Eberron: Soaring Skies of Khorvaire

ir'Clarn Estate Post-Script and Loot

Congrats, party! You got fat loot. ...and an international incident or three brewing.

Calm soon returns to the outdoor annex to the ir’Clarn estate’s main residency, as Varnak, Luken, Dr. Flint, and the guards free themselves from the sticky tanglefoot residue in which they found themselves trapped. Chaos soon returns, however, as Varnak begins asserting control over the situation and the damage control commences: After all, for many of the denizens of the ir’Clarn palace, they witnessed Princess Austasia being forcibly escorted out the back door and will not be seeing her re-enter. Combined with the sounds of scuffling that were invariably heard, it seems inevitable that folks will assume that someone attacked Austasia and her disappearance indicates a kidnapping.

After caucusing with Varnak, Aurim, and – perhaps counterproductively – Luken, a workable lie was finalized: The dragonhawk succeeded in escaping its restraints again, and the on-rush of a giant bird seeking to devour her had given the poor Austasia a case of the vapors, causing her to faint and demanding the rushing her off to her quarters for sequestration until her consciousness and nerve returned. (Mara, it must be noted, vociferously objected: Though whether it was due to her finding the idea genuinely flawed or just to disliking being portrayed as a fragile waif is debatable.) It was not, of course, a long-term resolution to the problem of what do about their impostor’s posing as Austasia, but at least it bought time to give the matter some thought.

With the immediate crisis averted, the guards and grounds crew of the estate set about moving Knuckles, Ayrun, and Austasia to a more…secure location, where upon they were dutifully searched and their items inventoried. Mara, demonstrating a bit of initiative and skill you didn’t realize she possessed, set about identifying what inventoried equipment, as well as the equipment you recovered from Avina. The next several hours pass in relative peace: Mara being busy identifying, while Varnak busies himself with clearing Austasia’s social calendar and convincing the small army of men who were clamoring for some of her time that it would be impossible to see her today.

Four hours have elapsed since the end of the brawl and it is now mid-afternoon. Mara has succeeded in clearing out the backlog, quite a feat, given the size of the inventory she was asked to tackle, though she lacks the tools to accurately assess the values of the gems found on Knuckles and Ayrun. According to Aurim, which Gwynne corroborates, the knock-out poison used on Austasia should be wearing off soon. A new wrinkle has manifested itself, though, as one of Austasia’s appointments, an elderly firebrand identifying himself as General Alvos Brillik whom Varnak informs you was the man with whom Austasia was meeting when he grabbed her, adamantly refuses to leave and has gone so far as to ask to speak with the party, directly. Varnak seems rather loathe to resort to throwing him out, while Mara seems to almost titter when it’s brought up he’s here and seeking her out. (Well, her other persona, at any rate.)

You have three questions that’re worth mulling over, intrepid explorers:
1) What are you going to do with the impostor Austasia and her goons?
2) What are you going to do about the fact that it’s common knowledge Austasia is in Wroat at the ir’Clarn residence and her going missing will clearly draw attention?
3) What are you going to do about this Alvos Brillik fellow?

You have four hours of downtime with which to play with, if you’d like to do anything in-particular, before the next session begins. Just lemme know, then we’ll figure out what needs to be done to make it happen.

Shortbow of infinite arrows
+1/+1 Valenar ebonsteel double-scimitar
+2 frost ebonsteel battlefist

+1 glamored mithril chain shirt
+1 aerosteel chain shirt

Adventuring Consumables, Gear, and Widgets
Eagle claw talisman [MIC p. 96]
Eternal wand of burning hands(CL5) [MIC p. 159-160]
Everlasting rations [MIC p. 160]
Glove of storing
Jade-inlayed brass mug that fills with a beverage of the holder’s choice when commanded to
Medal of steadfast honor [MIC p. 196]
Potion of aid
Potion of cure light wounds [x2]
Potion of eagle’s splendor
Potion of invisibility
Potion of resist fire
Wand of cure light wounds(27 charges remaining)

Mundane and Alchemical Items
Frost potatomasher [x2]
Tanglefoot potatomasher [x2]

Gems and Coins
Moderately sized black pearl
Cut and polished amethyst
Fist-sized uncut emerald


Juumanistra Juumanistra

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