New Alchemical Items

Alchemical Potatomasher
By the 920s, a generation of nearly continuous warfare amongst the Five Nations had laid bare the inefficiencies of the flask-based explosives. Flasks of acid and alchemist’s fire were too difficult to ready in the heat of combat, provided too little punch, and had too short of an engagement envelope to enhance the individual soldier’s capabilities. The answer to the problems posed by flask-based grenades was the creation of the potatomasher, a grenade which drew its name from the kitchen utensil of the same name.

An alchemical potatomasher functions similarly to a flask weapon, in that it is thrown at a square which requires an attack roll against AC 10. If hit, any creature in the square takes primary damage and creatures in adjacent squares take splash damage, based upon the type of alchemical potatomasher:
Acidic Fire – 3d4 fire and 3d4 acid primary, 1d4 acid and 1d4 fire splash
Fire – 3d6 fire primary, 1d6 fire splash, primary and splash targets set on fire
Frost – 3d8 cold primary, 1d8 cold splash
Spark – 3d8 electricity primary, 1d8 electricity splash

All alchemical potatomashers have a range increment of 30 ft. Drawing an alchemical potatomasher is a free action.
Cost: 65gp(fire); 75gp(frost and spark); 100gp(acidic fire)

Tanglefoot Potatomasher
Dove-tailing upon the innovations that came together to produce the alchemical potatomasher, the force multiplicative properties of the tanglefoot bag were reconsidered. Sporting a similar configuration to the alchemical potatomasher, the tanglefoot potatomasher’s primary advantage is its ability to deliver a greater payload out to a greater range than its bag-based forerunner. A tanglefoot potatomasher affects all creatures within a 10’ radius of the square that it lands in and it can affect Huge creatures.

A tanglefoot potatomasher has a range increment of 30 ft. Drawing a tanglefoot potatomasher is a free action. Unless otherwise noted, the effects of a tanglefoot potatomasher are identical to those of a tanglefoot bag.
Cost: 125gp

New Alchemical Items

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