• Population: ~105,000,000 (44% humans, 14% gnomes, 10% half-elves, 8% elves, 7% dwarves, 4% halflings, 4% changelings, 4% goblinoids, 3% orcs, 2% other)
  • Area: ~725,000 square miles
  • Sovereign: King Boranel I ir’Wynarn
  • Capital: Wroat
  • Major Cities: Sharn, Starilaskur, Galethspyre, Xandrar
  • Exports: Weapons, machine tools, processed ore, manufactured goods
  • Climate: Temperate forest and plains in the north, sub-tropical forest and plains in the south
  • Highest Point: Erix Peak in the Blackcaps Range, maximum elevation of 13,256 ft.
  • Heraldry: A roaring bear surrounded by gold wyverns on a crimson shield
  • Founder: Wroann ir’Wynarn, fifth scion of King Jarot I, Last King of Galifar
  • National Motto: “We gain what we give.”

A detailed map of Breland can be found on Page 143 of the Eberron Campaign Setting.

Home of the Dagger Basin, Breland is the the industrial capital of Khorvaire and is best known as the site of the first city of the Dagger River, the cosmopolitan metropolis of Sharn, the City of Towers. Sharn is also the gateway to the mysterious continent of Xendrik, making Breland the premiere jumping off point for adventurers and thrill-seekers headed south.

Brelish Friends & Allies
—Maj. Boranax ir’Wynarn, eleventh child of King Boranel I and King’s Citadel liaison.
—Baronness Khaal ir’Perryn, life peer and co-chair of the Lords’ Select Committee on the Defense of the Realm.
—Varnak Jaggedhoof, retired adventurer and majordomo of Casa ir’Clarn.
—Balgrim d’Kundarak, tavern-operator, accountant, and more often than not black marketeer.
—Eranna d’Ghallandra-Kundarak, Balgrim’s keeper and lady who punches things to death with barbarian halfling fists of fury.
—Reginald J. Barthingfathom III, Esq., barmy technicolor warforged waiter.
—Ligriv, awakened tyrannosaur gadly.


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