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The one and only home to the verbatim adventures of our plucky band of heroes! Well, most of them, at any rate: Session #4 seems to have suffered from some data loss. But beyond that, it’s totally all of their adventures!

The Forgotten Forge
Session #1 — A party of intrepid adventurers forms! Their deeds will echo through ages. For now, though, they have a murder-mystery to deal with!
Session #2 — The party plods through the sewers and discovers the inert body of a warforged. Petforged acquired!
Session #3 — Dorasharn is reached! Acid-salivating rats and doggy golems are fought. Ah, to be L2 again…
Session #4 — The party loots an ancient foundry and discovers a Doomsday Beacon. Then grabs everything that isn’t nailed down as they flee in terror.
Session #5 — A boss fight beckons! The first rule of fighting warforged? Always coup de grace them. It’s the only way to be certain.
Session #6 — The party meets a refugee from another genre that doesn’t quite seem to know where he really is. He also castrates a gnoll.
Session #7 — In which the party gets a crash course on Sharn’s underworld and why it’s never a good idea to trust a guy who can summon up 1,800pp on short notice.
Session #8 — Karma’s not Balgrim’s friend, and the party chooses to start playing in its sandbox.

A Royal Pain in the…
Session #9 — The party journeys to Terminus Station! And learns about a princess who’s on the loose, Dr. Flint’s questionable past associations, and the finer points of handling dragonhawks.
Session #10 — The identity of the mystery rider is discovered and her plight expounded upon, before the party is ambushed by a gratuitous cameo.
Session #11 — Kingu deploys his ninja bluffing skills to shake the fuzz and the party leaves a hapless wizard naked and unconscious at the train station.
Session #12 — The party relaxes in an opulent private lightning rail carriage and ventures into Wroat, to deliver Mara to her final destination.
Session #13 — The party arrives at the home of Luken ir’Clarn, Wroat’s most bodacious party animal. And discover their princess isn’t in another castle. (Oh, crap! …no, glue.) Postscript: Post-Fight Pandemonium
Session #14 — An affable general talks the party’s ear off, while tipping them off about political turmoil in Aundair. He also makes them an offer they cannot refuse. Postscript: Alvos Brillik’s Big Offer
Session #15 — The vagaries of awaken are dealt with and the party gets hosed by a bard, of all things! [Log lost to the sands of time; if anyone has a copy, please let me know. Postscript: Fake Austasia Go Down the Hole!
Session #16 — A talking tyrannosaur tells you of his greatest dreams, a socialite’s nose is broken by her social better, and leave is at long last taken of Casa ir’Clarn.

The Lower Dura Aflame
Session #17 — The party makes its back to Sharn, only to be summoned to a place where everything is on fire. And discover Roach has been a very, very busy boy.
Session #18 — Revelations are had as the party learns they’re dealing with D-R-A-G-O-N-S, and a break-in of the Lower Dura is made through the Precarious district.
Session #19 — The party makes its way through the roiling maelstrom of the Precarious district towards the Broken Anvil. It doesn’t end well.
Session #20 — Four heads on pikes as a message to future generations, a lovable oaf, and other treasures are found as the killing fields in front of the Broken Anvil are poured through.
Session #21 — The interior of the Broken Anvil’s ruins are explored, with a tsundere dragon and a vein of plot found within.
Session #22 — The party sets out for Malleon’s Gate, where they fight gnoll einsatzgruppen and the Big Bad responsible for setting the ward on fire. Who is also, conveniently enough, a D-R-A-G-O-N.
Session #23 — Loose ends in the Lower Dura are tied up by the party, as a gang war is settled and they are lectured to about the Draconic Prophecy.
Session #24 — Loose ends topside are also tied up by the party, as Balgrim’s layered contingencies are explored and you have yourselves a little heart-to-heart with the draconic corpse without a heart.

To Infinity and Beyond!
Session #25 — The party decides how to proceed with the quarter-ton Khyber shard in their possession, only to be ambushed within fifteen minutes of leaving their inn.
Session #26 — A race to get to DA CHOPPA ensues as the party frantically tries to escape the Drizztforged.
Session #27 — Another new face is added to our plucky band, who have just agreed to do something really stupid. Par for the course, really.
Session #28 — Welcome to Mystery Resurrection Theater 3000, where all the folks and plot threads you thought were dead come back to provide you much needed exposition.
Session #29 — The party ventures through the not-Stargate and is thrown across the Astral Sea to the Ark! Only to discover that it was a one-way trip.
Session #30 — The encampment of the Cyran refugees is reached, and their souls are crushed by the news of the Mourning. Our heroes, everybody!
Session #31 — The depths of SPESS are braved as the party goes spacewalking, only to run into a voidwraith and undead warforged.
Session #32 — The horrible secret of the Ark is discovered, and an overarching plotline is born. The party also get pew-pew lasers! Postscript: Omnitool Acquisition
Session #33 — A path is chosen and the power of un-bee-lievably bad puns is unleashed.
Session #34 — Cameos are provided for the Cameo God, while Burzam gets strangled by a big, stupid jellyfish. Postscript: The Tceffessam and the Way Forward
Session #35 — A race across the city in spess occurs! And Kingu casts haste on the ship to make it go faster.
Session #36 — Queen B. Crazypants unleashes her fury and proves that cheating casters do indeed cheat. A pity it’s insufficient cheatery to keep her alive. Postscript: Hyaenotherius Flint and the Space Station of Doom

The Draconic Prophecy Turns…
Session #37 — Our party are back on Eberron, only to discover Roach has been even busier on his own this time.
Session #38 — The party is unceremoniously ordered to go to Argonnessen. And, while preparing to do so, meets another refugee from another genre.
Session #39 — Everyone’s favorite Action Princess is brought up to speed on events in Aundair. And Blackfist demonstrates his fashion sense! And Vanne remains as cute as ever.
Session #40 — After a couple of weeks of interluding in Sharn, the party finally ventures into the Lower Dura find out what the tceffessam and Broken Anvil have been up to.
Session #41 — The party finally leave Sharn, to go pick-up Roach and the dragons! And get ambushed by halfling paratroopers just outside the city limits.
Session #42 — An attempt at a draconic rescue is made, only to run aground on the nettlesome fact that Evil outsiders are cheaters.
Session #43 — A titanic battle ensues for control of the Albatross, revelations are had therein, and Reine learns why they call him Wile E. Yugoloth, Super Genius.

Meddling Kids at Play
Session #44 — The party sets sail for adventure! And inadvertently lands in another genre entirely. Again.
Session #45 — The mean streets of Wroat are hit in search of clues to a most peculiar mystery, only to be harassed by a butlerforged, discover that Wile E. Yugoloth is a record producer, and that teenaged rebellion lives on.
Session #46 — The party learns that their names are spoken in the halls of Brelish power, while Gwynne learns what Lorsanna does with her toolbox while taking one for the team
Session #47 — Neltharion pays the price for making Vanne cry, and our heroes venture forth to meet everyone’s favorite talking dinosaur.
Session #48 — A visit is paid to everyone’s favorite Awakened tyrannosaur! And it is learned that he has an exceptionally strange architectural sense. The party is as well propositioned about going to the Land Where Everything Is On Fire! (They never get asked to go anywhere nice.)
Session #49 — A night at the theater is to be had, and a ringer is hired on the word of an old friend. In other news: Tenure is awesome!
Session #50 — The party heads out to the theater, where they discover the glories of ninja-beer prior to the curtain going up.
Session #51: Distraction Team — Half of the party risk life and limb drawing attention to themselves and having to endure an operatic production filled with POMPOUS BOMBAST.
Session #51: Infiltration Team — The other half of the party risk life and limb in a rather more literal sense, dodging deadly deadly traps and goblin ninjas.
Session #52 — A trip is taken to the Accusing Parlor, and NPCs who the party hasn’t seen in ages come out of the woodworks in droves to join in the festivities.

Just Working On A Tan
Episode #53 — Arguments are had about what course to take as Aundair’s political turmoil deepens, when things abruptly end and the party finds itself at loggerheads.
Episode #54 — Mara suggests the party sneak into Aundair to attend Olladra’s Welcome, the annual bacchanal affair thrown to greet the arrival of summer, while a new face is met in en-route!
Episode #55 — The party approaches the border, where they are buzzed by an armored dragonhawk and learn that airport security exists in Eberron. And it is just as rude there, too.
Episode #56 — The party makes it to Aundair, where the question of the orchestral value of the kazoo is pondered before a stowaway is discovered and a bounty is collected.
Episode #57 — The party mops up the rest of Aznable’s cult, only to discover the daughter of a local celebrity in their midst, and are greeted by a pair of most unlikely faces at the Radiant Tide.
Episode #58 — The party’s hotel suite is assaulted by a vagrant with no sense of personal boundaries, while Vanne demonstrates her mastery of three-card monte and that coffee is not for baby dragons.
Episode #59 – The pursuit of food leads the party off to have brunch under the sea with the matriarch of House Lyrandar.
Episode #60 — The pieces fall into place as it’s learned that Mara was supposed to be engaged to Esravesh’s son, and that son is really Kingu! DUN DUN DUN!
Episode #61 – After discovering that Drink the Shot is apparently a game, a mostly hungover party is confronted by something completely different!
Episode #62 – The party gets to fights an army of water elementals and warforged marines! Strange combo, that.
Episode #63 – The Dread Altar of Ominousness rises from the sea! Clearly the solution to this is to deploy the deadliest weapon known to man: The blitzball.
Episode #64 – While the Fanfare music is playing, the party ties-up loose ends on the beach. And it’s discovered who was behind the elemental invasion? In hindsight, it makes sense that a LoBster was involved in it.

Through the Looking Glass: Down the Rabbit Hole
Episode #65 – And now for something completely different again, Reine’s dreams prove to be rather more important than he’d guessed.
Episode #66 – The locals are tangled with as the party tries to make heads or tails of when they are! Only to run into the World’s Most Interesting Dragon and his Portable Lair.
Episode #67 – The World’s Most Interesting Dragon is apparently unable to use spell-completion items, so the party is forced to instead take the train instead. On which they see some familiar faces!
Episode #68 – A horrible revelation is made: Political machinations exist in the Mirrorverse, and they’re even more obnoxious than back home since you don’t have any context for them.
Episode #69 – The party decides that the only way to solve wheels-within-wheels machinations is face-stabbing, only to have an irate blind prophetess appear to get you back on track.
Episode #70 – The reasons for the party’s trip to a parallel timeline start to come into focus as Reine’s brain oozes from his ears.
Episode #71 – The party mulls killing Aldos Krozen for fun and profit. But mostly fun.

Through the Looking Glass: The City of Chocobos
Episode #72 – It’s decided to head off for Xen’drik and preparations are made for the coming trip. …by sending a talking dachshund to reconnoiter. That’ll surely end well.
Episode #73 – The party makes landfall in Arragonth, only to discover a place far more interesting than a jumping off point should be.
Episode #74 — In which our heroes discover that the zen art of noogiecism is a thing, and Talagos’mahrin is a practitioner of it.
Episode #75 — The We Hate the Mirror Party Fan Club is discovered, and our heroes eagerly join it.
Episode #76 — A cunning plan is devised to murder the Mirror Party’s faces off! As is the depravity of enslavement at the hands of the Krynvulkiir.
Episode #77 — The final preparations are made for the trip to Dulum, and the party at long last set out of the last bastion of giantkind.

Through the Looking Glass: Beware Sleeping Giants
Episode #78 — The party arrives at Verathen’s Redoubt and undertakes its infiltration by hiding in plain sight! And an ally with a tragic past is gained for their troubles. …“Ally”.
Episode #79 — The expanses of Khyber are traversed and Dulum broken into, only to find out that, for the last bastion of giantkind, it has a distinct infestation of elves and robots.
Episode #80 — Our heroes turn the tide of the battle they find themselves in, winning the admiration of the battleborn and stealing a rotorcraft gunship fair and square.
Episode #81 — The mysterious Deuce is finally met and an old friend thought lost reappears as the party learns pretty much every dragon ever bears a grudge against the World’s Most Interesting Dragon.
Episode #82 — The hitches a ride to begin the Ultimate Fight of Ultimate Destiny, and discovers Reine’s mirror-self is even stranger than they could’ve ever imagined.
Episode #83 — The party finishes the Ultimate Fight of Ultimate Destiny, in which they vanquish their hated mirror-selves! For this dimension is only big enough for one group of protagonists.
Episode #84 — Having killed the Head Villains, our heroes remember that they still have to deal with the Head Head Villain, who’s hopped up on the stolen mojo of a demigoddess.
Episode #85 — The party confronts Eilista, as the Light of Siberys appears in force in the skies over Dulum. And discover that Eilista is just as insane as they were warned about.
Episode #86 — Eurynome comes out to play as the Moonbreaker cycles up, only to have her moment of villainy foiled by Belldandy, Goddess of the Dicebot.
Episode #87 — Stock is taken of the victory and preparations are made for the return home, after having spent entirely too long in another dimension.
Episode #88 — The party learns the horrible truth about the purpose of their trip to the Mirrorverse, and of yet another growing threat back home. TL;DR: It’s all Reine’s fault.

The Sharn Interludes: 23 Dravago-4 Nymm
Sharn Interlude #1 — The party goes to have a chat with the warfogred who bears the greatest name ever.
Sharn Interlude #2 — Gwynne goes to claim her piece of real estate, only to discover its basement has got a slight infestation.
Sharn Interlude #3 — The party goes noodling in the sewers for fun and profit. Yeehaw!
Sharn Interlude #4 — A chat is had with one Abbagath Stoutaxe, and rather ominous discoveries are made.
Sharn Interlude #5 — The party pursue the mysterious Fluffiwuffikens, while being trapped in another episode of Mystery Cameo Appearance Theater 3000.
Sharn Interlude #6 — The party chases a horribly misnamed beast across the skies of Sharn while fending off rival adventuring parties. Just another day at the office, really.
Sharn Interlude #7 — Burzam has a chat with Jevik’s corpse, and learns the same lesson Kingu did about question-asking with Speak with Dead.
Sharn Interlude #8 — The party meet a pair of hardened mercenaries from Xen’drik and are forced to choose a captain for the Albatross. Surely this will end well, won’t it?
Sharn Interlude #9 — It’s time for dinner at the hippest restaurant in Sharn, complete with a little musical theater.

Log Repository

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