Shortbow of Infinite Arrows

A composite shortbow seemingly fashioned from laminating an Eberron dragonshard between the wooden layers, it pulses softly with magical power. Tugging on the bow-string causes an exquisitely crafted arrow to manifest and nock itself.

The history of this minor artifact is not particularly well-known and is beyond Mara’s ability to discern beyond the basics of what it does. The shortbow of infinite arrows is a masterwork composite shortbow that possesses an enhancement bonus equal to its wielder’s HD/4 (to a maximum of +5 at L20) and a Strength rating equal to its wielder’s Strength modifier (to a minimum of +0).

When the bow-string of the shortbow of infinite arrows is drawn, a masterwork arrow conjures and nocks itself. The masterwork arrow dissolves into nothingness one round after leaving contact with the shortbow of infinite arrows.

A character wielding the shortbow of infinite arrows gains the Precise Shot as a bonus feat, even if they do not meet the prerequisites for it.

Shortbow of Infinite Arrows

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