Tag: artifact


  • Royal Regalia of the Cenyor'xen

    _Crafted millennia ago for the ruling abeils of the Apiary, these immaculate and billowing gowns of spun gold and animated Siberys crystals still shine brilliantly despite being over 40,000 years old._

  • Relbmet's Wrath

    _This masterwork Large maul’s head is fashioned from a bound earth elemental, inhabiting an arcane prison of Khyber shards and animated stone. Legend says that a great hero once succeeded in sundering an entire world inhabited by catfolk with a single …

  • War Harness of the Champion

    _This well-worn leather war harness is crowned with a three-spiked left spaulder. Despite looking rather useless, it provides a surprising amount of protection for what it is._

  • X-205 Shootemabob

    _Made of some the finest hardwoods you’ve ever seen and embedded with dragonshards, this repeating hand crossbow features a top-fed magazine and bears an extended wrap-around stock embedded with a large Khyber shard that softly crackles with electricity._

  • Shortbow of Infinite Arrows

    _A composite shortbow seemingly fashioned from laminating an Eberron dragonshard between the wooden layers, it pulses softly with magical power. Tugging on the bow-string causes an exquisitely crafted arrow to manifest and nock itself._

  • Armor of the Flame's Champion

    _Forged for the first paladins of the Silver Flame from steel bathed in its holy fires, the plating of this exquisitely made suit of half-plate armor bear no signs of wear and tear, despite a thousand years of service._

  • Love's Demise

    _You hold in your hand an elongated mithril pommel filigreed with bound elemental air, engraved with spread-winged angels in martial stances. Stories tell that those who wield this weapon will come to know great love, but will also fail to see it. At …

  • Mror Letter-Opener

    _A pimpin' sword-cane that was once wielded by Destian d'Kundarak, Balgrim's son from a parallel dimension. The look on his face when he hears that story is going to be amazing._

  • Blademaiden's Armor

    _Bright, colorful, made from the finest of silks, and with improbably long and fluttering sleeves, this armor pulled off of the gender-bent version of Mirror!Reine is probably more trouble than it's worth._

  • Balor Whip

    _A whip made from various red-hued sinews and fibers that sizzles with otherworldly power. It also sizzles with fire._

  • Lifedrinker

    _A magnificently wrought adamantine greataxe, forged for the elite of a long-dead civilization of giantkind, which possesses a distinctly malevolent glint in all lighting conditions._