Eberron: Soaring Skies of Khorvaire

Alvos Brillik's Big Offer

A man with boundless intellect has a boundless ambition and wants to send you into a land full of a boundless number of things that want to kill you.

Alvos Brillik smiles, knowingly, as he folds his arms and starts his sales pitch.

“It has become something of a cliché to say that Cyre’s destruction is a fait accompli. Were that it were true! I could have spent the past four years somewhere nice and sunny, finally devoting myself to my life’s one true love. But no, Cyre is not lost. Diminished, indubitably, but not dead. And it is my ambition to restore her.”

“Grandiose, I know, but a testament to Cyre’s ability to endure is the persistence of the ‘Cyran Question’ on the international stage: What are the nations of Khorvaire to do with we Cyrans, in light of what happened on the Day of Mourning? Aurala made clear what she thinks – that there is no more Cyre – and she carried the day in the Thronehold Accords. But not all are so…closed-minded or unsympathetic. I’ve spent the last four years courting, badgering, cajoling, and guilting those who disagree with Aurala into doing something about it. And my efforts are about to bear fruit.”

“Karrnath and Breland have proven…amenable to modifications to the post-war order, to facilitate the creation of a new Kingdom of Cyre out of the remnants of what once was that great nation: In short, the consolidation of the Talenta Plains, Valenar, and New Galifar into a single polity, one which also exercises nominal sovereign control of the Mournland. The sell, admittedly, was rather easier than you might think. The Talenta Plains have proven ungovernable, with the tribes, settlers, and my armies for that matter paying little heed to the Ghallandra government in Gatherhold; the elves of Valenar have proven rather uninterested in governing and would rather fight each other; and New Galifar is constantly inveighing for assistance from the Five Nations to deal with whatever the crisis of the week is in Q’barra. Making them all a problem of someone other than the guarantors of the Thronehold Accords was a rather convincing argument.”

“To do all of that, I need a king for what would be the resurrected Cyre. Fortunately, fate opted to preserve one member of Dannel’s line: Her youngest son, Oargev, who was the ambassador to Breland when the Day of Mourning occurred and who has, subsequently, become the leader of the enclave at New Cyre. (Ironic that the man who would be king of a new Cyre is the mayor of a burg called New Cyre, isn’t it?) No, what I require and do not have to make a king of him is a crown. And that is where our interests coincide, for I am organizing an expedition to the Mournland to recover the Cyran crown jewels.”

“The mobile fortress Vermitharas was the last of those great structures to be constructed during the Last War, having been laid down in 993 and been in the final stages of assembly at the elemental works in Mishann when the Mourning happened. For the past four years, the Ghallandra government and I have been scrimping and saving to finish her construction: A task which we have, at long last, completed. I will be taking the Vermitharas, with a full crew complement, to Vermishard Palace, in the very heart of Metrol. We are going to salvage the House Kundarak-built vaults beneath the palace and the treasures they contain, including the crown jewels. And I am in need of brave souls who are willing to brave the horrors of Host only knows what has taken up residence in Metrol and the depths of Cyre’s former seat of government.”

“I can see that look on your faces: ‘What’s in it for us?’ Well, I promised you way into Fairhaven, didn’t I? Once crowned, custom would demand that King Oargev undertake a state visit to the courts of the other major powers: True, this practice faded during the Last War, but it persisted at least when the powers weren’t at each other’s throats. You could be made members of his diplomatic entourage, which would, in due course, get you access to Fairhaven and a fair amount of freedom of action to pursue your goals once there. Beyond that…well, you would be heroes of the realm, helping revive a nation thought lost to history and providing a home to millions of displaced refugees. If altruism is not sufficient…well, the thanks of the royal government would be consummate to the risks taken: Ennobling and demenses for you all are certainly guaranteed, with thousands upon thousands of acres of the Talenta Plains and northern Valenar available for bequeathing. And who knows what treasures might be found in Metrol? Reasonable rights of salvage will be afforded while in the Mournland. If that is not enough to adduce you…well, I suspect not even Kol Korran himself could convince you to go.”

“So…what do you say?”


Juumanistra Juumanistra

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