Reldar ir'Andayn

His Excellency, the Right Honorable Governor-General of Graywall


Reldar ir’Andayn
CN Half-Elf
Level 5 Ranger, Level 6 Duskblade

HP: 72/99
AP: 10/12
AC: 26 (10 base + 2 dex + 9 armor + 2 natural armor + 3 deflection); touch 15, flat footed 24

STR: [ +3] 16 (14 base + 2 item)
DEX: [ +2] 14 (14 base)
CON: [ +2] 14 (14 base)
INT: [ +2] 14 (12 base + 2 level)
WIS: [ +1] 12 (12 base)
CHA: [ +2] 14 (14 base)

BAB: +11
Init: +2 (2 dex)

Fortitude: 16 (4 ranger + 5 duskblade + 2 con + 3 feat + 2 resistance)
Reflex: 10 (4 ranger + 2 duskblade + 2 dex + 2 resistance)
Will: 12 (1 ranger + 5 duskblade + 1 wis + 3 feat + 2 resistance)

Attacks -
greatsword: 1d20+16/11 to hit, 2d6+6 slashing + 1 fire
dagger: 1d20+14/9 to hit, 1d4+5 slashing
shortbow: 1d20+15/10 to hit, 1d6+6 piercing

Skills -
Acrobatics: 21 (13 ranks + 2 dex + 2 synergy + 4 mark)
Athletics: 18 (13 ranks + 3 str + 2 synergy)
Impress: 16 (12 ranks + 2 cha + 2 synergy)
Perception: 16 (14 ranks + 1 wis + 1 racial)
Swordplay: 12 (8 ranks + 2 cha + 2 synergy)
Arcana: 14 (12 ranks + 2 int)
Civics: 14 (12 ranks + 2 int)
Language: Auran

Feats -
Dragonmarked (Mark of Storm): +4 to Acrobatics, can cast Gust of Wind 1/encounter and Wind Wall 1/day.
Great Fortitude [Juums]: You gain +3 bonus on fort saves, die at -20 HP instead of -10 HP, and +1 HP/HD.
Weapon Focus: You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls made with polearms.
Power Attack [Juums]: May Cleave, Great Cleave, Power Attack, and Improved Bull Rush.
Iron Will [Juums]: Gain +3 to Will saves and Willpower rolls, Slippery Mind rogue class feature, and are dazed instead when you would normally be stunned.

Ranger Abilities -
Proficiency: simple and martial weapons, light armor, and shields (except tower shields).
Favored Environment (Airborne, Aquatic): +4 on Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Spot, Survival, and Knowledge (nature) checks made in association with THE FRIGGEN SKY, and +2 for water.
Bonus Feat (Track): May follow a trail with Survival check
Wild Empathy: May make d20 + ranger level + cha check as Diplomacy against animals (or magical beasts at -4 penalty).
Combat Style (Rapid Shot): When wearing light armor, may make one extra attack (at highest bonus) with a full attack using a ranged weapon, but all attacks take -2 penalty.
Bonus Feat (Endurance): +4 bonus on a bunch of checks against useless crap.
Animal Companion: fuzzy sidekick!

Duskblade Abilities -
Proficiency: martial weapons, all armor and shields (except tower shields).
Arcane Attunement: May use dancing lights, detect magic, flare, ghost sound, and read magic as spell-like abilities a total of 3 + int times per day.
Armored Mage: Incurs no arcane spell failure chance when wearing medium or lighter armor and using a light shield. [Per Juums, also applies to ranger Combat Style bonuses.]
Bonus Feat (Combat Casting): +4 bonus on Concentration checks to cast while defending, grappled, or pinned.
Arcane Channeling: May deliver a touch-range spell via melee attack.
Quick Cast: May cast as a swift action instead of a standard action once per day.
Spell Power: Gain +2 bonus to overcome spell resistance against target you have hit with a melee attack.

Half-Elf Abilities -
Type: Humanoid (Elf)
Size: Medium
Base land speed: 30 feet
Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic
Low-Light Vision: Can see twice as far as a human in poor illumination
Immunity to sleep spells and similar magical effects
+2 racial bonus on saving throws against enchantment spells or effects.
+2 racial bonus on Diplomacy and Gather Information checks.
+1 racial bonus on Listen, Search, and Spot checks.

Gear -
Love’s Demise: 2d6+2 slashing damage, ignores armor and shield bonuses to AC, gives Haste up to 4 rounds/day
augment crystal of least fire assault: + 1 fire damage to any weapon.
masterwork cold iron dagger: 1d4+1/19-20 x2 piercing or slashing, 10 ft range inc
Shortbow of Infinite Arrows: 1d6/x3 piercing damage, 60 ft range inc; (HD/4)+1 to attack and damage, str bonus always equal to wielder’s, gives wielder Precise Shot.

+4 black dragonhide breastplate: +9 armor bonus, +3 max dex, -3 armor check penalty; acid resistance 40
gauntlets of ogre power: +2 enhancement bonus to str
ring of protection: +3 deflection bonus to AC
amulet of natural armor: +2 natural armor bonus to AC
Cloak of Awesome: +2 to saving throws, constant Endure Elements, Prestidigitation theme music at will, and Mirror Image 1/day.
efficient quiver
handy haversack

masterwork shardcaster: 1d8+1/x2 bludgeoning melee, 3d4 slashing 30’ line, 7d4 slashing 15’ cone
shiftweave outfit
ornate shimmersteel cavalry saber with bejeweled hilt and sheath (counts as longsword)
celestial cloak: resistance to acid, cold, and electricity 1

potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
potion of Lesser Restoration
a scroll of Dispel Magic
wand of Protection from Energy (5 charges)
wand of Magic Weapon (5 charges)
frost grenade x2
universal solvent x3
dust of tracelessness x2
dust of dryness x2 (one “full”, one not)
2,164 gold

Ranger Spells Prepared-
Level 1: (1/0+1 per day) DC 12 (10 base + 1 level + 1 wis)
Speak with Animals: You can communicate with animals.

Duskblade Spells Known -
Arcane Attunement: (4/4 per day)
Dancing Lights: Create four floating lights (as torches) or one faintly glowing humanoid shape.
Detect Magic: Detect spells or magic items within 60 feet.
Flare: Create bright burst of light, may be used to dazzle (-1 attack) one creature for one minute.
Ghost Sound: Create illusory sounds.
Read Magic: Decipher spells on scrolls or in spellbooks.

Level 0: (6/6 per day) DC 12 (10 base + 0 level + 2 int)
Acid Splash: Ranged touch attack deals 1d3 acid damage.
Disrupt Undead: Ray of positive energy deals 1d6 damage to undead.
Ray of Frost: Ray deals 1d3 cold damage.
Touch of Fatigue: Touch attack fatigues (-2 str and dex, cannot run or charge) target.

Level 1: (7/6+1 per day) DC 13 (10 base + 1 level + 2 int)
Blade of Blood: Deal +1d6 damage with melee weapon as swift action, or sacrifice 5 HP and deal +3d6 instead.
Burning Hands: 15’ cone deals 1d4/level fire damage.
Chill Touch: Touch attack deals 1d6 negative energy damage [level] times per casting, deals 1 str damage (fort negates).
Shocking Grasp: Touch attack deals 1d6/level electricity damage.
True Strike: Next attack roll (made within one turn of casting) gains +20 insight bonus, and negates concealment.

Level 2: (4/3+1 per day) DC 14 (10 base + 2 level + 2 int)
Dimension Hop: Touch attack teleports target to a space within line of sight up to a distance of [5 feet/2 caster levels] away; will negates.
Swift Fly: May fly at 60 ft/round for one round; casts as a swift action.


As far as anyone knows, he’s Reldar ir’Andayn, up-and-coming adventurer who managed to finagle himself a noble title through services rendered to the Brelish crown. In actuality, he’s Riaan d’Lyrander, son of the matriarch of House Lyrander, gone AWOL for fun and adventure. But shhhh, that’s totally a secret.

Reldar ir'Andayn

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