Eberron: Soaring Skies of Khorvaire

Balgrim's Machination, XP Award

This is all his fault, really.

Awarded: 14 Therendor, 998 A.K. at the Broken Anvil
The Broken Anvil:
—Roleplaying Reine’s Introduction: 100xp
—Reine’s Prayer to Silver Flame Relics: 50xp
—Making the Relics Glow: 50xp
—Negotiating for Relics Purchase: 50xp, +1 Good Point
—Selling Forgotten Forge Loot: 25xp, +1,800pp
—Defeating the Redpaws: 900xp
—Defeating Dax Ironically: 50xp
—Stabilizing and Healing the Redpaws: 50xp, +2 Good Points
—Interrogating Dax: 50xp
—Discovering Balgrim’s Plot: 150xp, +2 Law Points
—Discovering Balgrim’s Dragonmark: 50xp
—Recovering Luhix: 150xp, +5 Law Points
—Fixing the Damage to Dax’s Crotch: 50xp, +5 Good Points
—Learning about Jevik, Daask, and the Redpaws: 100xp
—Letting Dax Go: 25xp, +5 Chaos Points, +2 Good Points
Total Rewards: 1,850xp, 10 Good Points, 2 Law Points, 1,800pp



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