The Cyran Remnant

  • Population: N/A, as the number of survivors of the Day of Mourning is unknown; ~80,000 in New Cyre, ~3,000,000 in Vendra canton
  • Area: No official sovereign territory; ~40 square miles of New Cyre as provided by King Boranel, de facto control of the territory between the Mournland and Vendra.
  • Sovereign: Crown Prince Oargev ir’Wynarn, Last Prince of Cyre
  • Capital: New Cyre or Vendra
  • Major Cities: Vendra
  • Climate & Terrain: Temperate hills in New Cyre; temperate plains in Vendra
  • Highest Point: N/A
  • Heraldry: Crown and bell on a field of green, above a hammer and bellows
  • Founder: Mishann ir’Wynarn, first scion of King Jarot I, Last King of Galifar
  • National Motto: “What our dreams imagine, our hands create.”

New Cyre is located within Breland, on the trade road southeast from Starilaskur. Vendra is located at the (unmarked on the 3.5e and 4e maps) meeting of the lightning rail lines north of Lake Cyre.

The natives of Cyre are a people without a home and a nation without a state. The Kingdom of Cyre was utterly destroyed by the Day of Mourning, which turned the cultural heart of the Five Nations into the Mournland. Before the Last War, Cyre was a peaceful land with a long tradition of artisanship and artistry, both magical and mundane. Now the survivors of the Day of Mourning, of which there is no accurate count, live throughout Khorvaire, especially among the remaining four nations of ancient Galifar (Aundair, Breland, Karrnath, and Thrane), as well as in Zilargo and the Mror Holds. While no reliable estimates of the Cyran diaspora exists, it’s been estimated to number at least ten million, and possibly upwards of twenty, depending upon how one chooses to count the large Cyran expatriate communities in Darguun, Valenar, and the Talenta Plains.

The statelessness of their people is something which the Cyran Remnant has actively been resisting, but has found itself torn between two political poles. At the western pole is an enclave on Brelish soil, New Cyre, under the last surviving child of Queen Dannel, Crown Prince Oargev ir’Wynarn. At the other pole is the canton running from the Karrnathi border in the north to the shores of Lake Cyre in the south, and from the Mournland’s gray mists in the west to the city of Vendra, the last surviving Cyran city, in the east. The Vendra canton was created as the regrouping point for the Cyran eastern armies and the mass exodus from Metrol in the face of the Mourning. Military rule has essentially continued uninterrupted for the past four years under a junta built by the former Commander-in-Chief of the Eastern Armies, Gen. Alvos Brillik. The junta’s political legitimacy stems from its providing the muscle for the regency of Princes Donnos, only child Prince Vargan, last governor-prince of Talentaia and Oargev’s older brother. Donnos and his regent-mother, Princess-Consort Isalaea, were in Gatherhold at the time of the Mourning and represent the clearest alternative successors to the Cyran crown. Reconciliation between Crown Prince Oargev and the Brillik junta has thus far proven illusive: Oargev has a deep-seated dislike for Brillik, and New Cyre has no leverage beyond Oargev’s status as the rightful heir with which to bargain for a more favorable reconciliation.

Cyran Friends & Allies
—Alvos Brillik, retired general, intellectual extraordinaire, and de facto leader of the Vendra Canton.
—Oagen ir’Kaian, recently rescued Project Ringwalker artificer.
—Benevil ir’Kaian, Cyran Remnant ambassador to Breland and grateful grandfather.
—Herschem ir’Sollan, research arcanist for Project Ringwalker.

The Cyran Remnant

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