Balor Whip

A flaming whip cannot possibly end badly, right? ...right?

weapon (melee)

This masterwork whip has an enhancement bonus equal to the wielder’s Hit Dice divided by four (HD/4). The balor whip can deal lethal as well as nonlethal damage, deal damage to creatures with any amount of natural armor, and threatens all squares within its 15’ reach. Any creature which wields the balor whip is considered proficient with it.

Any creature struck by the balor whip takes an additional Xd6 fire damage, where X equals the balor whip’s enhancement bonus. Additionally, as a standard action, you may attempt to snare a target by making a melee attack. If the attack hits, the attack does no damage, but rather entangles the target per the entangle spell, as well as all other creatures adjacent to the target. All affected creatures are entitled to make a Reflex save to avoid this effect. This save is Charisma-based.


A whip made from various red-hued sinews and fibers that sizzles with otherworldly power. It also sizzles with fire.

Balor Whip

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