Helmet of Obdurate Inscrutability

It's Char's mask-helmet-thing! ...don't ask why anyone would want to wear it, given where it's been.


The helmet of obdurate inscrutability functions identically to a hat of disguise, except that the alternative shapes that the helmet of obdurate inscrutability may assume are limited to those of the half- and full-face masks of Char Aznable from Mobile Suit Gundam and his expies in various spin-off media. While wearing the helmet of obdurate inscrutability, you are affected by the reflective disguise [SpC p. 171], remove scent [SpC p. 173], and undetectable alignment spells as if they had been cast upon you. (Any or all of these effects may be suppressed and reactivated as a free action.) Lastly, you may use true seeing for 1 round per day, plus an additional round for every five Hit Dice you possess. Activating this ability is a swift action.


A strangely malleable metal half-face mask and helmet, you can see perfectly fine out of it despite the large, white metallic covers over both eyeholes.

Helmet of Obdurate Inscrutability

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