Skills Rebuild

Let’s be honest: The 3.x skill system is entirely too pigeonholed for its own good. Therefore, there will be a bit of consolidating and rebuilding going on. To do this, two things will be done. Firstly? Class-based skill lists are abolished. Every class has equal access to all skills, though they are still limited by the number of skill points they possess.

Secondly, the existing skill list has been abolished and replaced by what is below. The goal is to provide wider functionality to available skills: To that extent, each consolidated skill has multiple uses, patterned along the lines of the existing skill list. Which SRD skills have been consolidated are listed after each new skill. For the moment, existing SRD DCs are slated to be used.

The New Skill List

  • Acrobatics(Dex): Balance, Escape Artist, Ride, Tumble
  • Arcana(Int): Knowledge(arcana), Spellcraft
  • Athletics(Str): Climb, Jump, Ride, Swim
  • Civics(Int): Knowledge(history), Knowledge(local), Knowledge(nobility & royalty)
  • Cosmology(Int): Knowledge(arcana), Knowledge(the planes)
  • Deception(Int): Bluff, Disguise, Forgery
  • Dungeoneering(Int): Knowledge(dungeoneering), Knowledge(geography), Knowledge(nature)
  • Endurance(Con): Autohypnosis, Concentration
  • Engineering(Int): Knowledge(architecture and engineering), Knowledge(geography)
  • Husbandry(Wis): Handle Animal, Knowledge(nature), Ride
  • Impress(Cha): Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information
  • Intimidate(Str): Bluff, Gather Information, Intimidate
  • Investigate(Int): Appraise, Decipher Script, Gather Information, Search
  • Legerdemain(Dex): Open Lock, Sleight of Hand, Use Rope
  • Mechanics(Int): Disable Device, Knowledge(architecture and engineering), Open Lock
  • Medicine(Wis): Heal, Knowledge(nature)
  • Perception(Wis): Listen, Search, Sense Motive, Spot
  • Psionics(Int): Knowledge(psionics), Psicraft
  • Skullduggery(Dex): Hide, Move Silently, Sleight of Hand
  • Survival(Wis): Knowledge(geography), Survival, Use Rope
  • Swordplay(Cha): Bluff, Intimidate, Perform(weapondrill)
  • Theology(Int): Knowledge(history), Knowledge(religion)
  • Use Magical Device(Cha): Use Magical Device, Use Psionic Device
  • Willpower(Wis): Autohypnosis, Concentration
  • Craft(Int)/Perform(Cha)/Profession(Wis): These skills function as Skill Tricks. When you take Craft, Perform, or Profession, choose a discipline or specialty as if you would normally and pay 2 Skill Points. For all checks that require that particular Craft, Perform, or Profession check, you are considered to have maximum ranks for your level in the appropriate Craft, Perform, or Profession check.

    Example: Verras, a 6th-level duskblade, purchases Profession(gullet diver). When swallowed by an astral dreadnought, he is treated as having 9 ranks in Profession(gullet diver) for any checks which are needed while in the beast’s digestive tract.
  • Skill Synergy: The old Synergy bonuses are gone, because most of the skills that synergized have either been rolled together or reflavored. Skill synergies are now determined by the consolidation of old skills into new ones. Most of the old skills appear more than once, having been consolidated into more than one skill. For each SRD skill you have that appears on the list of more than one consolidated skill in which you have at last 5 ranks, you gain a +2 synergy bonus on all of that consolidated skill’s checks.

    Example: Verras has 5 ranks in Endurance, Investigate, Perception, and Willpower. The old Search skill has been consolidated into both Investigate and Perception, meaning he gains a +2 bonus on all Investigate and Perception checks. Autohypnosis and Concentration were both consolidated into Endurance and Willpower. Since Synergy bonuses stack, Verras gains a +4 bonus on all Endurance and Willpower checks.

New Skill Tricks
Borrowing from Mutants & Masterminds, several new scaling abilities have been introduced via ranked skill tricks. Acquiring a ranked skill trick functions identically to acquiring a non-ranked one. After acquiring the initial skill trick, one can acquire additional ranks in it at a rate of 2 Skill Points per rank. The effectiveness of ranked skill tricks is usually, but not always, capped at one-half of the character’s Hit Dice, rounded down.

Skill Trick: Taunt [Ranked]
As a standard action, by suggesting that an enemy’s father smells of elderberries, you may provoke them to attack you. A taunted foe is compelled to attack you for one round. Creatures that have a natural immunity to compulsions and/or mind-affecting effects – e.g. constructs and undead — are affected to this ability, but those that have non-natural immunity – e.g. paladins of freedom or those under the effect of mind blank – are not. A taunted foe attacks you to the best of its ability, but does so in the most practical way possible: A wizard will throw a fireball at you, not attempt to bludgeon you to death with its staff.

You may use this skill trick 1/encounter. Each additional rank increases the number of times this ability may be used per encounter by 1 and increases the duration of its effect by one round. At the end of each round that a creature has been taunted, it makes a Will save to prematurely end Taunt’s effected. (The save’s DC is equal to 10 +½ HD + Con or Cha (whichever’s higher) + Number of Ranks in Taunt.) Your upgraded Taunt may not last a number of rounds greater than one-half your hit dice, rounded down.

Special: If you possess both the Taunt and Watchman’s Mark skill tricks, you may apply a mark to a foe when you taunt it.

Skill Trick: Watchman’s Mark [Ranked]
When you attack a foe with a melee weapon, you may choose to leave a mark upon them. A marked foe takes a -2 to-hit whenever it melee attacks a target other than you and provokes an attack of opportunity in doing so. Further, whenever a marked foe who is in a threatened square provokes an attack of opportunity whenever it moves at least 5’. Additionally, you gain an attack of opportunity per round, usable only against a marked foe, that does not count against the number of attacks of opportunity you may make during your turn. You may only have one mark active at a time, and a mark lasts until the marked foe is killed or it is cancelled.

Each additional rank of Watchman’s Mark increases the penalty to-hit on a marked target by -1 and the number of attacks of opportunity granted by this skill trick by 1. Your upgraded Watchman’s Mark may not have a penalty to-hit greater than one-half of your hit dice, rounded down.

Skills Rebuild

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