Love's Demise

It's a beamsaber! Or lightsaber! Or crazy combination of the two! ...that was taken off the corpse of a planar pedophile.

weapon (melee)

Base Attack Bonus:
+0: When drawn for the first time, Love’s Downfall assumes the shape of any light, one-handed, or two-handed slashing weapon of masterwork quality of the wielder’s choice. A wielder may change the shape of Love’s Downfall by envisioning the weapon form they desire and then engaging in an hour of practice with the weapon. Love’s Downfall grants an enhancement bonus to-hit and damage equal to your BAB/4. (To a maximum of +5 at L20.)
+1: Love’s Demise functions as if enchanted with the Brilliant Energy weapon enchantment, except that it may also deal damage to constructs, undead, and objects.
+6: You may act as if under the effect of haste for one round per day. This number increases by 1 for three points of Base Attack Bonus you possess. Activating or deactivating this ability is a free action. Its usage need not be continuous. While this ability is active, your clothing inexplicably turns red.
+11: You can use cometfall 1/encounter with a caster level equal to 5 + one-half of your Base Attack Bonus.
+16:.You can use reverse gravity 1/day with a caster level equal to your Base Attack Bonus.


You hold in your hand an elongated mithril pommel filigreed with bound elemental air, engraved with spread-winged angels in martial stances. Stories tell that those who wield this weapon will come to know great love, but will also fail to see it. At least until you’re stabbed in the back by the scorned love interest whose affections went unrequited.

Love's Demise

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