac-suit. You think it’s the latter.

A Chat With Cthulhu’s Jailer
After having firmly secured the King’s prize, had a chat with the sentience older than your civilization that inhabits the ship, and attended to your hitchhiker as best as you can (whose wounds won’t close, despite Gwynne’s most ardent attempts to pump her full of positive energy), you tend to the important task before you: Repairing the internal teleportation system, so that you can evacuate the Cyrans to somewhere safer. A process which, in rather anticlimactic style, takes all of then minutes to get running: It’s more than made up for by seeing Oagen reunited with his little girl and the tearful revelation that they are indeed going home.

Also the look on Dr. Flint’s face when you reveal the adventure you’ve been on: He’s been chatting with Nonnagron’s animated statute since you left, but apparently it didn’t bother mentioning the Sealed Evil in a Can. Indiana Hyena really, really wishes you hadn’t mentioned it either. The process of moving the Cyrans and their surprisingly copious supplies from the Celestium takes several hours, as does it take several more to get them settled into the rather robust quarters which are available within the bowels of the Ydnamron. After its conclusion, Dr. Flint and Oagen tag each other, with the former officially rejoining the party proper.

While the Cyrans are getting settled, you receive a call from an old holographic friend: Mithril Man, who Ediaranth informs you is Forgemaster Delthan, the man who you have heard so much about. It’s a good thing that Oagen’s no longer in the party, or else he’d’ve tried to stab Delthan through the holographic projector, as it was on Delthan’s orders most of the Cyrans were killed. When you broach the subject, Delthan shrugs.

“I did what I must to protect the Ark: Following the detection of what occurred on your ‘Day of Mourning’, I knew Bolothamogg would sense a disturbance and discover those Lower Worlders. I also know that he would break them and use them as tools to further his own escape. Purging them and destroying the umbilicals should have been – and was! – sufficient for the problem at hand until those constructs came through a year-and-a-half later. And you saw what Bolothamogg did to them.”

You ask what his opinion of the situation is: You had never thought you see a construct made of mithril smirk bemusedly at you, but today’s just been one of those days, hasn’t it?

“Do you know why the Ark still exists? Why I did not activate the Purge when the Queen of Harmonious Order proved to be an inept buffoon incapable of doing even the most of basic of tasks assigned to her? When Ranoe’s precious pets escaped their cages and overran the Arborium? When the illithids infested the Creators’ quarters in the Arcanium? Because that was never my decision to make: It was the decision of Nonnagron himself that the Ark’s mission of preservation was more important than its role as a prison. The Purge can only be activated by a Lower Worlder who has been authorized to do such, by having seen Ranoe’s welcome message at one of her precious obelisks.”

The tceffessam look rather confused: They, apparently, were under the impression they could blow it up themselves if push came to shove. Delthan laughs haughtily at their ignorance, and makes no bones of commenting on it. You angrily note that they’re just as sentient as he Delthan is, and that is why you have issues with blowing up the Ark: Because the outer ring is full of innocents, who don’t deserve a terribly death.

This just makes him laugh even harder.

“I had forgotten what it was like to interact with servitor races: It has been so long since they actually came to the Celestial Foundry for the purposes of chatting rather than attempting to breach the bulwarks. Were it up to me, the Ark would be remembered as nothing more than an odd celestial phenomenon tens of millennia ago. The Purge is the smartest, safest, and most logical course of action for the safety of all being on Eberron.”

He pauses and purses his lips. It seems talking has gotten him thinking about something profound. He sighs wearily.

“For too long have I and my kin been forced to subsist on all but the narrowest of advantages. But one slip-up and we, the final bastion of the Creators, would fall. We have had no margin-of-error or room for seemingly wasteful compassion. But however dim the memory has become, I do remember what it was to be a man. To hope against hope and search for a way out even when logic commends you accept your fate.

“There is nothing I can do to save the Ark. The patch to primary containment will hold for a short period of time: A few decades, maybe half-a-century if we are lucky. When Bolothamogg cracks it, there will be no army ready to face him and the monsters he will spawn to accelerate his escape. He will dominate all sentience aboard the Ark beyond the Foundry, throw them against us, and we shall be overrun. And with that done, he need just deactivate the oscillatory engine and teleport back to Eberron.”

“If, to save a few million souls, you are willing to risk the life, freedom, and even very existence of independent thought on Eberron, then all hope is not lost: The Ark, despite 40,000 years of trouble, can still be repaired. But it will an effort that is herculean even by the standards of the Creators: Its scale is something that, I suspect, you cannot begin to comprehend.”

Checklist of What Must Be Gathered and Done to Fix the Ark
Under the original division of labor which was installed by the titans, the Celestial Forge was tasked with propagating the magics that kept the Ark intact and operational while the Apiary was tasked with the physical upkeep of the Ark and preservation of good order in the areas which the titans had once occupied. Soon after the final titan took its leave of the Ark, however, the system began to break down due to a falling out between the Forgemaster of the Celestial Foundry and the Queens of the Harmonious Order: This falling out, and subsequent compromising of the basic division of labor, led to ever-greater inefficiencies as the Apiary struggled to maintain the exotic arcana which enabled it to exist while the Celestial Foundry struggled to maintain some semblance of order in the outer ring. With the Apiary now gone entirely and the Celestial Foundry’s scarce resources stretched to the breaking point merely to hold onto what it already does, there is no source of manpower available to begin actual repairs of the Ark. You will need to recruit and mobilize three broad classes of individuals in order to restore the Ark:
1) Low-skilled laborers. The task of restoring the Ark will be daunting: It will require the mobilization of a veritable army of thousands of laborers in order to do in any kind of timely manner. Thousands of laborers who will necessitate hundreds of support personnel, to guarantee that they are fed, housed, and properly equipped for the job at hand. And all of this will have to be done in a place 22,000 miles from the planet’s surface.

2) Highly skilled laborers. The Ark is, without question, the most complex eldritch machine ever encountered by the peoples of Khorvaire. The system crafted to do something as simple as maintain a consistent and pleasant temperature throughout a given section of the station is as complex as a creation forge: The mind reels simply trying to imagine the kinds of artifice required to maintain a stable orbit, operate the dimensional oscillation engine, or keep Bolothamogg imprisoned. In addition to a veritable army of worker bees, you will need a legion of arcanely inclined foremen to supervise the teeming masses of laborers, artificers and magewrights to operate arcanely powered heavy equipment, and men willing to develop entire new fields of endeavor, such as mastering spesswalking and arcane operations in the Ring of Siberys. You will also need skilled administrators and bureaucrats to keep a project of this size and scale moving forward.

3) Academics and bureaucrats. It is not simply enough to put an army of laborers at the behest of the Forgemaster: The cultural and technical gaps are too great for such an arrangement to work. You will need to mobilize a sizable intellectual contingent, to process the demands made by the Forgemaster, facilitate the requisite knowledge transfer to make it happen, and to transmit all necessary lessons learned by to Khorvaire. A task the magnitude of the Ark’s restoration will require nothing less than creating several new academic disciplines and pushing exponentially beyond the limits of what was thought possible with current arcana in a half-dozen more: You will need to ensure that you have the brain trust ready to not only rise to the challenge, but do it with aplomb and make sure that those expanded horizons are put to use.

4) Garrison forces. As the party discovered, the Apiary was awash in heavy weaponry and formidable military force. Much of it was devoted to containing Bolothamogg and the horrible creatures that it crafted and animated from Siberys shards and then sent marching against the city. Such a garrison would, in due time, need to be reconstituted to keep a weather eye on the Elder Evil Sealed in a Can. You will also need to recruit and develop a sizable military apparatus if you are to ever hope to retake the Arcanium and evict its mindflayer overlords, or bring order to the death jungles of the Arborium.

Raw Materials
Forty-thousand years ago, the Ark was built in situ using predominantly Conjuration(creation) magics, with raw Siberys shards from the Ring being transmuted directly into arcane energy and then used to power true creation and greater fabricate spells on a truly colossal scale. While the needs of the moment are not nearly as great, the resource stockpiles of the Ark are grossly inadequate to handle the backlog of repairs and deferred basic maintenance which currently exists. Large infusions of four categories of resources are required to restore the Ark:
1) Quality stone and iron. Much of the Ark’s is constructed of alchemically treated and arcanely reinforced stone or steel, which will be required in voluminous quantities to repair the damage done to the Promenade and the outer ring by millennia of bare minimal maintenance and more recent events. Delthan furnishes you with a mineralogical survey of several locations where quarrying stone of sufficient strength can be obtained, as well as the specifications to which steel must be prepared to.

2) Precious industrial metals. The Ark’s critical systems, related to the upkeep of what’s left of Bolothamogg’s prison, upkeep of the Ark’s libraries of the Giants’ knowledge, and maintenance of proper orbit, have been overdue for overhauls. The situation has degenerated to the point that nothing less than full rebuilds of most of those systems will be required, and necessary to do that will be adamantium, mithril, and a basket of other planar minerals you have never heard of before. Delthan provides you with a mineralogical survey of several locations where these metals can be found in the quantities required.

3) Organic materials. For all of its wondrous and gleaming artifice, the Ark is still in no small part reliant upon plants for day-to-day operations: The organic material they produce is used in myriad applications across the Ark, ranging from emergency patching materials to maintain the structural integrity of the outer ring to being the basis for the fibrous arcane cabling that transfers energy throughout the Ark and, given the extent of the accumulated damage to the Ark, massive quantities of such will be needed. A small botanical encyclopedia is supplied to you of useful plants and, more broadly, useful traits known to be possessed by plants.

4) Portable magic. Many of the Ark’s systems were built to utilize combined-cycle arcane power sources, drawing some of their power from absorbing the ambience of the Ark’s central Siberys shard while, concurrently, drawing power from the direct transmutation of shard reservoirs into magic. The Celestial Foundry’s shard reservoirs have all but depleted themselves: Alternative sources and mechanisms for solid magical fuel will be required to keep the systems which rely on portable magic online.

Magic is the lifeblood of the Ark: It is what keeps the station where it is and keeps its prisoner bound, ever so tenuously.
1) Little magic. Around every corner of the Ark lays some kind of magical effect: From its usage of holographic interfaces to its omnitool security protocols, the Ark is replete the arcane. Much of its functionality has worn thin, however, due to failures by both the Celestial Foundry and Apiary to ensure basic upkeep was done on the infrastructure that supports it. This is the sort of work, keeping ambient magical effects operative and in the best possible condition under their usage circumstances, that is the bread-and-butter of major urban areas in Khorvaire: A corps of artificers and magewrights adept at such preservation of ambient magical effects will be required to return the Ark to its former glory.

2) Big magic. As the millennia have worn on, the Ark has faced an ever greater magical energy crunch: Because of the falling out between the Apiary and the Celestial Foundry has much of the power collection apparatus to ossify and breakdown due to lack of maintenance. The available power resources for the Ark have dwindled to the point that there is only enough to maintain its most essential systems for maintaining orbit and the most critical of the station’s defensive protocols: Worse still, the immense periods of exposure to the hostile medium of spess have corroded and warped most of the radiance collectors that power the Ark, meaning simple repair is no longer an option and that replacement is necessary, and there simply no way to replace the ruined collectors needed in a timely manner given the slew of other, more pressing repairs that need to be made. What is required is a power source capable of producing the combined output of the lost radiance collectors: Delthan thinks he could design such a thing, but would need to find someone with a large enough and sophisticated enough magical base to build it. He scoffs at anyone in Khorvaire being able to do it: He requires something with an output of four-hundred megavances – with a vance equaling one-sixth of a spell-level per second of magical output – and the largest such output humanity has ever achieved was approximately ninety kilovances, out of the oscillatory engine which inadvertently triggered the Mourning. You’re going to have to enlist the help of someone with far, far more power. While Delthan knows nothing of Eberron’s evolution for the past 40,000 years, he can think of at least one player who could do what he requires: Argonnessen.

Aftermath of the Ark, Part I: LOOT FOR THE LOOT GOD!
Ding-ding-ding goes the trolley! And the party, too.

Party gains a level and is now L7. Huzzah! Write-up of the immediate aftermath of your killing the load-bearing boss will follow, as will the actual XP dump. Below is the accumulated loot you have acquired between this adventure and that which is still back in Sharn.

X-205 Shootemabob [Claimed by Dr. Flint]
Relbmet’s Wrath [Claimed by Burzam]
Runestaff of power [Claimed by Gwynne]
+2 Huge ranseur [x2]
+1 ebonsteel maul [Claimed by Burzam]
+1 geosteel halberd [Claimed by King]
+1 mithril bastard sword [Claimed by Reine]
Mwk cold iron dagger w/least crystal of fire assault [claimed by King]
Mwk cold iron spear w/least crystal of cold assault [x6]
Mwk compact gunblade [x7] [all claimed by Burzam for research and spares]
Mwk gundagger [x8; 2x claimed by Mara; remainder claimed by Burzam for research and spares]
Mwk heavy repeating crossbow w/least crystal of acid assault [x4]
Mwk pyrosteel heavy mace [x3]
Mwk shardcaster [x3; 1x claimed by Kingu, 2x claimed by Burzam]
Mwk snipehammer [x2] [claimed by Burzam for research and spares]
Mwk tactical gunblade [x4] [all claimed by Burzam for research and spares]

Royal Regalia of the Cenyor’xen [Claimed by Gwynne]
War Harness of the Champion [Claimed by King]
+1 leather armor [x2;1x claimed by King]
Adamantine chainmail
Chitin breastplate
Chitin-and-leather armor [x5]
Mwk aerosteel breastplate [x2]
Mwk cryosteel chain shirt [x2]
Mwk geosteel full-plate
Mwk Siberys shard-gilt buckler

Wondrous Items
Abeil guardian arcane core [x2] [1x claimed by Burzam for future use]
Aureon’s spellshard
Celestial urmine cloak
Cloak of comfort +1 [claimed by Burzam]
Feather fall token [x4]
Horn of good/evil [claimed by Burzam]
Ring of arcane might [MIC p. 121; claimed by Gwynne]
Ring of fire divergence [MIC p. 122]
Ring of protection +1 [x2; 1x claimed by Burzam]
Ring of sustenance [Claimed by Reine]
Ring of the four winds [MIC p. 124]
Soarsled [x3]

Ammunition and Consumables
Acidic fire potatomasher [x4]
Fire potatomasher [x6]
Frost potatomasher [x2]
Potion of darkvision
Potion of remove fear
Scroll of cure serious wounds
Scroll of regenerate
Spark potatomasher [x3]
Tanglefoot potatomasher [x3]

Art Objects
Ornate survival knife hewn from T-rex fang and dinosaur-hide sheath [900gp]
Stylish sunglasses with black-and-yellow frames whose lens darkness adapts to ambient light [700gp]
Dangling mithril earrings [500gp]
Mithril signet ring bearing the coat-of-arms of the Apiary of the Harmonious Order [550gp]
Fire opal ring with a mithril band [800gp]
Platinum sunburst crown adorned with well-cut Siberys shards [5,000gp; claimed by Mara]

  • Appraiser’s Note: Because there is no established market for abeil art, Mara’s bracketed value estimations are heavily weighted towards the value of their materials rather than their market value.

Mundanes Items and Junk
Fur-lined bomber jacket with unit patches of the 32nd “Fightin’ Shardhorns” Air Mobility Squadron [x2] [1x claimed by Burzam]
Hardened chitin helmet with inert holographic interface [x2]
Borken and inoperative arcane matrix
Damaged compact gunblade components [x3] [all claimed by Burzam for research and spares]
Damaged tactical gunblade components [x1] [claimed by Burzam for research and spares]
Damaged shardcaster components [x2] [claimed by Burzam for research and spares]
Damaged snipehammer components [x1] [claimed by Burzam for research and spares]
Broken suit of ornate, platinum-filigreed mithril full-plate, sized for a Large quadraped
Full-length mirror with a viewing surface composed of elemental water
Huge-sized tapestry of abeils and uplifted races guarding shackled demons, with the texture and appearance of a mosaic fresco
Wall scroll featuring a permanent silent image of seemingly random colors that reveal a watercolored portrait of a creature like Blasto when looked at from the right angle
Black-and-red chess-style game board that, when opened, produces round holographic game pieces that can be interacted with
Solid platinum, 15’ tall Bling Throne of Awesomeness under shrink item effect [claimed by Kingu]
A transparent cage, which emanates a strong Transmutation aura, containing a perfectly ordinary hamster [claimed by Gwynne]
Huge-sized full-plate with Siberys shard gilting fitted for a spire drone [claimed by Kingu]
Bottle of Aerklanholde whiskey, 873 A.K. vintage
Journal of Kyra Imardi, detailing life aboard the Ark and splattered with bloody
Journal of Lord of Blades’ expedition, laden with log entries, arcane discourses, and insane ramblings
A Brief Primer on Cenyor’xen Arcana, an eight volume set of tomes each a thousand pages long and written in Abeil [Burzam wants personal copy]
Twenty-Seven Salutes: Social Mores and You, a book on social etiquette in the Arcanium, written in Daelkyr
Homes Away from Home: Dealing with Uplifting Sickness, a book about coping with becoming a tceffessam and written in Abeil; dog-eared is a page urging readers not to panic and encouraging them to try “towel therapy”

Odds and Ends
Corpse of Huge silver dragon, stored under gentle repose in the Terminus District of Sharn
Kwah’nobe, a folding boat powered by a bound elemental [claimed by Burzam on behalf of the party]

943 gold pieces minted within the Apiary
3,695 silver pieces minted within the Apiary
5,000 gold pieces apiece in the personal accounts of Kingu, Dr. Flint, Mara, Gwynne, and Reine
4,000,000 copper pieces in a bank vault in Korranath

The Tceffessam and the Way Forward
In which the party is buried under ONE MILLION WORDS of expositionary transition.

You sit back and take in the scenery that whizzes past as your commandeered prison transport descends into the bowels of the bejeweled crystalline city of the abeils. Your heart jumps as you fly past multiple abeil-manned soarcraft, but they seem to pay you no mind. Thankfully. After what seems a small eternity, you finally feel your craft set down: Disembarking, you find yourself in the blasted and blown-out husk a crystalline building. Pehsemmef informs you that this was, once upon a time, a barracks of the tceffessam. Until two-and-a-half weeks ago, at any rate, when the abeils in whose service they had been descended upon them, intent on killing them to the last. The debris-strewn floors of the barracks bear witness to that, with dried and faded blood stains abounding and the occasional body too deeply buried to have been easily recovered by the abeil invaders.

You cannot help but wonder what would have driven the abeils to do that. Or, for that matter, just what the tceffessam even are. Or where they came from, as the five you have met all possess radically different anatomies and methods of communication. Upon inquiring with the prisoners you liberated, you learn that the tceffessam are “uplifted” denizens of the Arcanium and Arborium: Creatures raised out of the primordial struggle of life-and-death or freed from the shackles of servitude to the illithids by the abeils, then shown the wider world beyond what they had known. (“Enkindling within them the desire to keep the Defiler imprisoned,” to borrow Blasto’s phraseology.) Harozilat and Surrag were themselves natives of the Arborium, while Blasto and Nidrom were uplifted from the Arcanium. Pehsemmef became stand-offish when the subject of her own origins was broached, with the only information she would provide being that, “it was complicated.”

Taking stock of the situation and what your options are proceeding forward, you find the tceffessam are deadlocked and have spent a not-insubstantial amount of time arguing over this point. 18 days ago - you cannot help but idly wonder how, precisely, a place decoupled from the rising and setting of the Sun can have days – a cascading failure occurred in the Containment Fields northeast of the city, with much of the secondary containment systems being rendered inert. “Secondary containment”, a term you’ve often heard lobbed at you with little context, refers to the prevention of Bolothamogg from using the ambient magics of the Siberys shard which houses him, while “primary containment” refers to the integrity of the physical prison in which it is held. Much of the secondary containment systems were found in the northeastern zone of the cavern in which the Apiary exists, in the obviously named Containment Fields. No one was sure what caused the failure, though it was preceded by a series of strange commands emanating from maintenance areas in the Promenade. With many of the defenses against the Defiler’s usage of the Siberys shard’s inherent magics disabled, it was at most a few hours before it began enslaving the minds of its keepers: With willing thralls at its disposal to further weaken secondary containment, the width and depth of its control expanded so that within a mere day it had succeeded in taking control of the minds of some three-quarters of the Apiary’s denizens. It then set the military machine intended to contain it upon those who had resisted or evaded its control, including the vast bulk of the tceffessam. With control of the Apiary firmly in hand, it then ordered its minions to begin working on breaching primary containment, so that it could once and for all truly escape. Ominously, none of the liberated tceffessam know how far along the Defiler’s thralls are in affecting such, though the resources afforded by a city such as the Apiary should be sufficient to make it happen at a rather frightening pace.

Exterminating the masses of those who had resisted the Defiler’s control, however, was no easy task: Especially for the tceffessam, who were uplifted precisely because of the impressiveness of their talents and implicitly to give the keepers of the Apiary an independent force capable of operating against the abeil masses should something like this happen. Many, however, were captured in the initial crackdown: The less useful were summarily killed, while the others were sent to freshly created re-educated camps where they could be “indoctrinated” into Bolothamogg’s thralldom and turned against their former comrades in arms. Despite the weight of the abeil’s military and the psychological warfare waged upon them by being pursued by their former comrades, some of the tceffessam succeeded in evading capture and regrouping. Once regrouped, however, they had been unable to decide upon a course of action, ultimately dividing their forces in the hopes that one of the factions might find success. The courses of action pursued were:

1) A single tceffessam decided it would be most efficient to simply shoot and/or stab Queen Sitris’Aniram, the leader of the abeils, in the face. That man’s name was Wrex. It was his intent to, by himself, storm the Palace of Harmonious Order and then proceed to kill everything in his path until he made his way to the Queen’s throne room. And then, once there, proceed to undertake any number of excruciatingly painful endeavors that would have ended her life. A simple, but effective, way of breaking the hierarchy of the Apiary’s abeils: As the elf-bees were still more elf than bee, the decapitation of their political and social leadership would have thrown them into utter chaos. Judging from the resistance you encountered in freeing the tceffessam, however, you’re fairly sure that Wrex has not yet succeeded in fulfilling his mission. Surrag and Nidrom favor finishing what they presume Wrex has started, for just beyond the throne room lays the Ydnamron and with it the ability to end the threat posed by Bolothamogg once and for all.

The Ydnamron, as Nidrom points out to you, was one of the many redundant fail-safes built into the Ark. It is a soarship capable of operating within spess, intended to function as an lifeboat in the event that the Apiary was ever compromised. (It was never suspected that the entirety of abeil society might well end up contaminated.) The Ydnamron provides all the tools required to operate as a floating command post, with built-in access to the Ark’s internal transporter network and the ability to override all lockouts inhibiting the use of the transporter network and portal connecting the Ark to Eberron. Including those installed by Forgemaster Delthan. Were the Ydanamron to fall into the hands of Queen Sitris’Aniram, it would allow the abeils free movement throughout the Ark and could easily allow them to move, en masse, back to Eberron if a portal had been built planetside. While access to the Ydnamron is restricted and protected against infiltration by the contaminated, with sufficient resources, any lock can be picked or any door blown off its hinges: This particular fear is what animated Nidrom’s concerns about preventing the Queen from getting access to the Ydnamron.

Surrag, on the other hand, simply informs you that the Ydnamron also possesses a terminal with which the Purge of the Ark can be initiated. In light of the circumstances, it seems that it’d be most prudent to simply engage the ultimate kill-mode and then take the Ydnamron back to Eberron.

2) Two tceffessam, Aramas and Arail, led the remaining asari – numbering several dozen – to the northeast, intent on storming the Citadel of the Everflowing Aerotheria. (The asari, apparently, are a race that has had entire communities from the Arcanium uplifted. Those of you who speak Elven bite your tongues, as you wonder whether there is any connection between the word asari and the modern near-cognate derogative that roughly translates to “slattern.”) It was their intention to destroy the eldritch machine which provided breathable air to both the Apiary and Promenade, as well as the eldritch machine which maintained the magical barrier that prevented the atmosphere of the Apiary from venting out into spess. Activating the Citadel’s self-destruct protocols would accomplish both: Upon further inquiring, you also discover that blowing such up would eventually depressurize the Promenade, as it was the Citadel which made good the losses of atmosphere to simple seepage from the Promenade. As the tceffessam and abeils are not in vacsuits, it’s a fair bet that Aramas and Arail have not succeeded in their mission. Harozilat and Blasto both favor deploying what strength you have towards affecting such a plan, as it would “only” kill anything residing in the Apiary or Promenade that could not function in vacuum. Such a plan also, conveniently enough, should clear out the Promenade of any woeforged, as it seems highly unlikely that their necromantically animated organic bits can handle vacuum any better than your still-living parts.

3) The remaining mass of the tceffessam had set out for the maintenance corridors, in the hope of slipping out of the Apiary, into the Promenade, and then to the Celestial Foundry where they could re-establish contact with the Forgemaster’s forces and then reinitialize secondary containment and remotely purge what had to be from the Apiary. Luck ran against them, as they were overrun as they approached the closest maintenance access corridor: The one you all, incidentally, came through. Those who did not perish were shackled and made ready for transport. Prior to such occurring, however, the party intervened and freed them. Aren’t they lucky?

The remaining tceffessam are deadlocked: While two favor Option #1 and two favor Option #2, Pehsemmef remains torn and unable to condone the genocide of all those in the Arcanium and Arborium, while being equally doubtful that simply blowing the atmosphere in the Apiary will contain all the damage that has been done. They turn to you all to decide how to proceed: What say, oh venerable party?

Loot, Exploration, and Party Status
While in flight, you began poking around the interior of the soarship you “borrowed”. You discover a rather robust weapons locker, containing two shardcasters(each with 14 Siberys “spikes”, containing 3d4 worth of crystal damage), two snipehammers, three tactical gunblades, three compact gunblades, and six gundaggers. Additionally, you recovered a tactical gunblade, four compact gunblades, one shardcaster(w/14 Siberys spikes), and two gundaggers from the abeil jailers and soarship crew you killed. Mara’s keenly honed appraising eye puts all of them at masterwork quality, though she cannot be certain given that it’s radically different from anything she’s ever seen before. Examining the armory in the barracks you land at turns up no additional usable weaponry: It is barren of working abeil weaponry, though there are various broken iterations of such that were damaged during the storming of the barracks that may be looted.

No other immediately useful adventuring gear can be found in the ruins or from the enemies you have killed and looted.

You are laying over in the ruins of advanced civilization’s barracks: These are circumstances ripe for exploration and looting. While the tceffessam argue with themselves, and you with them, you may do such. Characters may take as many notes as they so desire; they may, as well, actively search for things. What, exactly, they are searching for can be relayed to the DM in the coming down-week: You have, by the DM’s count, four bags of holding(I) at your disposal: Such will be assumed to be filled with stuff from the armory at the start of next session, the precise contents hashed out during the coming down-week.

Party Status
Due to the length of your layover, your spell and power points are refreshed and are now at full, and whatever leftover ability damage is out-standing is also healed. Ambient magical effects at their finest, folks.

You discover, while poking around your omnitool, that you have been reclassified as a tceffessam and that, apparently, you have been given new user privileges as a result. The arcane spell pool provided by the omnitool is now an individual, rather than party-wide, pool. Your luck bonus to to hit, damage, saves and Armor Class is increased to +2.

When not arguing over what path to take, the tceffessam set about making sure that the soarship is ready for whatever is in the not-so-distant future. Digging through the rubble, they dig out several battered but still functional heavy armaments not terribly dissimilar to and rather more advanced than the eldritch cannon that Burzam made use of when he rode to the party’s rescue, scavenging four from the barracks’ rubble and mounting them in fixed positions on the side and rear doors of the soarship. Seeing the soarship with its large, sliding side doors opened reminds you of when all of this started and the Citadel soarskiff that saved you from Scimitar: Whether it’s a testament to the advanced nature of Galifarian civilization or the amazing coincidences that’re produced by convergent technical evolution is better left unsaid. You also discover that the soarship itself has some integral weaponry that is rather impressive: Impressive enough, as you discover, that the backseater is expected to use them.

The question of who, if anyone, shall ride shotgun to Nidrom when you take your leave of the barracks lays before you. The upcoming gaming segments will rely heavily on branching party choices: You will be given two sets of tasks, with your party choosing to do one and having the tceffessam do the other. Therefore, it would probably be prudent to keep the tceffessam party at its current size of four and seat one of your own NPCs, Mara or Oagen, running the weapons and navigation of the soarship. At the same time, you may desire to seat a PC there, but in the event of stuff happening in-flight in the cargo compartment, said PC will not be able to take part in it. Or you may desire to simply leave the seat empty: Such is entirely up to you.

Omnitool Acquisition
Because it wasn't transperant enough what franchise I was cribbing from.

“Authorized security measures activated.”

With those words, the giant hologram’s grainy image dissolves: At the same time, your forearms glow brightly, as ethereal orange gauntlet-bracers conjure themselves into existence! Somewhat taken aback by the “gift” granted to you by the arcane hologram, you tepidly poke your new not-quite-there armor which, to your astonishment, reacts to your poke and conjures out of the ether a floating window filled with writing that you can readily identify as Giant, even if it appears incomprehensible: A few seconds later, the translation magic kicks in, and you can make it out just fine, with the screen asking for your query. Mara, clearly frustrated, mutters about who she has to inquire with to get a consistent translation regime from the various interfaces of the Ark: Much to your surprise, an answer instantaneously appears within the window, informing you to direct all translation and interfacing problems to some known as Keeper Ediaranth in the Apiary, wherever that is.

Sufficiently impressed by the fact that you’re wearing a holographic bracer-gauntlet that can understand and respond to your requests despite not actually being there, you gingerly inquire just what the heck the thing even is. It identifies itself as an “omnitool”, a device intended to facilitate easier access to the Ark’s various subsystems, in-particular the Level I security measures which you have been given access to.

Level I Security Measures:
1) Arcane spellcasting unlocked. All party members may cast any spell of 3rd-level or lower off of the wizard/sorcerer or bard spell-list as if they were a wizard, sorcerer, or bard with a Caster Level equal to their Hit Dice. You may use your Intelligence or Charisma, whichever is better, to set any and all save DCs. The party shares an encounter-based pool of spell-levels with which to cast spells at a 1:1 basis. (I.E. a 1st-level spell consumes one spell-level, a 2nd-level spell consumes two, and so on.) The pool begins each encounter with 15 spell-levels within it. Arcane Spell Failure percentages from armor apply to spells cast in this manner, but spending an additional spell-level to cast a spell negates a 10% ASF chance. Multiple spell-levels can be expended in this way to overcome greater ASF chances.

2) Offensive and defensive precognition unlocked. All party members gain a +1 luck bonus to hit, damage, saves and Armor Class.

3) Resiliency enhancement unlocked. All party DR 2/adamantine and fast healing 1.

Who knows else these omnitools might be able to do? We shall see in the next session of Eberron, Soaring Skies of Khorvaire…


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