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I. Experience Points and Other Things
Experience Points: 56,025/66,000 [L11]
Alignment Points: 13 Chaos, 103 Good
Karma Points: 2
Resource Points: Revamp in progress; coming back soon!
Other Bonuses: All party members gain 7 + (1/2 HD) Action Points per level rather than 5 + (1/2 HD); all party members currently radiate a Strong Good aura and gain a +4 bonus on all Charisma and Charimsa-based skill checks from Good point accumulation.
Current Date: 6 Barrakas, 998 A.K.

  • As the party progresses, its actions will accrue it Alignment Points: These come in the form of Good, Evil, Law, and Chaos points. Acquiring Alignment Points on the opposite of the alignment grid from one which you already possess offsets it. (I.E. if you have 5 Good points and acquire an Evil point, your total is reduced to 4 Good points.) Alignment points can be used in place of experience points in magical item crafting, at a rate of 1 Alignment Point = 25xp. Other benefits may be discovered as the game continues.
  • The party accrues Karma Points when it does something that is worthy of “going around”, as the saying goes. Karma Points may be expended either as a Get Out of TPK Free card, to either restore the party – circumstances permitting – to life after falling below -10hp or to allow the party to activate a checkpoint relatively close to their deaths to load from. Parties can also accrue negative Karma Points and go into karma deficit, which could mean…well, given the power of Karma Points, all sorts of bad juju.
  • The party accrues Resource Points as the Khorvaire Venture Company develops friendships and working relationships with powerful individuals and institutions, as well as whenever it acquires access to useful natural resources and manufacturing capabilities. They are a fungible and abstracted representation of the resources which the party can mobilize at any given time.

II. The Party’s Popularity and Standing With the Wider World
Nations & Regions
Aundair: Honored [35/400]
Breland: Honored [267/400]
Darguun: Disliked [-99/-100]
Droamm: Respected [47/100]
Karrnath: Friendly [10/200]
Thrane: Honored [35/400]
The Cyran Remnant: Honored [142/400]
The Talenta Plains: Respected [47/100]

Organizations & Institutions
The Chamber: Respected [35/100]
The Lord of Blades: Hated [0/-800]
The Lords of Dust: Hated [0/800]
Morgrave University: Friendly [130/200]
The Church of the Silver Flame: Honored [5/200]

Dragonmarked Houses
House Cannith: Honored [105/400]
House Ghallandra: Friendly [30/200]
House Kundarak: Friendly [30/200]
House Lyrandar: Respected [42/100]
House Orien: Respected [42/100]

Popularity Key:
Unheard Of → Neutral → Respected → Friendly → Honored → Revered → Exalted
Unheard Of → Neutral → Disliked → Unfriendly → Despised → Hated → Killed on Sight

Current progress towards the next level of popularity is indicated in brackets.

The Factions of the World of Eberron:

Note that factional information will only become available either if the party meets or confronts elements of a particular faction or if a particular learns of the party and its deeds of derring-do.

III. Useful Links
1) Quest Journal
2) Dramatis Personae
3) The Armory of the Albatross
4) Party Palaces and Rides
5) Log Repository

IV. House Rules
1) Class-Specific House Rules
2) Skills Rebuild
3) New Feats
4) New Weapons and Armor
5) New Alchemical Items
6) New Special Materials

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