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  • The Forgotten Forge, Part 1

    *Awarded:* 6 Therendor, 998 A.K. near Valve Cluster E-212
    *The Skybridge:*
    --Defeating Tempest the Renegade Zaku: 200xp
    --Opting to Revive Tempest: 25xp, +5 Good Points, +1 Karma Point
    --Talking to the City Guard: 50xp *The …

  • The Forgotten Forge, Part 2

    *Awarded:* 9 Therendor, 998 A.K. at the Broken Anvil
    *The Party’s Campsite:*
    --Trading Roach Tempest’s Heathawk: 50xp, +1 Good Point *Dorasharn Ruins:*
    --Descending Into the Depths of Dorasharn: 100xp
    --Detecting Beetle Swarm …

  • Balgrim's Machination, XP Award

    *Awarded:* 14 Therendor, 998 A.K. at the Broken Anvil
    *The Broken Anvil:*
    --Roleplaying Reine’s Introduction: 100xp
    --Reine’s Prayer to Silver Flame Relics: 50xp
    --Making the Relics Glow: 50xp
    --Negotiating for Relics …

  • Main Page

    __I. Experience Points and Other Things__ +PARTY STATISTICS:+ *Experience Points:* 56,025/66,000 [L11] *Alignment Points:* 13 Chaos, 103 Good *Karma Points:* 2 *Resource Points:* Revamp in progress; coming back soon! *Other Bonuses:* All party …