Armor of the Flame's Champion

It's armor that totally doesn't haunt the dreams of paladins that wear it. Nope.


Heavy Armor: +7 AC bonus/+2 Maximum Dex Mod/-5 Armor Check Penalty/30% Arcane Spell Failure/40 lb.
Base Attack Bonus
+0: Encased in well-forged flametouched iron, you are a pillar on the battlefield. If you are a paladin of the Silver Flame, this armor has an enchantment bonus to Armor Class equal to your paladin Hit Dice divided by four (HD/4). As well, you ignore the first ten points of all non-lethal damage from attacks made by manufactured and natural weapons.
+1: You trundle about the battlefield rather well, all things considered. You can charge, double-move, and run as if were wearing light armor. You may use the Spring Attack feat while in this armor.
+5: Despite all that jangling of plate and mail, you really are quite dexterous. Your Armor Check Penalty is reduced by 2 on all Athletics and Acrobatics checks. You can take 10 on Athletics and Acrobatics checks even when distracted or hurried once per encounter. (If not in combat, this ability can be used once per minute.)
+10: Your enthusiasm for smiting evil has imbued you with an offensive elan. You can initiate a bull rush, disarm, grapple, overrun, or trip attempt without provoking an attack of opportunity. You are considered one size larger for determining size bonuses and penalties for all bull rush, disarm, grapple, overrun, and trip checks.
+15: The Flame protects you from danger as you protect its worshipers. If a Reflex saving throw reduces damage on a successful save, then when you successfully save, you negate all damage. This ability functions identically to the rogue’s Evasion class ability, except that it can be used while wearing heavy armor.


Forged for the first paladins of the Silver Flame from steel bathed in its holy fires, the plating of this exquisitely made suit of half-plate armor bear no signs of wear and tear, despite a thousand years of service.

Armor of the Flame's Champion

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