The Talenta Plains

  • Population: ~9,000,000 (50% halfling, 44% human, 4% dwarf, 2% other)
  • Area: ~287,500 square miles
  • Sovereign: The King of the Talenta Plains(de jure); Prime Minister Astarak Ghallandra(de facto)
  • Capital: Gatherhold
  • Major Cities: Dannel, Jarot, Mishann, New Metrol, Vendra
  • Exports: Handicrafts, exotic creatures, native art, mercenaries
  • Climate & Terrain: Temperate plains in west and central parts; warm desert and mountains in the east
  • Highest Point: Unknown
  • Heraldry: N/A
  • Founder: The Dino-Riding Halflings of Yesteryear
  • National Motto: None

A detailed map of the Talenta Plains can be found on Page 203 of the Eberron Campaign Setting.

The physical homeland of the halflings and spiritual homeland of House Ghallandra, the Talenta Plains are a wild region of rugged grasslands giving way in the east to blistering deserts and crags. The nomadic halflings of the plains are renowned for their use various dinosaur breeds as mounts and beasts of burden. Those native to this region treat the sharrash, the tangat, and the Talenta boomerang as martial weapons rather than exotic weapons.

The Talenta Plains is, despite its status as such under the Thronehold Accords, not really a true state. The government in Gatherhold can exercise almost no real power of its own: The country’s sizable human minority — almost four million strong without counting the Vendra Canton, and almost all Cyran irredentists — pay little heed to the Ghallandra government’s pronouncements and turn for leadership either to the Brillik junta or to the regency of Governor-Prince Donnos. The halfling-majority tribes also pay the Ghallandra government little heed, out of a traditional of distrust for any centralized government and a desire to the preserve the tribes’ autonomy. To further complicate the Ghallandra government’s difficulties, they have to deal with the most powerful army south of the River Cyre sitting on their doorstep: Since the end of the Last War, the Brillik junta has managed to maintain a standing force of 150,000, with the ability to mobilize another 200-300,000 from the Vendra Canton if needed. While the junta has proven remarkably cooperative with the Ghallandra government and evinced no desire for a coup, it’s an open question as to whether much could be done to stop the Cyrans if they chose to move against Gatherhold.

Talentan Friends & Allies
—None. Yet.

The Talenta Plains

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