Albatross Armory

+2 heavy repeating crossbow
+1 cold-forged steel lance [x5]
+1 geosteel tangat [x3]
+1 heavy repeating crossbow [x7]
+1 trident
+1 geosteel halberd
Mwk Small geosteel tangat [x10]
Mwk Small geosteel waraxe [x6]
Mwk Small heavy repeating crossbow [x6]
Mwk Large wilting ash composite greatbow w/+4 Str pull [x7]
Aquasteel javelin [x24]

+1 nimble geosteel full-plate [x2]
+1 aerosteel breastplate [x16]
+1 heavy geosteel shield [x5]
+1 breastplate
+1 leather armor
Mwk aerosteel chainmail barding [x5]
Mwk geosteel chainmail
Mwk wyvernhide breastplate

Wondrous Items
Cloak of protection +2 [x2]
Cloak of resistance +1 [x10]
Eternal wand of magic missile(CL9)
Eternal wand of regal Talentan procession (Summons clawfeet/carvers instead of horses)
Eternal wand of slow [x2]
Gauntlets of ogre power +2

Potion of blindsight [x4]
Potion of cure serious wounds
Potion of displacement [x2]
Potion of fly [x2]
Potion of girallon’s blessing [x3]
Potion of spider climb [x2]

Scroll of dispel magic(CL10) [x2]
Scroll of mass cure light wounds [x4]
Scroll of obscuring mist [x2]
Scroll of stinking cloud [x2]

Wand of cure light wounds(50 charges) [x4]
Wand of cloak of bravery(3 charges) [x2]
Wand of dismissal(3 charges)
Wand of Evard’s black tentacles(3 charges) [x2]
Wand of fireball(3 charges) [x2]
Wand of haste(3 charges) [x3]
Wand of mass align weapon(3 charges)
Wand of mass resist energy(3 chargers)

Magebred clawfoot[x5] [x2 claimed by Burzam]

+3 dragonbane bolt[x7]
Battered and broken masterwork ballista[x3]
Mwk cold-forged steel bolt[x600]
Mwk arrow[x120]

Albatross Armory

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